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<ul><li><p>People, Skills, Equipment.</p><p>Saipem S.p.A.Via Martiri di Cefalonia, 67 - 20097 San Donato Milanese, Milan - ItalyTel. +39.02.520.1 - Fax +39.02.520.44415</p><p> - A subsidiary of Eni S.p.A.</p><p>PETROCHEMICALSENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTIONPROJECT REFERENCES</p><p>06.201</p><p>2</p></li><li><p>PETROCHEMICALS</p></li><li><p> 3</p><p>INDEX</p><p>SAIPEM TODAY 4</p><p>SAIPEM ENGINEERING &amp; CONSTRUCTION 6</p><p>PETROCHEMICALS 8 TECHNOLOGY ACCESS 10</p><p>COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCE 12</p><p>FOCUS ON POLYMERS 18</p><p>A CONTINUING COMMITMENT 22</p><p>PETROCHEMICAL PROJECT REFERENCES 24</p></li><li><p> 5 4</p><p>SAIPEMTODAYSAIPEM TODAY IS A WORLD LEADER IN THE GLOBAL SUPPLYOF ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT, PROJECT MANAGEMENT, CONSTRUCTION AND DRILLING SERVICES WITH DISTINCTIVE CAPABILITIES IN THE DESIGN AND EXECUTION OF LARGE-SCALE OFFSHORE AND ONSHORE PROJECTS.</p><p>Saipem has a strong bias towards oiland gas frontiers, namely activitiesin harsh and remote areas, in deep waters as well as in extremely cold and hot environments, applying significanttechnological competences in manydiverse fields such as gas monetizationand heavy oil exploitation.</p><p>Saipem is organized in two BusinessUnits: Engineering &amp; Constructionand Drilling.</p></li><li><p>SAIPEMENGINEERING &amp; CONSTRUCTIONFOLLOWING AN AGGRESSIVE GROWTH STRATEGY, WHICH INCLUDED IN THE LAST DECADE THE ACQUISITION OF MANY CONSTRUCTION, TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING COMPANIES, MOST PROMINENTLY OF SNAMPROGETTI, BOUYGUES OFFSHORE, SOFRESID AND MOSS MARITIME, SAIPEM HAS BECOME ONE OF THE WORLD LARGESTAND MOST COMPLETE ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANIESIN THE GLOBAL OIL AND GAS MARKETS, ONSHORE AND OFFSHORE.</p><p>Ever since its initial steps in the fiftiesas the construction division of Snam,the pipeline company of the Eni Groupin Italy, Saipem has pursueda systematic growth strategy, basedon the development of internal assets,expertise and skilled resources, as wellas on the acquisition of other playerswith their own asset bases, such asMicoperi in late eighties, and manyothers.</p><p>In the last decade, Saipem hascontinued its growth by acquiringBouygues Offshore and Sofresid inFrance, Moss Maritime in Norway, IDPEin India and Snamprogetti in Italy,and by carrying out a multibillioninvestment program into the expansionof its offshore construction and drillingfleets. Since the year 2000, Saipemsmarket capitalization has grown morethan sixfold and its revenues tenfold.(*)</p><p>The organizational integration ofthis considerable asset base, namelythe network of engineering centres,fabrication and support yards in severalcontinents as well as the offshoreconstruction fleet, has been completedgradually over the years - most recentlywith the creation of a unified BusinessUnit Engineering &amp; Construction,an entity with over 30,000 employees(excluding corporate and BU Drillingstaff) from over 100 nationalities,with over 60 permanent establishments</p><p>and numerous project executioncentres around the globe, and withyearly revenues exceeding 10 billion E/y;all held together by outstanding projectmanagement skills.