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Parkes High School. Year 10 Vocational Awareness Night. Tonight’s Program. Work Experience Procedures: Guest Speakers: Parkes Shire Council, HR Manger Mr., Craig Bradley, Employees Brent Tucker and Elise Spedding Industry Links Officer, Terry Job. Transition Officer Lisa Williams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Parkes High School

  • Tonights ProgramWork Experience Procedures:

    Guest Speakers:Parkes Shire Council, HR Manger Mr., Craig Bradley, Employees Brent Tucker and Elise SpeddingIndustry Links Officer, Terry Job.Transition Officer Lisa WilliamsPresenters:Western Institute TAFE Parkes CampusSkillset, Kristy GreenawayCharles Sturt University; Rebecca MorganVerto, Job ServicesParkes Study Co-Ordinator; Lisa Conti-Phillips, Shelley Buckle Shire Librarian.Year Adviser, Mrs Arlene Cassell

  • SCHOOL-TO-WORKCareer Plan 2014 example

  • Work Experience HandbookIntroduction to StudentsLetter to ParentsHow to ApplyChecklist of ProceduresConditions & RegulationsChoosing a JobEmployer EvaluationStudent GuidelinesHelpful Hints for SuccessCareers handbook 2014ExpectationsWork Experience ChecklistWriting a Job ApplicationIntroductory LetterPreparing Your ResumePersonal StatementImportant TipsStudents/Parents Comments

  • Introduction to Students, Parents & CaregiversAll Year 10 students will participate in work experience for one week.Three weeks have been allocated to work experience throughout the year.Students select their work experience dates.Applications are submitted in accordance with the handbook guidelines.

  • Benefits of the Work Experience ProgramEmployers EvaluationSchool Assessment ReportWork Experience CertificateCompleted ResumeValuable knowledge of the skills required to find employmentDeeper awareness of students strengths and abilities

  • When is Work Experience?

    2014 Work Experience:

    Term 2Week 816th June 20th June, Term 3Week 511th August 15th August, Term 4Week 824th November 28th November,

    Closing Dates for ApplicationsIn Parkes:5 weeks beforeOutside Parkes:8 weeks before

  • How to Apply?A list of possible work placements will be on the Parkes High School Website on the Careers Page.2014 Employers dataTo apply you must submit a completed Portfolio to Mr Duncan containing:Introductory Letter ExampleResume ExamplePersonal Statement ExampleOther supporting documents eg, certificates, reports.NB: DO NOT approach employers yourself all communications MUST BE made through Mr Duncan.

  • Choosing an OccupationUse the Careers resources in B9Speak to your Careers AdvisorAsk your family and friendsUse the Australian Jobs and Courses computer programUse

  • Student Insurance CoverThe Department of School Education has arranged a Personal Accident Insurance Policy with the GIO providing a cover for students on work experience.

  • Prohibited & Restricted ActivitiesThe following activities are specifically prohibited:Travel by helicopterAir travel on unrecognised airlinesTravel outside the 12 mile limit at seaScuba diving and deep sea divingAttendance at abattiorsUse of prescribed and dangerous machinery.Working on roofsOther work experience activities may also be considered unsuitable due to geographic location, operation of dangerous machinery, unsuitable hours of employment, inability to be adequately supervised by school staff.

  • Reporting AccidentsAny accident should be reported to the school immediately.A full report of the accident should be obtained from the student, employer and any witnesses.All reports should be signed, dated and forwarded to the school as soon as possible.

  • Destination Reports

    Destination Report 2014Destination Report 2013Destination Report 2012Destination Report 2011Destination Report 2010

  • Year 12 Students who left PHS 2013:PHS Year 12 Destination Report 2014

    Year 12 Students who left PHS 2013:

  • PHOTO GALLERY:Work Experience 2012.pptWork Experience 2011.pptm

  • When All Else Fails!Go to the Parkes High School Web PageParkes High School Library.mht

    Click on the Careers Icon Careers Parkes High School Library.mht


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