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<ol><li> 1. ResearchStrategyDesign2014 Portfolio1 </li><li> 2. CV in a nutshellI help businesses and non-profits create their optimal connectedexperiences. I offer illuminating analysis and communicate core issuesvia internal pitches, web and mobile experience audits, and systemevaluation. With clear rationales and in plain language, I literally getexecutives, engineers, and designers on the same page.- San Francisco-based UX professional since 2000- Experience Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture, ContentStrategy, Interaction Design, Product Testing, Design QA- Original and redesign work for commercial and proprietary web sites, mobilesites, phone and tablet apps- Domain-agnostic methodologies: arts &amp; culture, energy, automotive, finance,journalism &amp; media, general aviation, healthcare, education, travel, activism- Technology-agnostic UX in agile and waterfall development environments2 </li><li> 3. Recent Work* Please note: most 2014 work is still under NDA and therefore not presented here.3 </li><li> 4. Client: Best BuySr. UX Designer,SequenceUser interface designlanguage developmentfor a major electronicsretailer.Tasks/Contributions! Intensive, cross-platforminteractiondesign audit of coredesign patterns for sixunique client-brandedproperties, includingtwo websites, iPad andAndroid tablet apps,and iPhone andAndroid web apps Determination ofbest-practicestandards and coredesign principles for ascalable, organization-widepattern libraryReference: Tim Fisher, Account Director tim.fisher@sequence.comI had the pleasure of collaborating this year with Nicole on a large user interface designlanguage project. She was particularly adept at bringing order to chaos, and clarity to anotherwise murky pool of inputs. When it came to delivering UX solutions, Nicolescontributions were well-grounded by clear rationale, well articulated in her own confidentvoice, and most importantly, her solutions were right-on. Nicoles got a great sense ofhumor and is a joy to have on any project team. She plays well with others and deliversgreatness in the process.4Retail electronics </li><li> 5. Client: PubNub Internet technology http://pubnub.comUX Lead,Direct engagementStrategic interactionand content redesign ofPubNub's DeveloperPortal signup andonboarding experience.!Tasks/Contributions! Design workshops User taskflows Wireframing Pricing modelinformation redesignReference: Todd Greene, Founder and CEO todd@pubnub.comNicole worked with my company PubNub for a short but important UX project. Though weonly budgeted 2 weeks, Nicole was great at scoping an aggressive set of deliverables, andthen exceeding those expectations at the end of the project. We're still working with ideasthat came from the detailed documentation she provided at the end of the project. I'd highlyrecommend Nicole for any UX project. 5 </li><li> 6. Client: Maker Media Tech, Arts,Culture http://makermedia.comSr. UXResearcher,Igniting SolutionsUser research project togauge online behaviorand brand impressionsof multiple Makeplatform users,, Makeprint magazine, liveMaker Faire events, andthe Maker Shedecommerce experience.!Tasks/Contributions! Multiple executiveand project teamdiscovery workshops Research plan design User survey designand analysis Key user groupprofilingReference: Katie Jansen, Founder and CEO katie@igniting solutions.com6 </li><li> 7. Client: Nexant/PG&amp;E Energy utility http://pubnub.comSr. UX Researcher,Hot StudioDiscovery and strategyproject for PG&amp;E,focusing on customerenergy efficiencycommunications.!Tasks/Contributions! Site and contentaudit of Competitivelandscape Behavior-changeanalysis, includinggamification andbest-practiceinformation design Ethnographic userinterviews User archetype andprofile developmentReference: Brian Cronin, (former) Director of Strategy @BrianCronin7 </li><li> 8. ContactNicole Maronemail nicole.a.maron@gmail.commobile 415.420.6810skype nicoleamaronlinkedin </li><li> 9. ApproachandDeliverables9 </li><li> 10. What does UX mean to me?Finding the sweet spot between business goals, user needs, physicalenvironments, and technical affordancesApplying the philosophy of the users emotional takeaway being ofprimary importanceCollaborating with all stakeholders as valuable team