</p><p>Through the involvement of our globalEP(I)C hubs in Milan, Rome and Fano(Italy), Paris (France) and Chennai(India), which operate in connectionwith a growing number of medium sizeand smaller regional enginveeringand project execution centresemploying altogether over 7,000engineers, Saipem balances highproject execution quality with acompetitive cost and - most importantly- with a major emphasis on localknow-how and content.</p><p>This well-integrated multicenterapproach provides a consistent designand robust execution philosophyon all our projects worldwide.Top priority is provided throughoutto all HSEQ aspects.</p><p>Saipem therefore offers a completerange of project definitionand execution services, offshoreand onshore, particularly forthe complex mega-projects requiredby the market today: from feasibilityand conceptual studies to complexintegrated solutions combining design,engineering, procurement, fieldconstruction, fabrication and offshore</p><p>installation; also revamps, upgradings,maintenance, decommissionings,reclamations and decontaminations.</p><p>Saipem today operates in virtually everyworld market, often in remote locationswith harsh environmental conditionsand challenging logistics, leveragingon its proven experience across themost significant product lines in theoil and gas production onshore,offshore, in deepwater; gas and oiltransportation via offshore and onshorepipeline systems; midstream, refining,chemicals, power generation from fossilas well as from renewable sources;environmental industries, maritimeworks and infrastructure.</p><p>This new series, therefore, outlinesSaipems integrated referencesin engineering and constructionmarkets offshore and onshore,according to individual businessand technology lines.</p><p> 7 6</p></li><li><p> 9 8</p><p>PETROCHEMICALSOVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCEIN THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTIONOF PETROCHEMICAL PLANTS.</p><p>The roots of Saipems involvement in petrochemicals as an Engineering and Construction Main Contractor date back to the early 60s, when Snamprogetti started its initial experiences at Enis chemical site in Gela, in Sicily, Italy. Subsequently, during the 60s, the commitment towards this line of business evolved and accompanied the rapid growth of other Enis sites in Italy (Ravenna, Porto Torres). During the 70s and after, Snamprogetti engaged in a </p><p>continuous and rapidly growing involvement as an EPC General Contractor in many petrochemical projects worldwide. </p><p>The scope of work performed by Saipem today typically covers the full range from conceptual studies and Basic/FEED packages, up to designing and building complete projects on an EPC basis, including start-up and commissioning.</p><p>SAIPEM REFERENCES IN PETROCHEMICALS (*)</p><p>(*) References ranging from sole-services to full-scope EPC contracts. Ethylene Plant at Gela Petrochemical Complex, Caltanissetta, Italy, 1960.