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This presentation was given at WUSS 2014, San Jose, CA to western SAS user community. It helps the audience develop better resumes and LinkedIn profiles.


  • 1. S WUSS2014 Sponsor Theater Presentation How to Communicate Effectively through Resume and LinkedIn 2014-09-04 Peng Yang
  • 2. What will we discuss today? How to effectively communicate a clear image of you through your resume How to set up a good LinkedIn profile Resume vs. LinkedIn profile We will not discuss resume fact verification or formatting.
  • 3. A resume should always be personal Do not repeat the job description. Instead, use examples and make them personal and specific. It is about you, not anyone else.
  • 4. A resume should always be personal For example, in pharma/CRO job setting, it is very helpful to describe the following: The skills acquired in the context of project work (No company confidential information should be revealed!) Personal contribution and role within a study team/project Accomplishment Quantifiable information for productivity and quality
  • 5. Common questions Concern: If I dont cover the keywords, will this get recruiters attention? It depends. Some inexperienced recruiters may not get the message. One way to work around is to leverage LinkedIn to showcase your qualifications through key words and skill tags. You can also write up some highlights in the resume to summarize the key skills. Concern: What if I dont have the experience? Do not make up experience that you dont have. Instead, show your initiatives to learn and your potential. A cover letter may help too.
  • 6. Common questions What is the best time to think about the resume? Think about your resume as a work-in-progress. It is your career path. Imagine your ideal job and ideal resume for that job, and think about what the gap is and how you can get there. You can seek new knowledge and skills, take on new projects and new roles, within your current company or through a job change. You are the master planner of your resume. If you take an active role, you will have a much better resume, and fulfilling career.
  • 7. The Power of LinkedIn 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, yet only 36 percent of job seekers are active on the site. (JobVite Job Seeker Nation Report 2014) Recruiters use of LinkedIn: Search for candidates (96%) Contact candidates (94%) Keep tabs on potential candidates (93%) Vet candidates pre-interview (92%) Post jobs (91%) If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create it today! You will be so happy that you did.
  • 8. The LinkedIn Basics Very minimum level of effort is needed to make you visible and open for opportunities. Complete your education section and employment section Use an email account that you actually check Join certain LinkedIn Groups to receive job posting and group discussion Add more connections Add contact information if you want to be easily reached
  • 9. The LinkedIn Basics Update your profile periodically so that it is reflecting your current employment status, skill set and physical location. If your profile is set right, opportunities (recruiters/clients) will come to you.
  • 10. Advanced topics Understand the privacy settings (Note: there are many of them) in LinkedIn and make changes to meet your personal needs. Do you want to be under the radar or on the radar? the choice is yours. Make this a free personal marketing tool. You can add links to your publications and publish your blog posts on LinkedIn. You also also comment on the group discussion to demonstrate your thought leadership. Get insights to the new company you want to get into through your LinkedIn connections. Expand your network through Introductions.
  • 11. Resume vs. LinkedIn Resume LinkedIn Profile Only needed for active job search You can have it 24/7. It is not necessarily tied to job search. Usually specific to a job posting Showcase your professional background You control the layout and format. You fill in the information requested by LinkedIn. Usually in Word, PDF You can include slides, videos, and links to your publications. The audience is the hiring manager/recruiter for the job posting. The audience is the world. But, the very first layer is the search engine. Making it machine readable is critical. Reference is separate and limited. Connections can endorse your skills and write recommendations.
  • 12. Closing Whether you use resume, LinkedIn profile or both, be your own Chief Marketing Officer and be in charge of your own destiny!
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  • 16. To WUSS Community Clindata Insight a proud technical sponsor of WUSS2014, San Jose, CA. Thanks to WUSS committee for inviting us for this presentation. It is such a pleasure to work with the WUSS volunteers.
  • 17. Thank you!