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My five minutes bell

Three proposals to have effective meeting

To be a good leader you must transmit strength and security in order that in every meeting everyone could see your great body language and your knowledge that you are bringing over of what you want to manage and the goals that you want to reach

Prepare yourself and all the information content

That means that you might list your target for the meeting. Its important to prepare the people and give them after the meeting starts all the information that you are going to manage during the session.

Ice breaker

You must show confidence and make your people feel confortable doing creative introductions to break the ice for those who get harder to communicate with others easily. They encourage open communication by relieving tensions and work stress, serving as an excellent way to start your staff meeting.

The effective timing

The most important thing its to be on time in every space of the session. You have to control the intense people that want to speak and get everyone attention in every minute. The thing is that everyone has the chance to explain his or her ideas and make a good contribution to solve and reach the objective.