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  1. 1. Imagine . . . MEDIA KIT
  2. 2. Produced & distributed by Greener New Jersey Productions Walnford Historic Site
  3. 3. GREENER NEW JERSEY PRODUCTIONS Turns the camera on the parks, forests, rivers, streams, ocean, bays and history in Monmouth County in a half-hour video for TV, web and social media for spring 2016 the second episode in the Open Spaces & Historic Places series! Turkey Swamp Park
  5. 5. BECAUSE SOMETIMES WE DONT KNOW WHAT WEVE GOT Through the power of locally produced media, GNJP turns the spotlight on some of the best of New Jersey, showing the richness and accessibility of the greener side of the state that many have forgot existed or never knew was there. Film inviting places to visit with a wide range of appeal to all ages, abilities and interests Highlight health and spiritual benefits as an antidote to stressful lifestyles Show the critical importance of nature and the stewardship of our water, land, air and history Recognize the local heroes of land conservation and historic preservation Support the local economy Inspire folks to GET OUT! How we hope to help change that . . . Manasquan River Trail
  6. 6. GREEN TIME OVER SCREEN TIME Middle schoolers at Sandy Hook, Gateway National Recreation Area as part of the Real World Science in Your Backyard project sponsored by the National Science Foundation Busy and overscheduled lifestyles A lack of knowledge of where to go, what to do, how to do it No access to outdoor gear and places to use it The siren song of TV and the internet, which accounts for more than half of Americans use of free time Concerns with safety and crime Being unaware of places accessible for people with disabilities, seniors and families with young children Don't let our appreciation of the outdoors and our historic legacy lose value because of . . .
  7. 7. VISUAL TOUR OF MONMOUTH Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy Hook Lighthouse
  8. 8. AHALF-HOURVIDEO GNJP seeks to develop and produce a half- hour video for online and TV in 2016. This will be the second in a series on parks and other green and historic places in New Jersey. We're striving to engage new and hard- to-reach audiences. FOCUSONMONMOUTH The first episode in the series Open Spaces & Historic Places in Morris County was produced and broadcast in spring 2014 and continues to air on NJTV. The second in the series will be Open Spaces & Historic Places in Monmouth County. KEEPINGITLOCAL We are traveling through Monmouth County to collect stories, learn about the natural habitat, hike the trails, explore the shore, enjoy the activities, tour the gardens, and meet the stewards of the green spaces and historic sites. THE PROJECT
  9. 9. PRODUCTION PROCESS Watch the Morris County video online anytime at GNJP is the only nonprofit in NJ working to promote the parks through videos for TV & web. DEVELOPMENT & PRE- PRODUCTION Concept development Research topic and subjects Secure fundraising Continuous social media presence PRODUCTION & POST- PRODUCTION Write scripts Develop storyboard Shoot footage Music & graphics Develop website Produce & deliver half- hour program and promos for TV DISTRIBUTION & MARKETING Continuous presence on social media Contract with broadcasters Provide online with upload capability Market & promote Premiere
  10. 10. 2014 to 2015 Pre-production Secure financing Develop story line Research topics Continuous social media presence JUNE 2015 TO FEBRUARY 2016 Film from June through December 2015 Editing & post- production January and February 2016 SPRING 2016 Continuous social media presence Promotion begins March 2016 April 2016 premiere Beginning May 2016: ongoing broadcast PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Film in 2015, edit and complete for broadcast in spring 2016.