</p><p>OLEFINSEthylene, Propylene, High Purity Isobutene, Butene-1, Butadiene 40</p><p>POLYMERS AND ELASTOMERSPolyethylene, Polypropylene, Elastomers &amp; Rubbers, ABS 57</p><p>BASE INTERMEDIATE CHEMICALSEO/EG, VCM, EB, Styrene, LAB, ALPHA ALCOHOLS 34</p><p>HIGH OCTANE PRODUCTS FOR GASOLINE BLENDING MTBE, ETBE, TAME, Iso-Octane, Iso-Octene 33</p></li><li><p> 11 10</p><p>Some of them are proprietary (today under the trademark SnamprogettiTM), the other ones are procured from the major global licensors through frame and/or project agreements, depending on end-user preferences or on predating agreements between Saipem and the technology licensors. </p><p>Snamprogettitm</p><p>proprietary technologieS:</p><p>Etherification(MTBE,ETBE,TAME, TAEE)Butene-1PolymerizationGrade recoveryHighPurityIsobuteneviaMTBE crackingIsobutene Dimerization/Hydrogenation (Iso-Octene and Iso-Octane)ParaffinsDehydrogenation</p><p>the following licenSorS* provide their technologieS to Saipem, through frame and collaborative agreementS:</p><p>BASF BayerCDTECHDowChemicalsIFPJacobsEngineeringLummusTechnologiesPolimeriEuropa</p><p>ShellInternationalResearchSolutia(Monsanto)UNIVATIONUOP</p><p>*(In alphabetic order)</p><p>TECHNOLOGY ACCESSSAIPEM DESIGNS AND BUILDSPETROCHEMICAL PLANTS BASED ON A WIDE RANGE OF FIRST CLASS TECHNOLOGIES.</p></li><li><p> 13 12</p><p> olefins and diolefins (ethylene, propylene, high-purity isobutene, butene-1, butadiene);</p><p> polymers and elastomers(LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,PP,PVC,PBR,SBR,PS,ABS);</p><p> high octane compounds forgasolineblending(MTBE,ETBE,TAME,TAEE,Iso-Octane,Iso-Octene); base intermediate chemicals(ethyleneoxide,ethyleneglycol,VCM,ethylbenzene,styrene);</p><p> intermediate products for detergents(LAB,alpha-alcohols).</p><p>During the recent years, Saipem has designed and built the following major projects:</p><p>rio polimeroS gaSchemical complex (BRAzIL)520,000 T/y ETHyLEnE PLAnT (LuMMuS TECHnOLOGy) COMBInEd wITH2 x 270,000 T/y HdPE/LLdPE SwInG PLAnTS (unIVATIOn TECHnOLOGy).EPC/LSTK COnTRACT PERfORMEd By SAIPEM In A 50/50 JV ASSOCIATIOn.In OPERATIOn SInCE 2005.</p><p>COMMERCIAL EXPERIENCETO DATE, SAIPEM HAS DESIGNED MORETHAN 160 PETROCHEMICAL PLANTSAND INTEGRATED COMPLEXES WORLDWIDEIN THE FOLLOWING FIELDS:</p></li><li><p> 15 14</p><p>SuperoctanoS (VEnEzuELA) MuLTIPuRPOSE PLAnT fOR 500,000 T/y MTBE OR 365,000 T/y ISO-OCTAnE BASEd On SnAMPROGETTITM TECHnOLOGy.EPC/LSTK COnTRACT PERfORMEd By SAIPEM.PLAnT On STREAM In 2010.</p><p>braSkem (BRAzIL)REVAMP Of An ExISTInG THIRd PARTy TECHnOLOGy MTBE PLAnT TO PROduCE 151,500 T/y Of ETBE, nOw uTILIzInG THE nEw SnAMPROGETTITM TECHnOLOGy.COnTRACT: BASIC dESIGn And LICEnSE.In OPERATIOn SInCE 2007.</p></li><li><p> 17 16</p><p>Qatofin (QATAR)450,000 T/y LLdPE POLyETHyLEnE PLAnT: THIS IS THE TwELfTH POLyETHyLEnE LInE dESIGnEd On THE BASIS Of unIVATIOn GAS PHASE PROCESS By SAIPEM In ITS CAPACITy AS AuTHORIzEd COnTRACTOR fOR THE unIPOLTM TECHnOLOGy (SEE fOCuS On POLyMERS). EPC/LSTK COnTRACT PERfORMEd By SAIPEM.PLAnT On STREAM SInCE 2009.</p><p>duShanzi SSbr/SbS plant (CHInA)100,000 T/y SSBR PLuS 80,000 T/y SBS RuBBER PLAnTS BASEdOn POLIMERI EuROPA TECHnOLOGy.LuMP SuM COnTRACT InCLudInG LICEnSE, BASIC/fEEdAnd PROCuREMEnT Of KEy EQuIPMEnT.PLAnT duE On STREAM In 2009.</p></li><li><p> 19 18</p><p>Notably, as shown, since 1996 the success in the polyethylene sector has been boosted by the agreement signed between Snamprogetti and UNIVATIONTechnologies.</p><p>In fact, since then Snamprogetti (now Saipem)isoneoftheAuthorizedContractorsfortheUNIPOLTM </p><p>Polyethylene Technology (Gas-phase HDPE/LLDPE).