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<ul><li><p>Places &amp;</p><p> Sp</p><p>aces VO</p><p>LUM</p><p>E 6 </p><p> S</p><p>eptem</p><p>berD</p><p>ecemb</p><p>er 2014</p><p>VOLUME 6 SeptemberDecember 2014</p><p>Places &amp; SpacesDevelopers &amp; Realtors</p><p>Market Listings</p><p>Gourmet inclusive luxury </p><p>AzulSensatoriNegril</p><p>J$30000SCAN FOR DOWNLOAD</p><p>INTERACTIVE PRINT Download the freeLayar App</p><p>Scan this page Discoverinteractive content</p><p>Moon Dance Resorts</p><p>Rent or Buy?</p><p>Gallery Line by Spaces</p><p>Musgrave Professional Suites</p></li><li><p>2011 B.I.D. InternationalQuality Summit Award Winner</p><p>Visit ourShowrooms</p><p>All ValueAll ProtectionAll DurableAll SizesAll uPVC</p><p>KINGSTON10-12 Shortwood Road, Kingston 8Tel: (876) 925-8561, 925-9869 Fax: (876) 755-0667</p><p>Tel: (876) 925-8561, 925-9869 Fax: (876) 755-0667</p><p>MONTEGO BAYLot 101 A-B, Catherine Hall</p><p>Visit our website at</p><p>uPVCLEAD FREE</p><p>Quality You Can See</p><p>Dont Miss an Issue!</p><p>Also availablein Digital Format</p><p>Published by</p><p>71-73 Montgomery Avenue, Kingston 10;LS! </p><p>Fax: (876) 920-5158</p><p>E-mail: info@mapcoprinters.comWeb:</p><p>Places &amp; Spaces offers readers only the best in real estate intelligence for the island of Jamaica. Distributed to subscribers islandwide, HUKH]HPSHISLH[SLHKPUNUL^ZZ[HUKZWOHYTHJPLZZ\WLYTHYRL[ZHZ^LSSHZH[U\TLYV\ZOPNO[YHMJSVJH[PVUZ[OPZW\ISPJH[PVUPZHT\Z[YLHKMVY[OVZLZLLRPUNJ\[[PUNLKNLPUMVYTH[PVU[VN\PKL[OLPYPU]LZ[TLU[KLJPZPVUZHUKPUMVYTH[P]LHY[PJSLZVUHIYVHKYHUNLVM[VWPJZPUJS\KPUN</p><p>trends, destination features, renovation advice, and general tips for buyers, sellers and investors. Also available from Realtors islandwide. </p></li><li><p>Ad placement</p></li><li><p>3 CARIB HOME MAG FEBRUARY - MARCH 2012 MAILED TO THOUSANDS OF JAMAICAS FINEST HOMES ! TO ADVERTISE CALL 798.0000 </p><p> SA</p><p>Y Y</p><p>OU</p><p> SA</p><p>W IT</p><p> IN T</p><p>HE</p><p> CA</p><p>RIB</p><p> HO</p><p>ME</p><p> MA</p><p>G !</p><p>CaribHomeMag Feb-March 2012.indd 3 2/13/2012 4:10:08 PM</p></li><li><p>Ad placement</p></li><li><p>4P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>Publishers Note</p><p>The year 2014 has shaped up to be an interesting one in real estate, with new development schemes being constructed not only in St. Catherine, but also the cool hills of Mandeville and beyond. The desire to build on our dreams, raise families and secure investment options continue to drive developers to provide beautiful homes for Jamaicans, both here and overseas. Lets face it, everyone young or old, rich or otherwise wants a piece of the rock. </p><p>Places &amp; Spaces in its continued effort to be the real estate magazine of choice for the discerning reader, has progressively stepped up its own game to keep abreast of our readers demands as well as market trends. We always endeavour to be current and aware of the issues and events that affect and shape the course of the industry in which we operate.</p><p>As our readership has grown significantly over the past two years, we </p><p>are more than happy to increase our overall offering of listings, housing </p><p>schemes and features. Within our pages are comprehensive and enlightening features pertaining to topics relevant to the sustainability of the real estate market as well as lifestyle content that will assist in turning any space in your home into an oasis or a sanctuary.</p><p>Issue number six is all about spotlighting buildings and schemes you may have noticed and wondered about, such as the much talked about Musgrave Professional Suites and the eco-friendly Moorlands Manor. Our cover story spotlights a healthy slice of gourmet all-inclusive luxury in Negril, courtesy of Azul Sensatori Jamaica, which is THE place to relax and </p><p>rejuvenate oneself in the west.