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  1. 1. Open Mind-Heart Balance November 10, 2013We need the minds clarity, but intelligence requires a balance that includes emotional clarity too. Common sense rules, but is not too common, and requires experience, discernment, questioning, and a balance of the mental and emotional. Everyone desires as much love as they can imagine, yet rarely does anyone get it through life, leaving them bankrupt in love energy, love poor, or loveless. Brilliant or not, most are left with a mind that lacks the energy of a positive balance of the emotional and spiritual qualities of full working order. Satisfaction is seemingly always left leaving room for completion. Inner peace while driving through life rarely comes naturally, but like the air in life, is just there but hidden and waiting for your letting go, and moving upward into the light of your real self unencumbered by the negatives of the past. Ive asked many as to whether they have an open mind with the normal resultant answer that they do. Self perception is frequently self deception. Those Ive asked were often fundamentalist Christians who claried open mind as within the words of the bible ouch! Ive met many, many people who are friendly to other people, and in addition to pets. Ive asked them if they regarded their heart as open, knowing beforehand that each of them had some level of a fear of intimacy (which, by the way, is common). Often they say, yes. Few are open toward talking about lifes many issues, values, and their personal limitations. Keeping an open, inquisitive, non judgmental, discerning mind coupled with an open heart that has no fears of intimacy is a conscious standard that will be a healthy, well rounded being to attract likewise. The downside of that openness is that the vast majority of others settle on a partial open eclipse of the mind and heart, and likely will consume or vampire that energy from you. Letting go of mind and heart attachments is a road to the paradise within, but that doesnt happen with just a light conviction that gets lost in memory while doing little to make it happen in the ensuing days, weeks, months, or even the rest of your life. Go deeper in intimacy, but mindful that you can meet the barriers of your partner which will bring up frustration, angers, hopelessness, and you name it. Love without the built in life preserver of deep self love will be like diving into the ocean not being able to swim or nding any shore. At this point, moving into as much of life and love as positively as possible can itself become a prayer and a meditation. To supplement that journey alone, set aside times of meditation on a continuing basis that will aid the ease of letting go and disconnecting from negatives, creating the opening of mind and heart totally.##


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