</p><p>This co-operation is aimed at implementing a shared commitment betweentheLicensorandtheContractor for the creation of value through innovative design. </p><p>4500000</p><p>35000003000000</p><p>4000000</p><p>2500000200000015000001000000500000</p><p>0</p><p>1961</p><p>1964</p><p>1967</p><p>1970</p><p>1973</p><p>1976</p><p>1979</p><p>1982</p><p>1985</p><p>1988</p><p>1991</p><p>1994</p><p>1997</p><p>2000</p><p>2003</p><p>2006</p><p>2009</p><p>New Polyethylene Capacity Designed and Built by Saipem</p><p>Year of Completion</p><p>1st plant: 25,000 t/yLDPE at Eni's sitein Gela (Italy)</p><p>Polye</p><p>thyle</p><p>ne O</p><p>vera</p><p>ll Cap</p><p>acity</p><p>, t/y</p><p>UNIVATION</p><p>Others</p><p>FOCUS ON POLYMERSIN 1961 SNAMPROGETTI STARTED ITS SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE AS A LEADING CONTRACTOR FOR POLYMER PLANTS, PARTICULARLY POLYETHYLENE. SOME HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS CONSOLIDATEDAND CONTINUED EXPERIENCE ARE GIVEN INTHE NEXT TABLE.</p><p>First plant designed in 1961 1961</p><p>Total number of plants designed 49 27</p><p>Plants put on stream in the last 10 years 6 3</p><p>Number of plant location countries 13 10</p><p>22 DIFFERENT TECHNOLOGIES EMPLOYED</p><p>Total Polymers Of Which Polyethylene</p></li><li><p> 21 20</p><p>From an operating point of view, theco-operationwithUNIVATIONfeatures two main distinctive factors:</p><p> LicensorsandContractorsteams are mobilized in an integrated team environment from the bidding phase to the entire execution phase;</p><p> The Contractor is constantly suppliedbyLicensorwithasetof updated process design documentation reflecting the technology learning curve and improvements achieved over the years. This continuing effort is complemented by periodic updating sessions held by the LicensorwithselectedContractors personnel.</p><p>More specifically, the main common targets driving this joint effort are: More attention towards specific Clients needs: the documented sharing of feedbacks and improvements from different projects enables a higher ability by Licensor/Contractortoaddress specific and evolving Clients needs;</p><p> Total project cost optimization: starting from the bidding phase, theContractorjoinstheLicensorin value-engineering sessions with the aim of optimizing the project cost taking into account design, procurement and construction issues specific to the project;</p><p> Shortening of project schedule: the team-work environment allows the optimization of the engineering documentation release schedule during the initial Basic/Front End design phases, giving priority to the needs of an early procurement plan for the long-lead items.</p><p>So far the Saipem reference list relevanttoHDPE/LLDPEplantsbasedonUNIVATIONTechnologyincludesthe design and construction of 12 new production lines with an aggregate design capacity exceeding 3,200,000t/y.TheQATOFINprojectinQatar is the latest project awarded in this specific sector, with an individual HDPE/LLDPEcapacityof450,000t/y.</p></li><li><p> 23 22</p><p>The scheme in next figure showsin a more comprehensive mannerthe petrochemical technology options of interest to Saipem.