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  • 1. NICOLE MILLERRELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCINPORTFOLIO Studio Projects 1 2 3 4 5 6Riverfront Brewery UrbaRn: Design-Build Flagship 3 GAP Shed: Design-Build Marine Research Center Bloom: A Greener GreenhouseAdditional Work 7 8 9 10Digital Fabrication Wall Section Custom Wooden Box Sketches + Hand RenderingsProfessional + Community 11 12 13 14Eddie Merlots Restaurant Aiken Street Residence Charleston International Airport Chalk Walk

2. NICOLE MILLERRELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCINSTUDIO PROJECTS 1 Riverfront Brewery 2 UrbaRn: Design-Build 3 Flagship 3 4 GAP Shed: Design-Build 5 Marine Research Center 6 Bloom: A Greener Greenhouse 3. 1 RIVERFRONT BREWERY | FALL 2012 CLEMSON UNIVERSITY | ARCH 851 | DESIGN STUDIO DEHS PAG[ RHINO + PHOTOSHOP ]The Riverfront Brewery is located on the French Broad River, in the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina. This unique location on the waterfront was a major design opportunity that I sought to take advantage of. Views toward the water and interaction with the river drove much of the design.A primary design strategy for the Riverfront Brewery was to establish a woven relationship of spaces. The restaurant pierces through the brewery space, which opens up to views of the French Broad River. The design creates connections between visitors, process, and nature. 4. LE VEHICLE VEHICILEERAGR AY NWRA FT BU SBU SAY WENEREUTGROW NEFTS BUEDOS/ ATOPBOPRW NEILRAAY NW/ ATEERAGRBOHIGHWAYCRAVEN ST BRIDGEGEBRIDHAZEL MILL RD.RIVERSIDE DRIVEERIVRERRIVTREESTREESRHILLS,HOMESRIVETREESCRAVEN ST. SOUTHRESEARCH + SITE ANALYSIS 5. B 13B10DN11 1355UPTO EN OP OW BEL15 4NDOUGR15LEV6ELL EVE DL ON SECDNAR ITO VIS RY ENT623DNICE OFF RY ENTA2EW BR TLE KETUP BBL 30 ENT M FER247/ SH MA TER LAU N TURBBL 30 ENT M FER BBL 30 ENT M FER15BBL 30 ENT M FER1OPBBL 30 ENT M FEREN16TOBBL 30 E IT BR BEERBR3TOOW BELENOPERYEWBBL 30 E IT BR BEER17OFF13ICE18OW BEL10LD CO UOR LIQ TURN20T HO UOR LIQ TURN8191122 219E VIC SER RY ENTDNUP 12A131BREWERY7GRAIN STORAGE13 STORAGE19 FINANCE2RESTAURANT8COLD STORAGE14 OFFICE20 MARKETING3BAR9KITCHEN15 RECEPTION 16 CONFERENCE4 LOBBY 5 SHOP 6 ELEVATOR10 MENS RESTROOM 11 WOMENS RESTROOM 17 BREAK ROOM 18 BREW MASTER OFFICE 12 MECHANICAL21 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 22 EDUCATION 23 TERRACED GARDEN 24 PERFORMANCE SPACE 6. The structural strategy eliminates the need for columns below the restaurant, opening up the brewery floor for flexible uses. The structure allows the restaurant to interact with the brewery without interfering with the process.[ RHINO + ILLUSTRATOR + PHOTOSHOP ] 7. 2 URBARN INDIANAPOLIS EXCELLENCE DESIGN AWARD WINNER OF 2013 AIA DEHS PAGBALL STATE UNIVERSITY | ARCH 402 | DESIGN-BUILD STUDIO | SPRING 2012This studio partnered with The Project School of Indianapolis to design an urban farm classroom out of two 40 shipping containers. Nearly all construction was completed before the shipping containers were transported to the site, includingthe large sliding doors, infill walls, custom furnishings, and all finishes. A deck spans between the two containers to create an outdoor classroom space.Each student had their own responsibilities throughout the project. My major contributions were coordinating construction documents, drawing door details, as well as designing and building interior shelving. 