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Justin Cross of Otterbox spent an evening with Goodwill nextgen'ers educating on the basics of LinkedIn and insight on how to enhance profiles using advance features and new applications. He also provided his expertise on how to build a strong, usable profile and network using LinkedIn for those unique business goals. Everyone also learned how to complete LinkedIn profiles, participate in groups, adjust security settings, search LinkedIn and much more during an interactive portion of the event. These are Justin's slides from the event. Courtesy of Just in Cross


  • 1. MORE THAN ANONLINE RESUMELinkedIn Techniques & BestPractices for Maximizing yourProfessional Network.

2. JUSTIN CROSS Justin Cross is currently the Talent andEngagement Specialist atOtterBox, focused on finding andengaging with top level passive talentto fill OtterBoxs high priority anddifficult to staff positions. Over the last6 years he has consulted ondeveloping corporate recruitingstrategies and worked as a Head-Hunter both independently and in-house filling positions ranging fromSales to Supply Chain, SoftwareDevelopment to Executive Leadership.The primary tool of his trade isLinkedIn; through his time recruiting viaLinkedIn he has built relationshipinside their corporate office andcurrently represents OtterBox onLinkedIns 10 company expert advisoryboard. 3. THOUGHTS ON NETWORKING Once a week do something that is Socially Uncomfortable. Observe and Remember Common Ground. Be an Expert! Stay up-to-date on news and issues Practice your spiel Be where your targeted network is! 4. LINKEDIN FACTS HISTORY ANDORIGINS Get rid of the Roll-a-Dex - Ried Hoffman 2002 175 Million Members, 2-3 per second. 18 Languages LinkedIn Corporate Solutions used by 85 out of the Fortune 100 2 Million Corporate pages 75,000 Developers Worldwide creating compatible tools andfeatures 1 Million Networking Groups 5. TYPES OF ACCESSBasic AccountBusiness Free $24.95 per Month or $249.50 Receive Introduction per yearRequests Receive Introduction Send Introduction Requests Requests(5 at a time) Send Introduction Requests Receive InMails15 at a time 100 Results per search 3 InMails per month Profile organizer (5 folders) 300 results per search Priority Customer Service 6. TYPES OF ACCESSBusiness PlusProfessional $499.95 per Month or $49.95 per Month or $499.50$4,999.50 per yearper year Receive Introduction Receive Introduction RequestsRequests Send Introduction Requests 40 at a time Send Introduction Requests 50 InMails per month25 at a time Profile organizer (25 folders) 10 InMails per month 700 results per search Profile organizer (25 folders) Priority Customer Service 500 results per search 10 saved searches Priority Customer Service 7. PURPOSE Have a Purpose! ( Job Seeker? Networker? Hiring Manager? ) Know your Purpose! Show your Purpose! Think like the end user! (Recruiter, Industry Pro, HiringManager, Colleague) 8. PROFILE BASICS Headline (Job Title) Picture A Summary of your current position/responsibilities. Work related Specialties Experience dating back 3 yearsSimilar to Job Summary except focused on a Specific Job Website Links Connections Interests/Activities 9. ADDITIONAL SECTIONS Skills Certifications Portfolios Awards Courses Projects Patents 10. INTERACTIVE NETWORKING Groups Sharing Posting Connections Polling 11. ANALYTICS LinkedIn is very Smart Targeted Advertising Suggested Connections 12. CONNECTIONS Invite Contacts to join your network Essential for LinkedIn success 5 degrees of connections 1st Degree : People you have directly connected with 2nd Degree : People directly connected to your primary contacts 3rd Degree : People connected to your 2nd Degree contacts Group Members : LinkedIn Users that are member of same Groups Out of Network : Not connected to you, can only contact through InMails 13. SEARCHING FOR CONNECTIONS ORPEOPLE OF INTEREST Boolean Search It will search EXACTLY what youtell it to, whether or not that is whatyou are looking for Combination of Keyword andParameters to get a ManageableNumber of Results Industry specific words 14. CONNECTIONS & SETTINGS Who to connect with? Privacy / Visibility Email Settings 15. IN THE FUTURE. . . JOBS WILL FINDYOU! 16. QUESTIONS