</p><p>In line with the Companys searchof challenging projects, as part of our quest for competitive advantage, also in the petrochemical sector Saipemis keen to engage in the design and execution of large integrated EPC complexes which are seen more and more in todays market; in particular, those projects combining a refining section with a downstream section, where part of the petroleum products are utilized as petrochemical feedstock and are directly transformed into petrochemical products, mainly olefins. In this area, Saipem can make available to our Clients in a single envelope also our historical and profound competence in oil refining.</p><p>Mix xylenes</p><p>Benzene.</p><p>Iso-Octane</p><p>Propane</p><p>AGO/VGO</p><p>Naphtha</p><p>LPG</p><p>Ethane</p><p>Ethylene</p><p>Mix C4</p><p>Mix BTX</p><p>Fuel Oil</p><p>Butanes</p><p>Propylene</p><p>LDPE</p><p>LL/HDPE</p><p>VCM</p><p>SM</p><p>EDC</p><p>EB</p><p>OCUCra</p><p>ckin</p><p>gC</p><p>3 d</p><p>ehyd</p><p>rog</p><p>en.</p><p>Iso</p><p>mer</p><p>izat</p><p>ion</p><p>Cumene</p><p>C4 fraction.</p><p>Aro fract.</p><p>C4 dehydro.</p><p>Technologies either owned by Saipem or available to Saipem from third parties through long term co-operation schemes</p><p>Phenol</p><p>ACN</p><p>BPA</p><p>SBR/PBR</p><p>PTA</p><p>PVC</p><p>EPS</p><p>PS</p><p>PP</p><p>Acry. fibers</p><p>PC</p><p>Epoxy Resin</p><p>ABS</p><p>HP Isobutene</p><p>Butene-1</p><p>P-est. fibers</p><p>PET</p><p>Toluene</p><p>Maleic anhydr.</p><p>P-xylene</p><p>MTBE/ETBE</p><p>Butadiene e.</p><p>A CONTINUINGCOMMITMENTTODAY SAIPEM MAINTAINS A STRONG INTEREST IN PETROCHEMICALS WITH A PRIORITY ATTENTION ON OLEFINS, POLYOLEFINS, ELASTOMERS AND MAIN INTERMEDIATE PRODUCTS.</p></li><li><p>ALPHA ALCOHOLS</p><p>China, Jilin Jilin Chemical Industries Engineering,(Jilin Province) Corp. 100,000 t/y ABB Lummus Crest Procurement 1998</p><p>ABS RESINS</p><p>Italy, Ravenna Anic S.p.A. Licence, Basic, 8,000 t/y U.S. Rubber Co. Tech. Assistance 1973</p><p> ACRYLIC FIBERS</p><p>China, Jilin China Textile Machinery (Jilin Province) &amp; Technology Import &amp; Export Licence, Corp. for Jilin Acrete Engineering, Chemical Fiber Co. 60,000 t/y MonteFibre Procurement 1998</p><p> ACRYLONITRILE Republic of Korea, Ulsan Tae Kwang Industrial Co. Engineering 250,000 t/y Monsanto Services 1997</p><p>Italy, Gela Anic S.p.A. Engineering (Caltanissetta) 30,000 t/y Snamprogetti Services 1970 </p><p> 25 24</p><p>COUNTRY CLIENT CAPACITY LICENSOR SCOPE ON STREAMLOCATION OF WORK</p><p>PETROCHEMICALPROJECT REFERENCES</p><p>COUNTRY CLIENT CAPACITY LICENSOR SCOPE ON STREAMLOCATION OF WORK</p><p>PETROCHEMICALPROJECT REFERENCES</p></li><li><p>BUTENE-1</p><p>Italy, Ravenna Polimeri Europa Licence, Basic, 52,000 t/y Snamprogetti Tech. Assistance 2012</p><p>China, Dushanzi Petrochina Dushanzi Licence, Petrochemical Co. Basic, 40,000 t/y Snamprogetti Tech. Assistance 2009</p><p>Kuwait, Shuaiba Equate Petrochemical Co. Engineering, Procurement, 20,000 t/y IFP Construction 1997 China, Dushanzi China National Technical Licence, (Xinjiang Autonomous Region) Import &amp; Export Corp. Engineering, 10,000 t/y Snamprogetti Procurement 1995</p><p>China, Puyang China National Technical Engineering, (Henan Province) Import &amp; Export Corp. 10,000 t/y IFP Procurement 1995</p><p>Republic of Korea, Yochon Daelim Industrial Co. Ltd. Licence, Basic, 20,000 t/y Snamprogetti Tech. Assistance 1991 </p><p>C5 ETHERIFICATION (TAME)</p><p>Italy, Gela Enichem S.p.A. for...</p></li></ul>