</p><p>Additionally, Places &amp; Spaces features articles on designing your own walk-in closet; great ways to exercise in small spaces and what you need to know in deciding whether to rent or buy property. Moon Dance Villas will take your breath away; the People Museum takes a look at the journey of our African ancestors while Spaces Limited shows off its Gallery line of fine </p><p>furnishing.</p><p>Learn all about the FosRich Groups big announcement, some of the </p><p>challenges of renting a home and the best ways to unlove sugar. In our personality profile segment, we look at the woman behind the mask, artist </p><p>Nakazzi Hutchinson as well as RAJ President Carlene Sinclair. Home &amp; </p><p>Things shows you exactly how home renovations can add not only style but value to your home and before you start building, we have all the pertinent questions you need to ask your architect.</p><p>Enjoy our new issue which is laid out in an attractive, easy to read format </p><p>for your reading pleasure. Stay on your quest to establish Places &amp; Spaces as your local real estate guru, for as we always say, if we list it, you will love it. </p><p>Michele Gabay Managing Director MAPCO Printers Limited</p></li><li><p>Ad placement</p></li><li><p>6P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>22</p><p>42</p><p>Azul Sensatori Negril</p><p>Spaces Collection</p><p>Walk-in Closets</p><p>Features</p><p>34</p></li><li><p>7P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>11</p><p>Be Inspired</p><p>Be Personable</p><p>Be Knowledgeable</p><p>Be CreativeBe Informed</p><p>Be Proactive</p><p>Be Energized</p><p>Be Aware</p><p>Moon Dance Villas</p><p>35THE GALLERY LINE BY SPACES Discover what inspires you</p><p>42WALK-IN CLOSETS Every womans fantasy</p><p>93HOW TO HOST AN ECO-FRIENDLY PARTY</p><p>47REALTORS &amp; DEVELOPERS LISTING </p><p>79DONT BE A PEST Tips for effective pest control in your home</p><p>89BUY OR RENT? Weighing the options</p><p>82EXERCISES FOR SMALL SPACES</p><p>86UN-LEARN TO LOVE SUGAR</p><p>11MOON DANCE Two great luxury destinations in Negril</p><p>39HOME &amp; THINGS MAKEOVER IDEAS Simple &amp; affordable</p><p>16PERSONALITY PROFILES Carlene Sinclair, President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica, and Nakazzi Hutchinson: Unmasking our culture</p><p>22COVER STORY: AZUL SENSATORI, NEGRIL Bringing gourmet inclusive luxury to Negril</p><p>30THE PEOPLES MUSEUM Exploring the journey of our African ancestors</p><p>44MUSGRAVE PROFESSIONAL SUITES WIHCONs newest commercial building</p><p>75MOORLANDS MANOR Mandevilles environmentally friendly development</p><p>81EVICTING A TENANT A landlords worst nightmare</p><p>95QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR ARCHITECT</p><p>96THE CHALLENGES OF RENTING A HOME</p><p>98FOSRICH GROUP SIGNS DEAL WITH ROYAL PHILIPS</p></li><li><p>8P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>Publisher MAPCO Printers Limited</p><p>Editor Nicola Cunningham, CPS</p><p>Contributors David Cuthbert, RA, JIA Nicole Hoo-Fatt Latoya West-Blackwood Shelly-Ann Dunkley Betty Phillipps Heather Fagan Raymond Wilson</p><p>Graphics McMedia Graphics</p><p>Creative Director Nicholas McClure</p><p>Cover Photograph Nicola A. Cunningham</p><p>Photographers Azul Sensatori Jamaica Michael Williams Nicola Cunningham Winston Lindo Joseph Myers </p><p>Printers MAPCO Printers Limited</p><p>Advertising Sales MAPCO Printers Limited 71-73 Montgomery Avenue Kingston 10 Tel: (876) 929-2623 Fax 920-5158</p><p> Sales Associates: Marsha McKay Dwight McDonald Shelly-Ann Dunkley Eileen Dunkley-Shim Desiann Chai</p><p>Distribution MAPCO Printers Limited Sandra MacDonald</p><p>Ezine Jamaica National Building Society e-news</p><p>Download Places and Spaces Magazine at</p><p>The publishers of Places &amp; Spaces accept no liability for the views and/or opinions expressed within this publication. MAPCO PRINTERS LTD makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of information presented but accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or claims made in any section of this publication. All material is this publication is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. No part of the publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form without written approval from MAPCO PRINTERS LTD.