8. DOME FABRIC 2x10 RECLAIMED WD FRAME STEEL SQUARE TUBE AT 4' O.C.5 T.O.ROOF 10'-0"URBAN FARM CLASSROOM7'-5"4 1 7'-34"GRADE 0'0"3DECK 1 7'-34"2 URBAN FARM CLASSROOMT.O.ROOF 10'-0"7'-5"1 19'-8"A19'-8"B19'-8"C2x10 RECLAIMED WD FRAME DOME FABRIC FINISHED ROOF PAINT MATERIAL / SUPERTHERM 6x6 PRESSURE TREATED WOOD 5/4" WD DECKING EXISTING CONTAINER WALL 3/4" OSB FINISHED FLR COMPACTED GRAVELD[ AUTOCAD ] 9. I designed and constructed the interior shelves for the classroom. The interior furnishings were built entirely out of reclaimed barn lumber. The boards were planed, cut, and assembled with dado joints. 10. 3 FLAGSHIP 3 ARCH 857 | DESIGN STUDIO | FALL 2013 CLEMSON UNIVERSITY | DEHS PAG[ RHINO + ILLUSTRATOR + PHOTOSHOP ]Flagship 3 will include leasable workspaces for technology companies. This new facility is intended as an environment in which emerging technology companies can work and be mentored by more established companies.The Urban Room, an outdoor space between the two building forms, encourages tenant interaction. It serves as the interface between private and public space, the energetic path of entry from both the street and the parking garage. 11. FSPO3CH MESTIMULATING INTERACTIONFRT ICOS2OFS1UPPOIC RTFS2UP MP RA1 FS FF-OOPDRFS2ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY / OR ST X E FLPOIC RTOFSS CE PA RS) 5S 26 LOO 5F (DNDNINTERFACE: BETWEEN PRIVATE AND PUBLIC1/ OR ST X E FL1 FS3CH MEFSMP RAUP2 FSWN Y/ TR DO EN UCH TOCHOREOGRAPHING CIRCULATIONPORT ICO 12. MORRISON26 EYMNRO17RE ON) IO I TU (FU PANS EXURBAN ADROP-OFFUP2 1DN2DNUP3SITEBSITE PLAN 08' 16'32'64'BUILDING 13. [ PHYSICAL MODEL ]RO MN EY STR EETRISON DRIVEFUTURE EXPANSIONMORNEW TREES PERFORATED METAL SCREEN GROWING WALLEXISTING TREES LIGHTWELLESSTRUCTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE LOUVERSCLHIVEPEDECO NR OYSTRIANSST RE ETPERFORATED METAL SCREEN[ RHINO + ILLUSTRATOR + PHOTOSHOP ] Interior light quality was a main focus in the design of the faade. Louvers provide a soft filtered light to the interior. 14. 4 GAP SHED | ARCH 852 | DESIGN-BUILD STUDIO | SPRING 2013 CLEMSON UNIVERSITY DEHS PAGFor farmers on leased land, permanent structures are not a smart investment. The challenge of this course was to design and build a relatively low-cost farming structure that could be disassembled and moved if a tenant farmer must relocate.Not only is the shed portable, it also allows the small tenant farmer to meet Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification: a growing requirement in food safety standards.The project was completed in four months by only seven students. Past design-build experience enabled me to take on a role of leadership in the studio. My most important responsibility was creating and managing all construction documents in Revit. 