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  • 1. Startup Dublin Enterprise spaces and places Space

2. to 3. help 4. grow 5. and 6. support 7. enterprise 8. The team Andrea Di MarcoJeremy Wales Mary Baker Anne Moloney Mainard Gallagher Graeme Kondross Catherine Byrne Sean Purcell Kevin Loaec 9. Who? . Pre-startups . Startups . Existing small businesses . Local community 10. Spatial needs of enterprise .Hotdesking .Meeting space .Conference facilities .Network (physical and online) .IT support .City centre locations .Mentoring, advice .Low-cost Pre-startups .Startups .Existing small businesses .Workshops .Prototyping space .R&D labs .Street / off-street presence .Catering, IT, light engineering, food manufacturing, medical etc General Specic 11. Hot Desk Garage Boat CityEnterprise HubLive-Work Enterprise space 12. Spatial Issues . More diverse enterprise space required Length of lease; Flexible space to expand and contract; Sectoral requirements; Size & location. . Unclear path between Startups and locating enterprise space . Inadequate networking & communication between existing enterprise Hubs and spaces . Costs Space (lease, tout costs), facilities, mentoring, advertising, etc. 13. Online Forum Meeting roomsShort-term space to let Enterprise spaces Online support 14. Connecting space Launch Day (rotated every 3 months between the different enterprise centers). Publicity for new businesses products and services 15. Management . Online support: manage website, create database of enterprise space (size, location, type, facilities, etc.) with exible/short-term leases (e.g. pop-ups in vacant shop units), moderate discussion forums, etc. . Create new Enterprise Space networks, set up and manage the Launch Day between the various Hubs . RASSAS: Rent unused units/oors in existing premises, for sublet to Startups. LEOs to provide support facilities... New LEO Structure 16. Management RASSAS: community development . Classes . Advice/mentoring . Lend equipment/facilities In exchange for subsidized / low-cost rent 17. Enterprise spaces and places Space to help grow and support enterprise PHYSICAL SPACE NETWORK & COMMUNITY ECONOMY ONLINESUPPORT Flexible Location Short-Term Lease Facilities & Size Locating Space Discussion Forums Advice Knowledge Sharing Launch Day Advertising Publicity Promotion Local Buissiness Tax Revenue Government Support STARTUPS GROWN UP 18. Thank you