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This presentation compares linkedin profile vs a traditional paper resume.


Rsum vs LinkedIn ProfileA brief comparison of a traditional paper resume and a profile on

By Sridhar Jammalamadaka,

Rsum is offline

Trouble should be taken to carry a rsum document wherever you go. Whereas your linkedIn profile is online and it appears in google search results when searched for your full name. LinkedIn profile is online

Rsum doesn't show recommendations

A LinkedIn profile can show all the recommendations of your colleagues, professors and friends. LinkedIn profile shows recommendations

Rsum format is not universal

It is easier to compare two apples than to compare an apple and an orange. Any profile on LinkedIn looks the same. So anyone who wishes to compare two profiles can compare without much trouble. LinkedIn profile is universal

Rsum needs special software for editing

You need Microsoft Office software to edit a resume in doc format. Whereas you can edit your linkedin profile even from your mobile web browser. You could view and edit your profile even using a netbook.All a LinkedIn profile needs - a browser

Rsum can't show your blog

With LinkedIn Applications - BlogLink and Wordpress, you could link your blog to be displayed on your linkedin Profile.LinkedIn profile can show your blog posts

Rsum can't embed presentations

LinkedIn, with the help of Applications, Google Presentation, you can upload presentations relating to your work. LinkedIn profile can flaunt your work presentations

Rsum doesn't carry info about your company

LinkedIn stores profiles of Company which give basic info such as number of employees, industry and specialties etc.LinkedIn Company profile shows info about your company

Rsum doesn't show Connections

When you view a public LinkedIn profile of a person, it shows you the possible connections with that person. You could use this information to get introduced to that person.LinkedIn profile shows Connections

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