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event highlights...what are the elements of change that we need to put in place to improve our capability and capacity?and then, what are the core individual areas that we need to work on?Welcome, we've got a jam-packed day...I was given the unenviable task to talk us through a plan, that sets out:what is our understandingof where we are?How are we going towork together? what are the needs of our patients, and our staff, to create thatenvironment?hopefully we will learn from each other and change togetherevent welcomeMike durkinthis really is a fantastic of our roles is to provide the leadership and inspiration that 1.3 million people in the nhs think safetyis their business and thatwhatever their job, they can make an impact.sir bruce keoghthe messagefrom me is: it's great to have a regional approach, we need to pull all this good practice together nationally, which we will do across theahsn network,and that safety is everyone'sbusiness.our task is tochoose a setof worthwhile problems tofix and change the culture as we do it: our core business should be aboutthe adoption and diffusionof best practiceLiz Mear Chris streatherthe ahsn working groupslet's recognise good practice that is already happeningThe big challenge forme is: how do we connect with people's personal values? how do we make it personal and how do we make it part ofeverybody's day job?fiona thow Phil duncanPatients should be at the heart of the safety agenda...Patients are the final safety net in the whole process of care.patients as safety Expertskate graingerit's about time that we started to get this sorted.the people who will be delivering care today, those are the people you need to help...your job here is to be creative, be innovative, do what you do...but ultimately do it so you are helping them deliver safe care.suzette woodwardour board committeditself to an ambition: to be the safest organisationin the nhs.we are clear, every year, what it is we want to improve, how much and by the same time,we have a programmeof support for staffat all levels and we invest a considerable amount of moneyand we measure.can you tell us why you think your hospital has started to produce, and sustain, the results it has done?panel sessionsir david daltonpanel session continues...i'm interested in how organisations that do extremely well from this perspective get over that culture - i think that is a very important aspectthat we need tofocus on.norman... maybe you have the answer as to why not everybody is as good as the hospital within manchester (salford).norman williamsthere is a culture of fear within the health serviceI've heard four key messages today...Sir Bruce keogh said it first: safety must be everybody's business...secondly, if you're not measuring, you're not improving - we need to understand the change that we are makingthe importance of local and regional partnerships to give real ownership of safety at a local level...and the last thing that I've heard from every single speaker is: leadership at every level is vitaland that is whatwe need to supportlocal organisationsto do.steve fairmanThe way we're going about it, for me, is exciting... we should be able to produce changeit's been recognised that this is a long-term agendaToday, i've seenthe realpotentialof the ahsnS being brought together inone place to bring about a real nationalchange in a really important area like patient safety...I think we can make a real difference andit's a fantastic opportunityfor thefuturethe patient safety collaboratives have a real potential to make a real difference to patientsby involving andengaging staff,we're going to getbetter ownership,better commitment;improvement projectswill stick, staff will feelfulfilled and mostimportantly of all,we're going to getsafer patient caresusan wentgavin russellkay mackaya final word from john bamford