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  • My FiveMinutes bell

    Dalia Prez Vzquez

  • Keep it short1

    A long meeting can cause thatyour team loses interest in it,while you're preparing yourmeeting have in mind to

    organize it in a way that it lastsaproximetely 30-45 minutes.

    This would avoid a meeting outof focus. Organize your time

    wisely giving it moreimportance to major facts or


  • Encourageparticipation2To have an effectively meetingthe participation of your team isessential. One way to encourageparticipation is to ask direct

    questions to the attendants, tryto prepare those questionsaccording to their roles, thispersonalized questions wouldmake them feel important and

    part of the team.

    "Your sincere interest in people will make a lasting impression"

  • Evaluate the meeting


    Feedback is the best key to improve yourself, thepost-evaluation will help you to determine the mistakes of the

    meeting and the opportunity areas. You can design aquestionnarie and apply it randomly to some of your staff, this

    would help you to have an outsider opinion and anotherperspective of the meeting.

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