members:everyone is a contributor and a compatriotCustomizing adaptive sets of design principles for specific project,team, user, and scheduling constraintsEmploying a logical and iterative design-test-improve process forproduct design10 </li><li> 11. Mantra: Design for RealityThere is no one true path: some projects require innovation, othersare best served with current best-practice solutions.Understand current experience trends: what else in the users worldis setting her expectations?Consider the full lifecycle: how will pre-launch marketing goals, post-launchtesting feedback, phased releases, and future upgrades affectthe product roadmap?Technical feasibility: check in with engineering early and often toensure that what is designed can and will be built.Provide only what is needed: determine deliverables by project andteam needs, rather than adhere to a static design process.11 </li><li> 12. UX ProcessI provide however much assistance you need, from a stand-alone siteaudit to identify issues and opportunities, to complete UX strategy andproject leadership.Discovery: Interview business and user stakeholders, review clients previousresearch, complete current site/app usability audit and/or competitive analysis,refine and/or document business and project goals.Strategy: Codify project-specific design principles, develop user personas,review content needs and workflow, workshop and define requirements andpriorities, and develop project roadmap.Design: Create user taskflows, site maps, and wireframes; collaborate withvisual design on brand expression and cognitive impact.Testing: Conduct guerrilla or formal design testing then provide iterativewireframe refinement.Build: Detailed wireframe annotation, design QA testing.12 </li><li> 13. Discovery &amp; StrategyUnderstand the problems to solve and opportunities to explore. Identify business stakeholders, their personal investment, hiddengoals and dependencies Learn the competitive landscape: audit other products andidentify differentiators Create consensus around prioritized business goals and definesuccess metrics Identify users, their unmet needs, their pain points, theirexpectations Understand the physical context of the user interactions:location, device, attention, distractions Understand the schedule and the development environment Provide detailed strategic recommendations13 </li><li> 14. Example: Strategic Recommendation14 </li><li> 15. Example: Content Recommendation15 </li><li> 16. Example: Top Behavioral SegmentsHigh-level user groupings based on behavior analyzed fromdemographics, technographics, and stated user needs can provideinsight into your different users actual needs.16 </li><li> 17. User Profiles/Personas...Why?Provide a common understanding for the team and client about who,specifically, will use the product.Ensuring the project team makes no decisions based on personalpreferences and biases of individual members.Provide a vessel to place any vetted behavioral assumptions whichneed to be made.Help align stakeholder goals with user requirements: business andmarketing with end user goals and needs.Help prevent feature creep and feature debate loops.17 </li><li> 18. Example: Detailed PersonasDemographicsTechnographicsEmotional driversMotivationsBarriersNeedsTopical impressionsSelf imageAspirational drivers18 </li><li> 19. Example: Design PrinciplesInformed by personas or user group types, targeted design principlesprovide a consistent guide for feature, content, and interaction designdecisions.19 </li><li> 20. Example: Feature PrioritizationFeature prioritization is a key scoping tool for determining what featuresare most important and feasible to produce from multiple stakeholderperspectives. One workshop can establish a clear roadmap for thedevelopment of a multi-phase product.20 </li><li> 21. Design, Test, BuildExplore and iterate user tasks, content, interaction Use cases and task flow diagrams create clear user paths andexplore content needs. Site maps and wireframes inform each other through multipleiterations, providing both high-level and detailed views of yourproduct. Prototyping and product testing will save budget and schedule bysurfacing conceptual disconnects, interaction issues and designinconsistencies so they can be fixed prior to production. Design QA ensures that the inevitable