  11. 11. EXPENDITURES - PRODUCTION Expenses VIDEOPRODUCTION 70,000$ Executive producer Producer Videographer and audio Script writer and research Editor Host Distribution & packaging for tv American Public TV broadcast/presentation fees Closed captioning for web, TV and DVD Music composition; broadcast, web & DVD royalty fees Photography Graphics/animation/maps, royalty fees Liability, Errors & Omissions Insurance PROMOTION & WEB 20,000$ Marketing/Public Relations/Social Media Web development and content DVD duplication and distribution TOTAL 90,000$ OPEN SPACES & HISTORIC PLACES IN MONMOUTH COUNTY VIDEO 2015-2016 PRODUCTION BUDGET
  12. 12. SOME MONMOUTH COUNTY STATISTICS* *County Community Fact Book Monmouth County Edition 2104; NJDEP Land Use/Land Cover 2012 Monmouth County population in July 2012: 630,000 Monmouth County Acres: 310,840 MC Per Capita Personal Income: $61,000 MC Preserved Acres: 61,000 MC Developed Acres: 150,000
  13. 13. VIDEO SYNOPSIS Manasquan Reservoir
  14. 14. Huber Woods Park SYNOPSIS WHAT A half-hour video for TV and web, plus short video pieces for theweb and a promotionaltrailer WHERE County, municipal, stateand federalparks and historic sites in Monmouth County, New Jersey SCHEDULE May through December 2015 PREMIERE April2016 in Monmouth County venue BROADCAST Spring 2016 -repeat broadcasts for 5 years THETEAM Experienced production crew with producer/editor Bob Szuter, videographer JoeConlon, executive producer JoAnneRuscio, and hands-on advisers who know thetopics and sites well(bios at end of booklet) DISTRIBUTION Public television, online, cablestations
  15. 15. Film crew at Deep Cut Gardens (top); Sunnyside Recreation Area (bottom) FORMAT Length: 24-26 minutes Megan Gunning takes viewers on an active on-the-site tour of Monmouth County, walking the trails, visiting villages, horseback riding, sailing, climbing to the top of Sandy Hook Lighthouse, and trying her luck at fishing. HIKING, CANOEING & MORE We start with a birds-eye view of the county from a helicopter and an introduction of where we're taking the viewer. AN AERIAL PERSPECTIVE Megan will ride with a child perfecting her equestrian skills at Sunnyside with the SPUR program, hang out with people sailing and fishing, and talk with the folks behind the preservation and stewardship of Monmouth County's natural and historic treasures plus much more. PRESERVATION, STEWARDSHIP & KIDS ON HORSEBACK
  16. 16. THE PLACES WE PLAN TO FILM The Furnace at Allaire State Park Allaire State Park Crosswicks Creek Hartshorne Woods Henry Hudson Trail Historic Walnford Holmdel Park & Historic Longstreet Farm Mt Mitchell Scenic Overlook Perrineville Lake Park Sandy Hook - Gateway National Recreation Area Seven Presidents Park Sunnyside Equestrian Center & Special People United to Ride Union Transportation Trail Sites being considered for inclusion
  17. 17. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Manasquan Reservoir
  18. 18. BECOME A SPONSOR REACH 50,000+ VIEWERS Manasquan Reservoir Attract an upscale, well- educated and diverse audience of all ages from individuals and families in their 20s to 40s to baby boomers and grandparents. Cultivate an engaged, civic- minded audience while showing your support for the Garden State. Support the local economy by building awareness of the natural and historic treasures in Monmouth County through a statewide, regional and national visual reach. Contribute to the community's quality of life and general wellness by encouraging outdoor exercise.
  19. 19. INVEST WHERE YOU LIVE, WORK & PLAY Listing on website as supporter $500 Listing on website & online promotion as supporter $1,000 Inclusion in broadcast credits, on website & online promotion as funder $2,500 Listed as funder in all printed materials, web & broadcast credits $5,000 Listed as major funder in all printed materials, web, & broadcast credits; one 30-second ad provided by funder to be include in video online $10,000 JoAnne Ruscio, Executive Producer (609) 397-2138 or email CONTACT:
  20. 20. COMMENTS ON THE FIRST VIDEO IN THE SERIES OPEN SPACES & HISTORIC PLACES IN MORRIS COUNTY What a spectacular film! Leslie Bensley, Executive Director, Morris County Tourism Bureau Always on the lookout for fresh inspiration and information, here's one you don't want to miss - Greener New Jersey Productions' newest program: Open Spaces & Historic Places, airing on NJTV . . . Edible Jersey The video lovingly captures the beauty of the Morristown Green, Jockey Hollow, Patriots Path, the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and Willowwood Arboretum, along with some history at Morristown's Historic Speedwell, birthplace of the telegraph. Kevin Coughlin,
  21. 21. DEMOGRAPHICS & DISTRIBUTION Deep Cut Gardens
  22. 22. Morristown Freewheelers Bicycle Club at Jockey Hollow, Morristown National Historical Park THE AUDIENCE High school, vocational school, college graduates and advanced degrees Average household income: $35,000 to $250,000 Age: 25+ with diverse ethnic backgrounds Interests: community oriented, families, seniors especially with grandchildren, singles, outdoor enthusiasts, individuals who appreciate open space, small business owners, day trippers, history and antique lovers, gardeners, and hospitality industry Local, statewide and national reach through web and television Targeted demographics
  23. 23. WEBSITE DEMOGRAPHICS (Google Analytics) GENDER: 46% female; 54% male 5.49% - active, sports, running, walking 3.94% - computers and electronics 3.05% - individual sports, cycling 2.96% - food and drink, cooking, recipes 2.45% - travel and tourism INTERESTS 27.5% - ages 18 - 24 33.5% - ages 25 - 34 15.5% - ages 35 - 44 12.5% - ages 45-54 5.5% - ages 55 - 64 5.5% - ages 65+ AGES Total GNJP Vimeo Viewers (all videos) as of April 10,


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