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An Invitation to Enter Into Sacred Space


  • 1. SACRED SPACES By Amethyst Wyldfyre

2. Tree Vessel Number One 3. We all have times in our lives where we need some sacred space.SACRED SPACES 4. Wise Friend 5. SACRED SPACES provide us with an opportunity to go inward, to heal, to be still.SACRED SPACES 6. Guardian of the Forest 7. SACRED SPACES are often found in Nature. In the forest, by the ocean, in the desert, atop a mountain SACRED SPACES 8. TREE LAUGHTER 9. SACRED SPACES allow us to feel safe, held, protected and loved SACRED SPACES 10. TREE VESSEL NUMBER TWO 11. Sometimes we need help to create Sacred Space for Ourselves. SACRED SPACES 12. ANYBODY HOME? 13. Sometimes we need someone to hold that sacred space for us when we are hurt, broken down, saddend, or depleted. SACRED SPACES 14. Hidey Hole 15. Is Now A Good Time For You to Enter Into Sacred Space?Creating Sacred Space where you arefree to open up and express thelongings of your soul SACRED SPACES 16. All Original Photos & Words by Amethyst Wyldfyre @2008 603-594-2744Original Music a sample from Divine Union A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey byAmethyst Wyldfyre SACRED SPACES