changes will support theoverall design during build and beta.21 </li><li> 22. Example: User TaskflowsTaskflows establish the logic of the user paths for all user types so we candetermine what user content collection, database calls, and instructionalcontent is required at which step.22 </li><li> 23. Example: Site MapsSite maps detail the sitearchitecture, giving a trueoverview of the full size andscope of the site or app.!They may illustrateback-end structure,front-end navigation, orboth.They allow us to holistically view contentstructure and categorization.!They allow us to define public vs.password-protected areas and integrationpoints with other sites, apps, databases, anduser tools.23 </li><li> 24. Example: Content Map and InventoryContent maps lay the foundation for the detailed informationarchitecture of content-rich sites and apps, and help define realisticexpectations for content production. Inventories track page-level copy,video and social media requirements and opportunities.24 </li><li> 25. Example: WireframesWireframes arethe blueprintswhich visualdesigners anddevelopers use tobuild the finalproduct.!They arecustomized toshow the ideallevel of detailrequired by theteam.25 </li><li> 26. AdditionalWork26 </li><li> 27. Client: Hyundai Automotive https://www.hyundaiusa.comWeb and mobile app design for MyHyundai registrationand browsing experienceSr. UX Designer,Razorfish SF27 </li><li> 28. Client: Virtuwell Healthcare http://virtuwell.comInteraction design for patient and healthcare workerinterface, electronic medical record information design,taskflow integration with 3rd party pharmacy ordersystem, health plan designSr. InteractionDesigner,AKQA28 </li><li> 29. Client: ShowGo Media http://showgo.tvExecutive and Agile engineering team guidance throughdesign exploration and interaction design of ShowGosWordpress beta site and standalone iPad app.UX Lead,ShowGo.tv29 </li><li> 30. Client: Joie de Vive Hospitality UX evaluation of the JDV hotel site and bookingengine template: user path and key screen analysis forusability, marketing goals, and brand efficacy.UX Lead,JDV Hotels30 </li><li> 31. Client: SunRun Energy http://sunrunhome.comWrote internal sales help content and developed trainingvideo screencasts for SunRuns whitebox solar designsales toolCopywriter andVideo Producer,CloudforestDesign31 </li><li> 32. Client: Flying Like the Pros General Aviation http://flyinglikethepros.comSubscription-based business modeling, video instructioncontent strategy, course catalog and consumer shoppingexperience designUX Lead,Hot Studio32 </li><li> 33. Client: salesforce Technology task analysis and redesign for the AppExchangedeveloper portalUX Lead,Hot Studio33 </li><li> 34. Client: WFC Activism/Charity http://womensfoundca.orgDeep discovery and project strategy, user group analysis,complex content IA and navigation, text and video contentstrategy, interaction design, donor task modelingUX Lead,Hot Studio/WFC34 </li><li> 35. Client: Once Upon a School Activism/Education http://onceuponaschool.orgInteraction design for compelling, emotionally-drivingparticipant recruitment for Dave Eggers TED prizeprojectSr. InteractionDesigner,Hot Studio35 </li><li> 36. Client: Cisco Systems Technology Proprietary enterprise sales appTaskflow modeling for unique enterprise/consumerhybrid sales interface, iPad app designSr. InteractionDesigner,Boldium36 </li><li> 37. Client: FORA.TV Media http://fora.tvDeep discovery and product strategy, complex content IAand navigation, text and video content strategy, videoplayer interaction designUX Lead,Fora.tv37 </li><li> 38. Client: SFGate Journalism http://sfgate.comComplex publishing workflow and taskflow service designfor legacy proprietary CMS, resolved vital communicationand conflict issues for previously dysfunctional client team,complex modular content and interaction designSr. UX Designer,Studio Sungo38 </li><li> 39. Client: Burning Man Arts &amp; Culture http://burningman.com30+ volunteer design &amp; development team managementfor 5 years; extranet strategy and interface design;community forum structure redesign and moderationUX Lead;ExtranetDesign Lead;ePlaya OnlineCommunityManager,Black RockCity, LLC39 </li><li> 40. Thank youNicole Maronemail nicole.a.maron@gmail.commobile 415.420.6810skype nicoleamaronlinkedin </li></ol>