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    By Heike Shaolina

    Come with me and let us be and for a start just take a few breath in and out. Breathing techniques are quite profound and powerful itself, as it can help shift stuck energy and bring our awareness back into our body.

    Be daring enough to let the outer world be the outer world and close your eyes to sink down into your inner world. Allow your breathing to flow naturally and eas-ily. Continue to stay in this state. Close your eyes and inhale and exhale until you feel you become calmer. Dont do it while driving! Take some time out, which can be even in your 5 minute break when you are visiting the restroom. If you have trouble with your mind chatter simply command either out loud or silently in your mind to be quite with the command BE SI-107 LENT. It will bring you out of your mind while you focus on your beau-tiful heart chakra.

    Now take your left hand and gently put it on your chest or breast area. There we are, on the heart level, you can feel the familiar beat of your heart, .boom, and boom, boom calming the mind and sinking even deeper. Now we are ready and in this beautiful, comforting space and with it we can lovingly command our heart chakra to open up - do not move back into your mind. It is time for the heart to talk to you, go with the flow and dwell back in the beautiful stillness of the heart. It is a beautiful feeling to be in the heart and it is like coming home and feeling home. Silently command.

    Heart Chakra activated. Or simply OPEN

    Stay in this space and remember to breathe in your natural way you are used to do. You will feel a change. Subtle but still enough to feel it. The vibration - The frequency - The energy of your heart is opening up. Beautiful! You might feel a charge of energy running through your body or your heart area becomes sooth-ing and calm with the warmth it is em-anating. It simply is that easy and be re-assured you are going to be able to connect to your heart. No pressure and be patience. Well done! You have man-aged your first small warm-up exercise.

    We are able to open the heart chakra with such simple commands. We just have to give 124 ourselves the permis-sion and allow ourselves to be guided by our higher Self. Last step into this exer-cise is to ask the Heart silently. What do I, (In the blank put in your full name) re-ally need at this moment? And wait

    You will receive guidance. You will re-ceive an answer told by your heart and this might has nothing to do with the new gloomy and glossy new handbag or car but just something very simply as love, joy or comfort from loved onesisnt that mind astounding?

    Your heart will give you an answer. Over time you will become better and bet-ter because you train yourself to come aligned living within your heart and the connection to your higher self. Addition-al affirmation you can speak out loud or silently while having the connection to your heart are:

    HEART Matter over Mind

    ChatterPart 2


    There is no single person who 171 cant. This is only the illusion to think I cant. And if your ego interferes again - Inhale and exhale and let it go.

    Let it pass and re-connect to your heart with the simple words of Heart level OPEN or HEART CHAKRA OPEN and bring your awareness back to your heart chakra and think OPEN.

    Why not commit yourself for the next weeks to come to this simple exercise and practice, even for 30 seconds dur-ing the day. If you enjoy it expand it for a time period of 21 days or even longer. 21 days is the training period for us to make it a habit in our daily activities such as having a shower, brushing our teeth, prayers and meditation for our spiritual growth. You can do it silently in your mind. Over time and practice you will feel the frequency of your heart chakra chang-ing and becoming lighter. This beautiful feeling of being wrapped up in a coat of comfort and support - The space where you just can hang out and know you are beautiful the way you are and with this, touching those who you might meet. It is beautiful. It is simple and the answer is the truth of living in the heart. AND it will change your outer world with new beau-tiful opportunities. New doors will open up.

    Simple love it!

    Heike Stenzel www.ascensionofthesoul.comheike.st@hotmail

    I am in resonance to unconditional love. I am in resonance to love. I am in resonance to joy and happiness.

    No too difficult, right? It is a beautiful and powerful exercise to be remembered while 138 learning our way back in living in our heart.

    Didnt I tell you, it would be easy but fun? Do not allow the ego to raise its voice and dont be afraid.

    Remember that we are all spirit and we all have our divine birthright, thousands of facets, like a lotus flower that emb-lossem when we expose the true seed. Now see the beautiful heart growing in love and joy, starting to expand and the seeds will grow into a beautiful powerful source of giving and receiving. You might feel the stream of light coming in, you might feel your heart becoming warmer and expanding. This warms is filled with the energy of love we all deserve. You are truly beautiful and loved by the 147 divine source, god, the creator, by your angels, guides.

    Do you recongize something, while you are in this beautiful space? Yes? No? Where is the loud voice of the ego gone? Pretty quiet if not SILENCE at all! It has withdrawn maybe not for long but long enough to see our birthright to be truly and completely enveloped in this beautiful space. The heart can tell and if it would have a face, it would smile so brightly that you would not be able to re-sist and smile back.

    Allow your heart level to open with the

    simple steps of putting your left hand on your chest area and in your minds voice tell it to simple OPEN and it is com-manded in a nurturing way, it is com-manded so that the subconscious mind and the conscious mind understand that this is something that is as it is. It simple IS.

    Yes and we go a little bit further in even expanding it further in that we allow the affirmation of I completely love and ac-cept myself the way I AM Awe, letting go of the rest of that what has hold us onto an old paradigm or an old be-lieve because it has been with us for such a long time that it was like a part of us even it is only an illusion of the mind. I am talk-ing about the part that has separated us, divorced us in not to live in our heart. Over time and practice it will become clearer. Allow and give yourself permis-sion to your birthright of abundance in love, joy and happiness.

    And over time we will understand, even when our mind is pretty strong with so many thought forms and the outcome of a negative flow of emotion and we might handle it inprocrastinating, insecuri-ties, being in the believe not being good enought - but we can change it and the change we can start now. We are com-plete the way we are.

    Why not just try to see the beautiful Spirit of who you are, waiting to discover the beautiful place in your heart again. We can practice over and over again to keep silent for a second and to connect to our heart. We can. We all can.

    Heike is a certified teacher and yoga teacher, healer and channel medium by the angelic realm and ascended mas-ters reality.

    she has studied dif-ferent healing modalities and have been certified as a Reiki and Seichem Tera Mai Master & Teacher. Furthermore, she also trained in other techniques, such as magnified healing, spiritual healing, Theta healing and awakening your light body; as well as to deeply dive into As-cension Techniques given by the Angels and Ascended Masters to Dr. Joshuah David Stone.

    She has been certified as a Past Life Regression Therapist by Jan Eric Sig-dell in applying a non -hypnotic tech-nique developed by Brian Jamison.

    Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Nasik India) that follows Swami Satyananda by Swami Sivananda certified her in 2011 as a Ha-tha Yoga teacher to teach and facilitate classes for beginners and intermediate students. And this is so beautiful to offer you to align your mind, body, spirit and soul!

    She also feel very honored that has been trained with the great teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek in his class called Earth Sky Living in the Heart Workshop.