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    The Pakistan hockey team has left for Japan to participate in

    Asian Champions Trophy and thanks to all who attended the

    matches to support the Australian and Pakistani teams. The

    free tickets provided by the Hockey Australia were all

    distributed among the community members.

    Thanks also to the members who attended the Vincent

    Celebrates Eid Festival on 20th October and were entertained

    by a range of performances including Pakistani band Talbees

    and variety of halal food.

    This is first time that the management committee members

    were participating in more than one event at a time and did a

    wonderful job. Please now wait for our next event is on 16th

    November which will also officially mark the first anniversary of

    the group being incorporated in 2012.

    Today is the last day for voting your favourite nominee in the

    Pride of Australia medal so do take a couple of minutes to

    acknowledge the role models and a very happy Deepawali to all

    our Indian friends and supporters.

    14th October 2013


    Page 1: From the Desk

    Page 2: Pakistan Hockey Team in Perth

    Page 3: Vincent Celebrates Eid

    Page 4: Group Updates

    Page 5: Pride of Australia

    Matters of Heart

    Page 6: Creative Expressions

    Page 7: UWA Plant Sale

    Adelaide University Alumni Council

    46 Kanangra Crescent, Greenwood WA 6024. Ph. 0434841705,

    Office bearers

    President: Dr. Zarrin Siddiqui

    Secretary: Ms. Fatima Khushnud

    Treasurer: Ms. Maria Farooq

    Vol.3 Issue 22

    Pakistanis in Australia Inc. is an incorporated group to support students and migrants from Pakistan in

    their settlement and to initiate projects in Australia and Pakistan that promote mutual collaboration

    between two countries and promote a positive image of Pakistan and Australia. For membership, please

    submit your details at
  • 7/27/2019 Pakistanis in Australia Vol 3 issue 22 2013.pdf




    Since CHOGM 2011 our group has been actively supporting the Pakistani National Team. Following

    successful service last year, Rida Ahmed was again the liaison officer for the team this year. As the

    planning went smoothly one day before arrival there was major hiccup in the visa processing and at one

    stage there were doubts if the team will be able to arrive in time but Australian High Commission, Hockey

    Australia and Liaison Officer all worked throughout the night to ensure the team arrives at the scheduled


    Similarly just one night away from departure the Captain of the team Muhammed Imran was injured and

    had to be taken to the hospital. From our group we arranged an outing for the team on their last day in Perth.

    After offering Friday prayers team went to Matilda Bay for an Aussie barbecue and the most interesting

    aspect of this barbecue was that the senior management of the team prepared the burgers for the players and

    let them enjoy one day stress free.

    After the barbecue the team went to Cottesloe beach to spend the rest of the day which ended with a private

    dinner. While Rida was officially presented by a signed shirt from the players and PHF flag as a token of

    appreciation, the group received the official shield from the Secretary General, Pakistan Hockey Federation.

    IT is also a pleasure to announce that Imran Shah, the Pakistani goal keeper has been offered a contract to

    join Busselton hockey club next year which he has accepted.

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    Vol. 3: Issue 22


    The group was actively involved since July in planning the event with representatives from the City of

    Vincent, Office of Multicultural Interest and other groups. This was the inaugural event and the first

    one in WA where a city Council has taken the initiative to organise a Muslim celebration to showcase

    the religious and cultural diversity of WA.

    The initiative was taken by Hon. Alannah McTiernan, then Mayor of the city of Vincent who was later

    elected as the member of the Federal Parliament. Hence the responsibility lied on the Acting mayor A

    day before the event the elections for local councils were held in WA and Cr. John Carry was elected a

    the new Mayor for the City of Vincent. This was his first official engagement and he acknowledged all

    the hard work that was put into place for such an exciting event by everyone involved.

    Hon. Sam Dastyari the senate member from New South Wales was also present at the event and spen

    quite a bit of time at our stall interacting with PIA members and Dana the President of UWA Muslim

    Students Association.

    The group served traditional Channa Chaat at the stall to raise funds for our Australia day Project in

    Sialkot. This initiative is led by Fatima who was well supported by Maria throughout the day without

    any break. They have raised about 250 AUS dollars for the school.

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    This is a fortnightly newsletter to keep community informed of whats happening in Pakistan and in Australia with a

    special focus on Western Australia at this time. We acknowledge that this newsletter is disseminated from Noongar

    land. The earlier issues can be accessed through web at or through the

    group Facebook page at Our Youtube channel can be

    accessed at You can also follow our twitter account @PIAInc

    Meeting with Hon. Senator Sam Dastyari

    Hon. Senator Sam Dastyari was kind enough to spare sometime on 21st

    October to meet us at the

    University of Western Australia. The meeting was attended by Dana as well and it was nice to have a

    conversation with a young leader in Australian Politics. Hon. Senator spoke very highly of the Pakistan

    community in Sydney and the Consulate General of Pakistan in Sydney. We look forward for the

    senator to visit us again.

    Pakistan Cultural Day on 23rd

    March 2014

    Just a reminder once again Save the date 23rd

    March 2014 for Pakistan celebration day within the City

    of Joondalup. If you have any ideas to make the celebration more successful let us know.


    The AGM has been called for 30th October with elections for the new Management Committee.
  • 7/27/2019 Pakistanis in Australia Vol 3 issue 22 2013.pdf

    5/7 is running out so vote now. Today is the last day.


    16th November 2013 7 10 pm

    Bentley Community Centre

    We will be celebrating Seniors week by arranging an event on 16th

    November so mark the diary. The

    event will be presided by Sir Yaar M Khan. Mr. Nazar Khan has been requested by the group for Nizamat

    and from tomorrow invitations will be circulated to the poets. We want this event to be representative o

    Indo Pak subcontinent so if there are any potential literary figures who we should be requesting to

    present, please let us know.


    We have now our own banner which many of you would have seen at Hockey stadium. This will be

    delivered to us soon.
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  • 7/27/2019 Pakistanis in Australia Vol 3 issue 22 2013.pdf


    Vol. 3: Issue 22



    On Thursday 31st October and Friday 1st November from 12 to 2pm at the Taxonomic Garden -

    Greenhouse 5

    Most plants will be under $5 with plenty of herbs ,exotics and some natives. Also plants are suitable for

    indoor pot plants. Cash only. Please support the Friends of the Ground. Funds are going towards

    renovating the Taxonomic Garden.


    The University of Adelaide Council is establishing an Alumni Council for the purpose of advising and

    furthering the interests and objectives of the University on matters relevant to Alumni.

    The Alumni Council will consist of six elected Alumni, representing each of the six Faculty Groups and up

    to 10 Alumni and two representatives of the Universi