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Social media are increasingly becoming a part of our daily live. Despite this fact there are still many people who don't make any use of social media for different reasons. But whether you like it or not, in my opinion everyone should be using social media. First of all you can use it to monitor what people are saying about you online (product, brand, organisation). Secondly, for sure in case you are a parent or a teacher, you have to realise that our children will be using social media and we will have to teach them how to make use of it. There are probably even more do's and dont's than I managed to mention, so feel invited to share your experiences.


  • 1. +@PetersOpinion@peterhorstenpeterhorsten The dos and dontspeter.horsten of Social Media And why you dont have to use it at all!

2. +Who really understands socialmedia? (Disclaimer) 3. +Social media myths Social networks are the new world, you shouldnt miss it Its just about using some tools Its social Its cheap, if not free, marketing Everyone can do it You can make big money You cannot measure it I dont need it I need to check Facebook and Twitter 24 hours . I dont need a LinkedIn profile 4. The Traditional Communication model is outdatedConsumer Supplier 5. Its essential to knowwho you are talking to! 6. The GroundswellA spontaneous movement ofpeople connecting, usingonline tools, taking charge oftheir own experience, and+ getting what they need information, support, ideas, products, and bargainingpower from each other. 7. So lets not talktoo much about all those tools! Because thats mistake #1 8. +Social media, just a shorthistory 9. + A (somewhat incomplete) Timelineof Social Media2005 Source: 10. +Social media is revolutionary 11. +The social media landscape 2012 12. +Opportunities and threats ofsocial media usage 13. +OpportunitiesWhat you can gain Learn new things Be up to date on certain topics Get to know early about events Stay in touch with people you know Meet new people Find new business ideas Find new (potential) clients Become a known (personal) brand 14. +Downside to be aware ofThere are risks we need to take care of Privacy, data security: information spreads fast and remainsonline forever Technostress, need to follow, scared to miss something Shifting balance work / private life Attention towards virtual life, absent in real life We will have to teach our children how to use it 15. +What is your marketingstrategy?Because we should just stick to that!Nothing new! 16. +Targeted marketing responses 17. +Social media need a plan Josh Bernoff of Forrester writes: In any other business endeavor we start by figuring out what we want to accomplish. Social technologies are not magic. They accomplish things, too. Its time to stop doing social because its cool. Its time to start doing it because its effective. 18. +Prepare a Social Media SWOTBut thats to boring for now .. (see appendix) 19. +POST method: A systematic approach tosocial strategyPeople.ObjectivesStrategyTechnologySource: 20. Its essential to knowwho you are talking toand what to expect from them! 21. + Publish web pageSocial technographic Publish or maintain a blogladder Upload video to sites like YoutubeCreators13% Comment on blogs Post ratings and reviewsCritics 19% Use RSSCollectors Tag Web pages15% Joiners Use social networking19%sitesSpectators33% Read blogs Watch peer-generatedInactives video52% Listen to podcasts None of these activitesBron: Forrester 22. +Know whatto expectfrom youraudience Bron: 23. +What to use from the social medialandscape?Source: 24. +Ok, but what can I do? Whereto start? 25. +MonitorKnow what they say about you, yourbrand, business, hobby, interests 26. +RespondReact on good and especially bad news Retweet Share React Talk, explain 27. +AmplifyMake use of the power of the network Foster loyalty Make others shareWill it blend?Will it blend? iPad 2: 28. +LeadLead consumers toward long-term behavioral changes Support Engage Empower others Reward Create marketing buzz around a (new) product 29. +There are still many people offlineYour social media strategy is part of your marketing strategyYou will have to engage, not send, dont sellSocial engagement can pay, but is not for freeChoose the most suitable channelsIts about quality not quantityBe active, send frequent updatesYou will have to start whether you like it or not 30. +Final conclusion Incase you like it, just give it a try, experiment, find out what works for you! Create a LinkedIn profile Friend some people on FB Search Twitter for relevant terms Use a tool like Google Alerts Whenyou dont feel the need, just ignore it! 31. The social media landscape+2012,, http://www.fredcav landscape-2012/ Social media SWOT analysis, whataconcept/2010/01/social-media-swot- analysis.html The social media landscape, o-com/home/articles/2012/3/20/the-2012- cmos-guide-to-the-social-landscape.htmlUseful sources Demystifying social media, emystifying_social_media_2958 Groundswell, Forrester: l Social media video 2013, UCfFcchw1w 32. +Social media SWOT 33. +Social media SWOTIdentify your Strengths Who are your Ambassadors? Who on your team are the ones whoseem to be passionate about the company, know even the mostobscure information about what is happening? What creative assets are available that can be used within yoursocial media channels? What pictures, videos, articles, and storiescan be repurposed and shared with the community? Where is your organization already active in the community? Aretheir conversations happening right now about your brand that youcan begin participating in? Do you have an active email list thatyou can leverage to invite your customers to join you on otheronline channels? Do you have partners that already have anonline presence where your voice would be welcomed?Source: 34. +Social media SWOTIdentify your Weaknesses What information silos within the organization preventcollaboration? Where is there a lack of, or inconsistent visions related to thegoals of participation in social media? What knowledge gaps exist and what additional and ongoingtraining for the team will be needed? 35. +Social media SWOTIdentify your Opportunities How can the organization improve efficiency and save moneythrough social media channels? How can the sales team leverage social media to identify betterqualified leads and get a jump on the competition? How can customers be involved in the organizations ongoingdevelopment of new products and services? 36. +Social media SWOTIdentify your Threats How will your organization protect intellectual property and theorganizations reputation? How can information and use of various channels be managedin such a way that it does not become a chaotic, noisy messwith no purpose. With so many people and departments involved, how can wemaintain accountability?