</p><p>Credits</p></li><li><p>Ad placement</p></li><li><p>MoonDanceTwo greatluxury destinations </p><p>in Negril</p><p>Moon Dance Resorts has two beautiful locations in Negril, Jamaica; one is on the famous seven-mile beach and the other is on the Cliffs, known as the West End. At the Cliffs there is something for everyone to enjoy, from the active adventurer who wants to cliff jump and snorkel, to the relaxed traveller who just wants to sit by the pool and </p><p>get a massage. This is the ideal place for the seeker of luxury, peace and contentment. Then there is the beach location: nestled on a 300-foot stretch of prime Negril beachfront, you will find Moon Dance Villas, a stunning property of elegant accommodation featuring modern </p><p>architecture with traditional finishes. </p><p>Be Inspired11</p><p>P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p></li><li><p>12P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>has won back-to-back awards for their prime real</p><p>Before we take you on a tour through these two magnificent properties, you </p><p>can travel back in time on a journey through Negrils history. Negril was a sleepy fishing village until 1959 when the road was paved to link it to the rest </p><p>of the island. It started out as a popular getaway destination for Jamaicans and quickly grew to welcome the more adventurous travelers from overseas. </p><p>Before the development of guest house accommodation, visitors would sleep on the beach or room with local families. This is how Negril became known as the home of casual. Negril is famous for its unbroken, beautiful 7-mile white sand beach with the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea lapping at the shoreline. Imagine a place where the people are friendly, the food phenomenal, and the atmosphere unlike anywhere else in Jamaica. Negril has also developed an active and environmentally-conscious spirit.</p><p>Moon Dance VillasSitting on this magnificent beach, the discerning traveler will find the elegant </p><p>Moon Dance Villas. Set in a tropical paradise, the property consists of 6 stylish stand-alone villas, ranging from a 1,500 sq ft one-bedroom honeymoon suite </p><p>Set in a tropical paradise</p></li><li><p>with a private garden and Jacuzzi on the verandah, to a 5,500 sq </p><p>ft five-bedroom family-style villa sitting on the edge of a private </p><p>stretch of beach, surrounded by lush gardens and unspoiled views of the famous Negril sunset. </p><p>All villas are equipped with entertainment centres and include hand-crafted Jamaican cedar wood furnishings, elegant art work and breathtaking views. The villas are set back from the water, giving them a private and unique feel not found on the rest of the beach. The property sits on 4 acres of lush tropical land with plenty of room for expansion. The experience of staying in one of the Moon Dance Villas will be with you for a long time. </p><p>Moon Dance CliffsSituated on the dramatic cliffs of Negril is the home of Moon Dance </p><p>Cliffs. Completed in 2008, it features a boutique spa hotel along with </p><p>four private villas, most rooms with their own Jacuzzi. The whole </p><p>property is set in breathtaking tropical gardens, with uninterrupted sea views that capture the world-famous Negril sunsets. The private villas offer the luxury and space of your home away from home, with </p><p>all the amenities of a 5-star resort. </p><p>Midnight Cove is the largest of the villas, offering over 5000 sq ft of </p><p>pure luxury situated in a secluded corner of the resort. Ironwood is </p><p>13P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p></li><li><p>a lavish vacation home for eight and the highlight is most definitely sitting out on the master balcony </p><p>with the lush sea air filling your lungs. The final </p><p>two villas offer complete privacy for the love-struck </p><p>honeymooners; both have their own verandas offering a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. The </p><p>ocean is the extension of a private garden. </p><p>Moon Dance Resorts have played host to hundreds of weddings. Offering the lucky bride and groom </p><p>a unique destination seaside wedding completely designed to their specifications in a totally private </p><p>setting. Their day is focused around the romantic gazebo on the cliffs or spent on the beach with </p><p>the ocean as the stunning backdrop for timeless memories.