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  • Nicole McGuireAccount Manager and Strategist

  • Table of ContentsManifesto 4Dark Energy Reservoir 6Grim Reaper Broadheads 10Women in Business 12Childrens Miracle Network 14Weir Museum Exhibit 22

  • 4Manifesto

  • 5There is never just one side to any story; there is always another perspective. And, anyone can give their perspective, their opinion, their bias, but not everyone can see new perspectives. Some people dont even want to.

    Well, I can, and I actually seek out new perspectives. I have an affinity for the other side of the story. I wont lie; its where I find the best insights. Whether its a message from the rooftops or whispered in an ear, I am here to listen. My curiosity and desire to understand are vital because if they werent my drive, what kind of strategist would I be?

  • 6Dark Energy Reservoir

    Project: With zealous enthusiasm, two entrepreneurs came to the AdLab asking for a solid and polished Kickstarter to raise $100,000 to produce their product the Dark Energy Reservoir. The Reservoir is a portable battery that charges cell phones, tablets, and other small tech devices. With 8000 mAh (enough power to charge an Apple IPhone 5 times), the Reservoir has a higher charge than most portable batteries and can retain that charge for up to a year. Despite the advanced technology, the Reservoir did not have a brand, a defined audience, or a clue as to how to design a Kickstarter page. Thus was our mission.

    What I did: As the account supervisor, I motivated a team of 12+ individuals from the research phase to creative execution. We researched best Kickstarter practices as well as Kickstarter and portable battery audi-ences. Our research on the young professionals demographic and Adrian Luxs song, Teenage Crime set the liberating tone for the Kickstarter video and copy that spoke to our audience.

    I also was the mediator between the AdLab and the client. Through successful collaboration, we overcame the natural hiccups that inevitably arise on every account and worked hard to meet deadlines with quality work.

  • 7Dark Energy Reservoir

    Idea: Life wasnt meant to be lived plugged into a wall, which we do so often today. We wanted to show how the Dark Energy Reservoir allows young adults to stay connected to their friends and network while still living an active life full of all the things they love.

  • 8Kickstarter Webpage and Video

    Outcome: 120,000 plus dollars and 45 days after their Kickstarter launch, Dark Energy dominated their goal.

    Video: Starting out with the clients creation story for the Dark Energy Reservoir, the video proceeds into action shots of active young adults. Longboarding, camping, or just enjoying a cup of coffee, these young adults stay connected to their world, not a wall, while enjoying life in their own unique ways.

    See the full page at:

  • 9Kickstarter Webpage and Video

  • 10

    Grim Reaper Broadheads

    What I Did: I led the research team in conducting one-on-one interviews with current Grim Reaper clients. In addition, I led the team in gathering secondary research about competitors. We compiled the data into an insightful creative brief that the creative team used to develop the TV spot.

    Project: Grim Reaper Broadheads, a bow hunting company, had great products and a large following, but they knew they needed to keep expanding. They hired us to conduct secondary and primary research to better understand their audience and their competition and then translate the findings into a creative execution.

    Insights: The bow hunting community is a lively group of thrill-seekers. At the end of the day, they care about the hunting story they get to tell to all of their friends.

    TV Spot: A middle-aged gentleman is startled by a loud noise. He peers over his desk to see a growing stack of deer heads. He recognizes Grim Reaper and states, Why cant you just use the door? He certainly had a story to tell by the end of his day.

  • 11

    Grim Reaper Broadheads

  • 12

    Women in Business

    Project: The Marriott School of Management had a lower number of women than they were pleased with applying to the business school and taking business classes. They wanted to understand more fully why few women were interested in the business school and how they could attract a greater audience of women to affiliate with the business school.

    What I Did: I was the assistant manager on this account. I conducted focus groups, wrote conference reports, and communicated with the client to schedule meetings. For a month, the account manager was out of town, and I filled her role until she returned. In that time I managed the creative concepting phase and the beginning part of the creative execution phase.

    Insight: The idea of being a business major was daunting for women at BYU as they felt, I dont fit in here, It limits me to a business career, and, It will take away from my family.

    Strategy: Show how business classes can give women a skill set that empowers them to achieve any path they want to take in life.

  • 13

    Women in Business

  • 14

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

    Project: Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) is a charitable organization that raises money nationwide for 170 childrens hospitals. The organization was already growing, but it had low brand recognition among consumers. The goal was to produce advertising that would increase annual donations received to $1 billion, as well as increase their brand awareness among consumers.

    Executive SummaryChildrens Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) is a charitable organization that raises money nationwide for 170 childrens hospitals that are registered to be members of CMNH. The main goal of CMNH is to help communities raise funds for children in their regional childrens hospital.


    Objective StatementsClient Objectives Increase donations to $1 billion dollars per year for the next 4 years Increase awareness of CMN hospitals by positioning local hospitals as CMN hospitals

    Advertising Objectives Increase awareness of CMNH in the public eye Strengthen brand image

    How we are going to accomplish these objectives Focus on digital mommies (influential bloggers and tech-savvy mothers) Tagline - Giving Children Love

    $30 million from telethons, and the rest from and various fundraisers.

    There are no direct competitors, but many other nonprofits have a similar mission to provide assistance for sick children through money, research, or other forms of aid. Some of these organizations include St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation, March of Dimes and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

    CMNH wants to increase their annual donations received to $1 billion. They would also like to increase their brand awareness among consumers and potentially increase corporate sponsorships.

    CMNH has a long history of strong corporate and celebrity sponsorships and endorsements. CMNH currently raises $250 million annually, $130 million from radiothons,

    million of which comes from corporate sponsors, $50

    What I Did: I organized the research team for the project. First, we gathered secondary research. Next, we created and reviewed a survey, conducted one focus group, and conducted three one-on-one interviews. From this information, we gleaned the consumer insight.

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

  • 15

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals

    Consumer Strategy: Childrens Miracle Network reflects mothers gratitude for the pure love their children bring into their lives and enables them to bring the simple joys of childhood back into the lives of local mothers with sick children.

    B2B Strategy: CMNH helps bring together consumers, businesses, and communities by reaching for a common goal of healing local children and fulfilling everyones different concerns along the way. Through teaming up with businesses to offer better services, prices, and community-building activities, CMNH will make life simpler and happier for consumers. CMNH will help businesses gain a larger, more loyal customer base and help build an image of caring for communities.

    Insight: Women are more likely to donate to and volunteer at charitable organizations (55% vs 45%). For this reason, we selected mothers as the target audience. Mothers who have children in the hospital miss the normality of life, and they love the small, simple, and sweet acts of love that their children show.

  • 16

    Giving Children Love

    Meet Hunter He is six years old, and in your

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospital. She needs your love right now as much as any child

    and through the tiny act of a dollar and two minutes, you can

    share it with her.

    You give love to children through the little

    things you do. Discover all the little ways

    you can help sick children near you.

    Giving Children Love

    Giving Children Love

    Magazine Ad

  • 17

    Giving Children Love

    Meet Sophia She is five years old, and in your

    Childrens Miracle Network Hospital. She needs your love right now as much as any child and through the

    tiny act of a dollar and two minutes, you can share it with her.

    You give love to children through the little

    things you do. Discover all the little ways

    you can help sick children near you.

    Giving Children LoveGiving Childre