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Interview; The Dos and Donts

Whether you are a practised recruiting manager or considering hiring your first employee, there are numerous hurdles to overcome in the field of interviewing potential employees.

In this Webinar I will be covering elements such as identifying a job role, having clear job descriptions and roleprofiles, where and where not to advertise, interview questioning techniques and other suggestions for ensuring you get the right candidate for your business.

The Dos & Donts of Interviewing


Your sessionPreparationHelpful hints and tipsDeciding how to recruitAssessing a C.VAsking the right questionsListening skillsUnderstanding body languageControlling the interviewMaking the right decision



Understand the vacancy Job Profiles (template to follow)Source candidatesLogistics - roomPrepare questionsBe in the right frame of mind


Useful points to noteNot all vacancies need to be filled.Changes in business occur so quickly that the need for a job may exist for only a short timeThe best source of information about a job may be the previous job-holderA vacancy can be an opportunity to re-define the responsibilities of a jobCurrently unfulfilled tasks and responsibilities can be added to a job descriptionIt may be possible to re-allocate work among current employeesSometimes two people sharing a job can be more productive than one


Deciding how to recruit InternalLocal government backed programmesRecommendationsAgenciesPlacing job advert web/local press


Assessing a curriculum vitae

Look for gaps in the chronology of the CVIf necessary verify qualifications with relevant institutionsEstimate the average time spent in each jobJudge whether the candidate is making a logical career moveConsider if the style of the CV indicates a well organised candidate


Questions:Why do you want to change jobs at this time?What do you consider your greatest attributes?What have your relationships been like with past employers?What for you has been the highlight of your career so far?What has been the low point of your career so far?What experience do you have of problem solving?What are your long term goals and how do you plan to achieve them here?

Consider using Competency Based Questions

8All of your questions should be linked to your job specification and key roles and responsibilities.Each question should build on the one before to steer the candidate towards providing you with the information that you need.

Listening skillsBe curiousUnderstand an answerJot down questions Listen to the emotionsBe aware of your bad habitsDo not interrupt


20% Speaking 80% Listening

The ideal interview should be:


YawningFiddling or looking distractedLooking at watchTouching hair, ear, faceLeaning forwardEye contactSmilingBody language


Controlling an interviewPaceCover everything in the time allowedDirect candidatesControl the flowUse silence

12Structure What is their Company knowledge?CV overview (max 10 mins)Talk about the role requirementsQuestions sessionPractical Tests?Give them an opportunity to ask questions

Consider first impressionsMatch against minimum requirementsUse detailed notesDont allow personal prejudicesWeigh everything upUse a second opinion if appropriate

Making the right decision


Any Questions?


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