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Friday, June 5 Dave Rigotti spoke at Social Media Breakfast Toledo #3 on the "Do's and Dont's of Business Blogging".Dave provided an in-the-trenches overview on how to get started blogging and how to maximize your blog's effectiveness on your business or organization.Along with presenting case studies on how organizations have successfully incorporated blogs into their marketing mix, Dave answered common questions such as:* Should I blog?* How do I get started?* What should I write about?* How do I integrate a blog into my current marketing efforts?* How do I maximize effectiveness?* How do I measure effectiveness?* What are some resources for getting started?


  • 1.Do's and Donts of Business Blogging Dave Rigotti June 5, 20091

2. WIIFM Learn basics of blogging Link current marketing Maximize and measure effectiveness Links to most used resources Learn from real corporate blogs through case studies 2 3. Should I blog? Useful Unique Updated 5acd412_m.jpg 3 4. How do I get started?1. Designate a blog leader2. Identify an audience3. Use WordPress4. Get key people on board5. Start and and continue creating great content 6. Establish tone and frequency 4 5. What should I write about? Anything your readers might like Avoid the constant pitch blog REMEMBER: Its a direct, two-waycommunication5 6. How do I integrate my current marketing efforts? Meatball Sundae by Seth Godin Include current marketing content on blog Include blog in current marketing 6 7. How do I maximizeeffectiveness? 11 plugins every WordPress blog shouldhave 1. All in One SEO Pack 2. Google XML Sitemaps 3. Popular Posts 4. Subscribe To Comments 5. Twitter Tools content/uploads/wordpress/wordpress 6. WP125-plugin.gif 7. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Ask for readers to participate7 8. How do I measureeffectiveness? Exposure is good Engagement / action isbetter Make sure youremeasuring the right things! 8 9. What are some other tips? Publish RSS in full-text, not summary Tell stories and facilitate a conversation Make it easy to comment Encourage company-wide engagement Legality of content 9 10. What are some resources? Software:, Webmaster Centers:, com/webmasters/, m/ Webhosting:, Theme: Further Reading:, http://weblogtoolscollectio, 10 11. Case Study #1: FreshBooks /blog Similar design Value-add content Great use of content type (text, pictures, video) Easy to subscribe to Overview of FB and the blog 11 12. Case Study #2: 37signals vn/ Single out products in sidebar Human component Lots of interesting content Recent tweets Clear search bar Easy to comment12 13. Case Study #3: Aptera g/ No connection with main site No events on calendar No search No most popular posts Sporadic post dates 13 14. The takeaways.1. Not for every organization2. Two-way conversation3. Create great content4. Its ok to ask, if youre willing to give5. Engagement is better than exposure14 15. Thank you for your attention. Please continue the discussion on the Ning community and my blog or Twitter. E: T: @drigotti B: L: 15 16. About the author. Dave Rigotti is awriter, speaker, and Internetmarketer. Hes work(s/ed) withsome of the most well-knownand influential brands in theworld, conducting searchengine optimization anddeveloping marketingcommunication strategies. InJuly, he will be joining Microsoftas a consumer-focusedmarketer on Bing (formerly Live Blog: http://daverigotti.comSearch), Microsofts search Twitter: @drigottiengine. Read more by clickinghere.16