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  • Instagram webinar


  • Introduction

    Peter Svejgaard Spies Rejser Hans Tosti - Komfo

  • Instagram

    400.000.000 monthly active users

    worldwide that post 80.000.000 photos and like 3,5 billion times daily

  • Instagram

    1.200.000 monthly active users

  • Instagram

  • Instagram

    2.200.000 monthly active users

  • Instagram

  • Capture and share the worlds moments

  • Relevance on Instagram

  • Cinemagraph

  • Dos and donts




    Hashtags. Use the right ones. Create one yourself, or use the ones your community already are using.

    Regram/Reshare pictures from your community.

    Be engaged to get engagement. Like pictures, be a part of the conversaEon.

    Use Geo-tagging to extend your reach Its your party. Be a good host, but also a

    good doorman. Invites guests to publish for you. SegmentaEon x 100

    Random hashtagging #likeforlike Be spammy, and post too many pictures in a

    day, or even worse several pictures at one Eme.

    Be pushy. This is not another banner-ad. Publish irrelevant content

    Be engaged to get


  • External engagement


    Your own hashtags The naEve hashtag

    Use the voice of your


  • Dont forget the great story! Your content must fit in the culture of the platform The best performance is achieved if you let go of

    your print advertising aestetics (The 20 % rule also apply for Instagram ads)

    Segmentation is everything!

    Please dont make Instagram a classic push media

    Relevancy, relevancy, relevancy!

  • Worlds first Instagram Ad

  • Bidding by CPM as well as CPA Call to action buttons like on Facebook You cant transfer an organically

    distributed post to an ad. Everything is dark post.

    30 sec. video play (but dont reuse your TVC!!!)

    If you have a substantial budget, carousel ads are available as insert order.

    So, how do you monitor comments?

    What can you do with ads?

  • Carousel ads

    Wendys oplevede 20 % bedre ads recall med carousel

  • Hmmm

  • A great example

    No sad faces!

  • Spies Instagram ads.


    Use the voice of your


    Audience: Couples 25-40 who has seen the full movie.

    Text: Couples who sweat together, stay together. Book an acEve holiday (link)

    Couples who sweat together, stay together. Book an acEve holiday (link)

    It can get a li^le awkward if your mom is pushing to hard to get a grandchild. Book an acEve holiday (link)

    Audience: Single men 25-40 who has seen the full movie

  • Hans Tostihat@komfo.com

    + 45 20 21 78 50