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<ul><li><p>event highlights...</p></li><li><p>what are the elements of </p><p>change that we need to put in </p><p>place to improve our </p><p>capability and capacity?</p><p>and then, what are the core </p><p>individual areas that we need to </p><p>work on?</p><p>Welcome, we've got a jam-packed day...</p><p>I was given the unenviable task to talk us through a plan, that sets out:</p><p>what is our understandingof where we are?</p><p>How are we going towork together? </p><p>what are the needs of our patients, and our staff, to create that</p><p>environment?</p><p>hopefully we will learn from each other and change </p><p>together</p><p>event welcome</p><p>Mike durkin</p></li><li><p>this really is a fantastic day...</p><p>one of our roles is to provide the leadership and </p><p>inspiration that 1.3 million people in the nhs think safety</p><p>is their business and thatwhatever their job, </p><p>they can make an impact.</p><p>sir bruce keogh</p></li><li><p>the messagefrom me is: </p><p>it's great to have a regional approach, we </p><p>need to pull all this good practice </p><p>together nationally, which we will do </p><p>across theahsn network,</p><p>and that safety is everyone'sbusiness.</p><p>our task is tochoose a set</p><p>of worthwhile problems to</p><p>fix and change the culture as we do it: our core business should be aboutthe adoption and </p><p>diffusionof best practice</p><p>Liz Mear Chris streather</p><p>the ahsn working groups</p></li><li><p>let's recognise </p><p>good practice that is already </p><p>happening</p><p>The big challenge forme is: how do we connect </p><p>with people's personal values? how do we make it personal and how do we </p><p>make it part ofeverybody's day job?</p><p>fiona thow Phil duncan</p><p>Patients should be at the heart of the safety agenda...</p><p>Patients are the final </p><p>safety net in the whole process of </p><p>care.</p><p>patients as safety Experts</p><p>kate grainger</p></li><li><p>it's about time that we started to get this </p><p>sorted.</p><p>the people who will be delivering care today, </p><p>those are the people you need to help...</p><p>your job here is to be creative, be innovative, do </p><p>what you do...</p><p>but ultimately do it so you are helping them </p><p>deliver safe care.</p><p>suzette woodward</p></li><li><p>our board committeditself to an ambition: </p><p>to be the safest organisationin the nhs.</p><p>we are clear, every year, what it is we want to improve, how much </p><p>and by when.</p><p>at the same time,we have a programmeof support for staffat all levels and we </p><p>invest a considerable amount of money</p><p>and we measure.</p><p>can you tell us why you think your hospital has started to </p><p>produce, and sustain, the results it has done?</p><p>panel session</p><p>sir david dalton</p><p>panel session continues...</p></li><li><p>i'm interested in how organisations that do </p><p>extremely well from this perspective get over that </p><p>culture - </p><p>i think that is a very important aspectthat we need to</p><p>focus on.</p><p>norman... maybe you have the answer as to why not everybody is as good as the hospital within </p><p>manchester (salford).</p><p>norman williams</p><p>there is a culture of fear within </p><p>the health service</p></li><li><p>I've heard four key messages today...</p><p>Sir Bruce keogh said it first: safety must be everybody's </p><p>business...</p><p>secondly, if you're not measuring, you're not improving - we need to </p><p>understand the change that we are making</p><p>the importance of local and regional partnerships to give real ownership of safety at a </p><p>local level...</p><p>and the last thing that I've heard from every single </p><p>speaker is: leadership at every level is vital</p><p>and that is whatwe need to supportlocal organisations</p><p>to do.</p><p>steve fairman</p></li><li><p>The way we're going about it, for me, is exciting... we should be able to produce change</p><p>it's been recognised that this is a long-term agenda</p><p>Today, i've seenthe real</p><p>potentialof the ahsnS being </p><p>brought together inone place to bring about </p><p>a real nationalchange in a really important area like </p><p>patient safety...</p><p>I think we can make a real difference and</p><p>it's a fantastic opportunity</p><p>for thefuture</p><p>the patient safety collaboratives have a </p><p>real potential to make a real </p><p>difference to patients</p><p>by involving andengaging staff,</p><p>we're going to getbetter ownership,</p><p>better commitment;improvement projects</p><p>will stick, staff will feelfulfilled and mostimportantly of all,we're going to getsafer patient care</p><p>susan wentgavin russell</p><p>kay mackay</p><p>a final word from john bamford</p></li></ul>