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Presentation for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education March 16, 2012. Presented by Dr. Andrew Stricker (Spinoza Quinnell), Dr. Cynthia Calongne (Lyr Lobo), Paul Tomaso, Shane Archiquette, Josue Martinez and Erven McGinnes III.


  • 1.A Cloud Topoanalysis Montage for Learningin Virtual and Cloud Computing Spaces Dr. Andrew Stricker Erven F. McGinnes IIIPaul TomasoShane C. ArchiquetteJosue E. (Ricky) Martinez Dr. Cynthia Calongne Colorado Technical UniversityVirtual Worlds Best Practices in Education March 15-17, 2012 Creative Commons-Share Alike

2. Long did I build you, oh house! With eachmemory I carried stones from Wind House, Louis Guillaume-acquire a house-add a fence-grow a garden-make your house a special place-take on caring for the house in your imagination Harmonist cottage: radiates simplicity, hospitality andone becomes the person who fraternity...even dreams...dreams the daydream 3. Cloud MontageDesignPhilosophyWaldens PondDiscoveryActuality-of-BeingPrivateDaydreamingFriendshipReferences 4. Emotion Learningandcognitionin theCloud[3] [5] 5. Poetics of CloudSpaces and Places[1]Cloud computing is sortof an airy structure thatmoves about on thebreadth of timeA house where I go alone callingA name that silence and the walls give back to meA strange house contained in my voiceInhabited by the windI invent it, my hands draw a cloudA heaven-bound ship above the forestsMist that scatters and disappearsAs in the play of images- from Le domaine public by Pierre Seghers 6. The Place of MemoriesMoments of ReposeCloud-based AppNostalgiqa:Capture and associateprivate memories as placesconveyed through attachedand documented media. [1][3]The house can remodel us 7. Cloud as place...Cloud-based App: Content is stored on multipleservers and allows for access to on-demandinformation on any device without any need forsynchronization. NostalgiqaHipster TraceTrail Time Shutter 8. The Places of Friendship Cloud-based App Hipster: Share places visited among friends using geographically- associated images and location markers. [1] [3]A place we love is unwillingto remain permanently enclosedin our memory 9. The Places of DiscoveryCloud-based AppTime Shutter: Can overlayhistorical photos on top ofexisting camera view locations(with slight transparency forcomparing differences) [1] [3]Cloud computing: a heaven-bound ship connecting, past,present & future 10. Cloud-Augmented Discovery...WikitudeGolfscapeStar Walk TheodoliteGoggle Goggles 11. Cloud Computing - Just Be Me &Actuality ofBeing 12. Cloud Computing & Daydreaming Daydreaming What Can Be! 13. Cloud IP t r h? Ae e e tl s lo ig t r w m nay a l Computingc a e t o lse h t e h in d o n e wa l y bin s e r u?rg b f e soif & DiscoveryCo dC m uin o es lu o p tg f r a fp t r t ep r. lf m o x l e ao o 14. Cloud Friends -Computing Sharing & Friendship 15. C loud omputing C & Private S pac e There Are Times WhenWe Need A Little Space ToOurselves...Sometimes The Clouds Bring Rain A Good Time to Sit,Relax, And Take Time For Ourselves Cloud Computing! 16. Topological Montage URLsMAIN SITE URL: http://jeencpu.com/CCP2.htmDiscovery Space Actuality-of-being Space http://jeencpu.com/CCP2_files/slide0012.htm http://jeencpu.com/CCP2_files/slide0013.htm Private SpaceDaydreaming Space http://jeencpu.com/CCP2_files/slide0014.htm http://jeencpu.com/CCP2_files/slide0015.htm 17. Topological Montage URLsMAIN SITE URL: http://jeencpu.com/CCP2.htm Friendship Space http://jeencpu.com/CCP2_files/slide0016.htm 18. That people could come into the world in aplace they could not at first even name and hadnever known before; and that out of a namelessand unknown place they could grow and movearound in it until its name they knew and calledwith love, and call it HOME - Gaston Bachelard [1] 19. References[1] Bachelard, G. (1994). The Poetics of Space. Beacon Press, MA.[2] Buyya, R., Broberg, J., and Goscinski, A. (eds). (2011). Cloud Computing: Principles andParadigms. John Wiley & Sons.[3] Kort, B. (2012). Cognition, Affect, and Learning, The role of Emotions to Learning.Googles Knol Project. Retrieved March 15, 2012, fromhttp://knol.google.com/k/cognition-affect-and-learning#[4] Tuan, Y. (2001). Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience, University of MinnesotaPress, Minneapolis.[5] What does your dream library look like? Retrieved March 15, 2012, fromhttp://martavallelibrary.wordpress.com/2009/05/08/what-does-your-dream-library-look-like/