15. [ REVIT ] 2 X 4 FRAME 1 X 6 DOOR FRAME 2" RIGID INSULATION2 X 6 WALL6' - 7 1/8"THIN PLYWOOD OR VENEER, COVERED WITH FRP AT INTERIOR3/4" PLYWOOD SHEATHING 2 X 8 FLOOR RIM JOIST, PAINTED FLOOR BOLTED TO POST 2 X 4 DECK SUPPORT LEDGE, OPTIONAL 4 x 4 WOOD POSTLAG BOLTS, 16" O.C.SIMPSON CONNECTOR2 X 8 DECK JOISTS1FOUNDATIONFoundation to Floor to Deck 1 1/2" = 1'-0" POCKET SCREW, TYP.STEEL PIPES BELOW GROUNDANCHOR BOLTUSE 1 X 8 AT ANGLED EDGEGRADE TOP EDGES CHAMFERED TOP OF PIPES2" RIGID INSULATIONANCHOR BOLT1/2" PLYWOOD STEEL PIPES DRIVEN INTO GROUND. LENGTH DEPENDS ON SOIL CONDITION. APPROX 50"1 X 6 FACE, SCREWED TO PLYWOOD, OVERHANGING EDGE OF PLYWOOD 1/2" ON ALL SIDES1 PLAN VIEW OF FOUNDATIONSECTION OF FOUNDATIONCool Room Door 3/4" = 1'-0" 16. We built the GAP shed in Johns Island, South Carolina on leased land farmed by Sweetgrass Garden, a nonprofit that provides local produce to charitable fooddistribution agencies in South Carolina. 17. 5 MARINE RESEARCH CENTER CRIPE SENIOR CAPSTONE COMPETITION WINNER: BEST-IN-SHOW BALL STATE UNIVERSITY | ARCH 401 | DESIGN STUDIO | FALL 2011[ PHYSICAL MODEL ] The facility is designed to obscure the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces, connecting users directly to nature. Spaces transition from permanent, controlled lab areas into flexible open-air terraces. This strategygreatly reduces the facilitys energy use. Only lab spaces are actively cooled, buried into the hillside for maximum insulation, while the rest of the site allows for cross-ventilation cooling.Water serves as a centerpiece to the Marine Research Center. The campus captures, treats, stores, and returns its fresh water resources in a manner beneficial to the neighboring ecosystems. A centrally-locatedliving machine naturally filters wastewater with natural vegetation for gray water reuse, thereby avoiding pollution and conserving the limited water resources. 18. 12345DISSOLVE INTERIOR TO EXTERIOR ASUPPORTGROUNDSTORAGEFLEXIBLE WORK SPACESTORAGEFLEXIBLE WORK SPACECOLLABORATION SPACECIRCULATIONCOMMUNITY SPACE BELOW STUDY NOOKSTUDY NOOKTYPICAL LAB MODULEPV ROOF PANELSHVACWET LABVENTSINFORMAL GATHERING SPACEHVACDRY LABCOMMUNITY EXHIBITSPV PANEL CANOPYTOUCH TANKS 19. 6 BLOOM: A GREENER GREENHOUSE BALL STATE UNIVERSITY | ARCH 401 | DESIGN STUDIO | FALL 2011 DEHS PAG[ RHINO + HAND SKETCH + PHOTOSHOP ]This greenhouse is designed as a sculptural art piece. Its purpose is to conserve rare and endangered species of orchids, providing a setting for research and education. Visitors wouldnot only learn about the plants, but also about sustainable building strategies used to create their growing environment. The building form is meant to bloom, expressing theenergy of plant growth. The glulam supports spring out of the ground in a way that resembles a bending tree trunk. They then hover overhead as a delicate canopy. 20. [ STUDY MODELS] 21. NICOLE MILLERRELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCIN RELLIM ELOCINADDITIONAL WORK 7 Digital Fabrication 8 Wall Section 9 Custom Wooden Box 10 Sketches + Hand Renderings 22. 7 DIGITAL FABRICATION DIGITAL FABRICATION: UNDULATING WALL DEHS PAGBALL STATE | ARCH 263 | FALL 20091. CLAY TILE BUILT AND 3D-SCANNED2. 3D-MESH GEOMETRIES REFINED IN RHINOCEROS3. TILE ROTATED AND REPEATED4. REPEATED FORM 3-D PRINTED 23. 8 WALL SECTION TECHNOLOGY | FALL 2009 BALL STATE | ARCH 214 | BUILDING DEHS PAG[ AUTOCAD ] 24. 9 CUSTOM WOODEN BOX TO CRAFT | FALL 2013 CLEMSON UNIVERSITY | ARCH 677 | INTRODUCTION DEHS PAGI built my custom-designed box from rough sawn lumber, walnut-faced plywood, and figured walnut veneer. Careful attention was given to the material selection and wood joinery techniques, including miter-and-spline joints and hand crafted hinges.0 1/4"1 1/4"(4) 1/2" WALNUT EDGES1 1/