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Five Minutes of Glory

Presentations for the 21st CenturyBy Chris YUKNA


DIET How to lose unwanted kilos with Anglais de A a Z! Diet secrets of International English Teachers.

The Entire History of the British Empire.

Why all language teachers are aliens. How to spot the signs of alien possession.

Study aid drugs and you.

Conclusion: foreign languages are deleterious to your mental health and well being.

No bloody intros, summaries, table of contents,or resumes

The structure of the presentation should contain its on logic

This is a speed English but especially rapid communication exercise created for the internet age and fifteen second sound bytes. Time is of the essence.

Prologues, jokes,quotes, etc.




video games



So do not forget that you can add videos Or sound effects

Where is the GLORY?

Origins: modified pecha kucha

Originally, started in Tokyo by French designers they have taken the design world by storm. For those of you who say that 30 seconds is not enough, well that is ten more than the original.


Obviously, you have five minuteswith PowerPoint etc;twelve slides which includetitle and conclusion slidestime: thirty seconds a slideYour objective is to be brilliantand brief.This is supposed to be as Interesting as a TED talk

What are the dangers?

Power corrupts powerpoint corrupts absolutely

Rule of thumb: one minute of multimedia
= a minimum of one hour prep!

I began to see PowerPoint as a metaprogram, one that organizes and presents stuff created in other applications...and could actually create things that were beautiful. I could bend the program to my own whim...David Byrne

There are so many sourcesDo not forget old fashioned booksRemember that you should fashion your ideas into thepresentation

Cognitive Artifacts
to forge serendipity by connecting art, science, and technology together creatively !

You are making a cognitive artifact not just making a speech. Even though great speeches arguably take even longer to prepare.

How to?

Creating a storyboard is a good start.

What is this all about?

Together we are smarter

Some pertinent sites

Escape the Google Ghetto





Internet archives

About the author:Chris Yukna was born in the antediluvian 50s, had a paper route at 9, sold Christmas cards door to door at 11, and washed dishes at 14. All these enriching work experiences convinced him early on that he was totally unsuited to working and therefore should become a space cadet, mad scientist, or teacher.He has three websites that he tries to update periodically:Science General (fun with science)Business Emporium (Esl business lessons & quizzes)Totally Unorthodox (where he puts everything else)

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