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:. Part V CP violation and D Physics. Chris Parkes. Outline. PHENOMENOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTS CP violation and Kaon physics Mixing in the neutral kaon system Neutral kaon decays Rare kaon decays CP violation and B physics B factories, old and future experiments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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:Chris ParkesPart VCP violation and D PhysicsOutlinePHENOMENOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTS

CP violation and Kaon physicsMixing in the neutral kaon systemNeutral kaon decaysRare kaon decaysCP violation and B physicsB factories, old and future experimentsMixing in neutral B mesonsBenchmark B decaysRare B decaysCP Violation and D physicsMixing in neutral D mesonsDirect and Indirect CP Violation SearchesFuture prospectsConcluding remarksChris Parkes#D mesons


Mixing:D0 mixing slightly different from K0 and B0(s) mixing only up type quark system that can mixD0 mixing only recently observed experimentally (2007 onwards)Beyond Standard Model (BSM) effects may enhance mixing(Accurate) SM and BSM theoretical calculations/predictions are difficult and show a broad range of estimates why?: D-mesons are too light to be treated as heavy and too heavy to be treated as light!

CP violation:Predicted to be negligible in the SM large effects would be evidence for New Physics Experimental evidence for CP violation with D mesons not yet clear(CPV in Kaons got a Nobel prize, CPV in B got a Nobel prize.)Why study mixing and CP violation in the D sector?Chris Parkes#Mixing in neutral D mesonsBaBar and Belle find first evidence for D0 mixingWell established by combining multiple channels

Announcement at the Rencontres de Moriond Conference in March 2007First single channel 5 measurment D0 mixing

LHCb, November 2012Mixing in the neutral D0 D0 systemcud, s, bW+W-_uc_d, s, bcud, s, bW-W+_uc_d, s, b___D0D0-Feynman (box) diagrams for D0 mixing: down type quarks in loopsD0D0-___b loop CKM suppressed from Wolfenstein parametrisation is order (32)2and s,d loops GIM suppressed

Long distance effects important but difficult to calculate Chris Parkes#

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