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My Five Minute Bell

My Five Minute BellTalking about business meetingsDeveloping Management Skills Group

Business meetings may become tedious if we do not know how to make the most of these sessions, sometimes, distractions play a decisive role in the success of the reunion. That is why I am going to list three tips in order to obtain good results from these reunions. Introduction

Set a time limitMeaningless talks are not allowedPrepare the topic beforehand


Having a time limit is extremely important, because thanks to this, a psychological message is sent in which it is understood there is only a certain amount of time to solve a problem. In this way we could take greater advantage of the meeting. Set a Time Limit


Unrelated conversations will only cause distractions, the best option is to keep aside these talks. Meaningless talks are not allowed

There must exist a correct research on the topics to be addressed, in this way we can get ahead questions and suggestions.Prepare the topic beforehand

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