</p><p>This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase an excellent property that is fantastically finished </p><p>with even more possibilities for expansion.</p><p>CENTURY 21 Heave-Ho Properties is pleased to offer </p><p>both resorts for sale. Please contact Deborah Cumming at or 876 383-0104 for further details.</p><p>an excellent property that is fantastically finished</p><p>14P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p></li><li><p>16P l a c e s &amp; S p a c e s</p><p>Personality Profiles</p><p>Be Personable</p><p>Carlene Sinclair</p><p>Always one to speak her mind on burning issues affecting the real estate industry in which she has made a name for herself for more than a quarter century, Carlene Sinclair is a woman on a mission of transforming fellow realtors into professionals that offer clients the best customer service possible.</p><p>As President of the Realtors Association of Jamaica (RAJ), she has made her mark in several areas, chief among them improving the image of realtors in Jamaica and getting all members on board in terms of training and operating in an ethical manner in all their professional business transactions. Hers is a heavy </p><p>case load and her days are quite lengthy with lots of meetings, but while the demands on her time may be many, Sinclair juggles her time as a realtor, Justice of the Peace and PAJ President with practiced ease as she has long mastered the art of multitasking. </p><p>As Managing Director of Property Solutions Limited, her days are indeed very busy but Places &amp; Spaces </p><p>caught up with the real estate broker recently and had a chat about her term in office and how the industry </p><p>can work to help itself as well as those it serves.</p><p>P&amp;S: Tell us about the Realtors Association of Jamaica.</p><p>CS: The Realtors Association of Jamaica (RAJ) is a professional body. We are an affiliate to the National </p><p>Association of Realtors (NAR) which is an international body. Realtor is a brand but not all practitioners who sell real estate can call themselves a realtor. We stand by a code of ethics that is used by over 1.5 million people worldwide and we are one of 80 international country members.</p><p>P&amp;S: How long have you been president and what do you think you bring to the position? </p><p>CS: The RAJ has election of officers annually and </p><p>I was elected last September. To know whether I have brought anything significant to the table since </p><p>becoming president, you first have to know about me. I </p><p>have been in the business in excess of 25 years. I have an MBA; have also worked as a technical assistant to former Prime Minister Bruce Golding and have served </p><p>on many government boards, so I brought all of that experience to the RAJ.</p><p>Part of my mission is to continue to educate our members so that they can offer quality customer </p><p>service that is on par with any provided internationally.</p></li><li><p>Recently the anti-money laundering regulation came into play. The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) that covers financial </p><p>transactions by non-financial businesses and professionals will </p><p>became effective on April 1, 2014. We are now compelled by law </p><p>to operate within certain parameters as it relates to business. We have to be compliant and screen our clients and operate in a manner that is totally ethical as this has been an issue in the past because of the nature of our business. </p><p>P&amp;S: how has the RAJ been working with government agencies to...</p></li></ul>