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  • Expository VS Persuasive


  • Lesson Goals

    Identify what types of writing are expository or narrative

    Learn the difference between expository and persuasive writing


  • What is a narrative?

    Either fictional or non fictional, entertaining story that includes story elements with a beginning, middle, and end.Purpose is to entertainEducation is a side effect


  • What is an expository essay?Non-fictional, informative composition that includes an intro, thesis, body, and conclusion and is used for educational purposeIt is informative, factual, and has no story elements.Expository essay uses transitions that help the flow of the textIt has a thesis statement telling the readers what the essay is aboutIt is detailed, thorough, and fact based


  • Types of Writing in Both Genres

    NarrativeExpositoryNovelsStory books Fairytales/folktales/fablesMyths and legendsPlaysPoems and nursery rhymesSaga/Epic storiesComic booksDiariesPossibly biographies/autobiographies

    Newspaper reportsDocumentariesBiographies/autobiographiesMagazine articlesResearch reportsReviewsPamphlets/BrochuresSummariesTextbooks

  • SoWhats the difference?

    ExpositoryPersuasivePurpose: to informPurpose: to convince others of the authors opinionThesis: tells you about the essayThesis: tells you about the authors opinionUnbiasedBiased/has an opinionProvides factsProvides reasons for their opinionsEducationalConvince othersNeutral toneConvincing/enthusiastic/pleadingNo counterargumentsCounterarguments


  • QuizWhich thesis matches an expository (E) or persuasive (P)?Although Cupertino has many outstanding middle schools, Miller Middle School has the highest STAR test scores.Although Cupertino has many outstanding middle schools, Lawson Middle School is the best.Despite the many organs in the human body, a person cannot live without the heart for three major reasons.Despite the many organs in your body, the heart is the most important.Although many people believe that heat is transferred in many different ways, there are only three types of heat transfer.There are three types of heat transfer; however, conduction is the easiest way.

    1. E; 2. P; 3. E; 4. P; 5. E; 6. P*





    *1. E; 2. P; 3. E; 4. P; 5. E; 6. P*


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