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  • 1. Healthy Heart and MindMallory Carter 12/1/11

2. Nice to Meet You!Hello! My name is Mallory Carter and my role inthis project is Design Lead. I am 17 and a seniorat Blue Valley North West and I like to paint inmy free time and enjoy nature. Mallory Carter 12/1/11 3. AgendaWho are we?Mallory Carter- Design LeadMaKenzi Stoy- Project LeadOur ClientHealthy, Heart, and Mind YogaObjective-logo message isNew-Facebook,-TwitterCreate-Mail Chimp-website Mallory Carter 12/1/11 4. AgendaOur Time LineCompetitor researchSample of workHow we beat our competitionHow we get things done efficientlyOur client pitchClient Approval Mallory Carter 12/1/11 5. Your Business Target audience: History - 25+ year of age - Out of date -Lengthy - Overland parkarea - middle class Future -Straight to the point- easily Updated (Wixz) Mallory Carter 12/1/11 6. Objective To teach in a safe, friendly and approachable style; making yoga and well-being as available as possible to as many people as possible. Whats your one thing?A strength that so many students mention ishow good they feel about themselves when they are inmy classes. Im very knowledgeable about alignmentwithout it all being intimidatingMallory Carter 12/1/11 7. DeliverableFacebookTwitterLogoWebsiteE-News letterMallory Carter 12/1/11 8. Project time line/planPlenty of mockupgood idea of whatfinalizing websiteshe wants.Logo Finalized! October 20, 2011 November 16, 2011October 3, 2011 Focus on MailFinish The project chimp, basic touchEnd of project!ups.Set upDecemberFacebook, and7, 2011NovemberTwitter 22, 2011December 1, 2011 Mallory Carter 12/1/11 9. Competitor researchYellow pages search results- 113 in overland park- 69 in a ten mile radiusMallory Carter 12/1/11 10. Our plan Logo color scheme first Website- Using wixs- Based off color scheme E-news letter-Using Mail Chimp Facebook/TwitterMallory Carter 12/1/11 11. Top of the food chain How we beat out competitors?we made an effort to get to know the client and herbusiness to give her a personalized logo that is unique toher. Mallory Carter 12/1/11 12. getting started Everything will be built off: Based off these two items- Influences the: 1. website 2. Mail chimp Mallory Carter 12/1/11 13. Client Pitch Push her to some edge, just a little -Why is it the best way? Simplicity Ex. - Pink - FontMallory Carter 12/1/11 14. Client approvalSignatures! Signatures! Signature! - Color scheme sign off Monday, August 26, 2011 - Logo idea signed off Monday, August 26, 2011Mallory Carter 12/1/11 15. Mood Board Hea lt hy Hea lt hyHea r t Hea r t a nda ndMindMindY a ogY a og Mallory Carter 12/1/11 16. Final Logo Mallory Carter 12/1/11 17. Thank youI hope you enjoyed thepresentation! Mallory Carter 12/1/11