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Joao JuniorMobil: (46) 070 – 076 2325 214E-post: queiroz_fr@yahoo.frSkype: joao_queiroz1


Let my personalized student-aimed approach and Yes, you can mentality, Portuguese create the highest added with 100% Human valueInteraction!



What I offer Advanced TechnologySkype Google Talks ooVooHighly trained instructor

Over 10 years of teaching experience in Brazil andEurope

Fluent speaker in 4 foreign languages.Top-quality online content

Wide variety of links for you to learn Portuguese in a wayyou never thought possible

Expertise in online trainings

Specialized in one-to-one online instruction Global coverage, with students located in severalcountries

One size fits no onPersonalized Online learningI work together directly with you or your company to offer the perfect fit, with 1-on-1 teaching and a comprehensive portfolio of courses to choose from. My innovative and fresh approach will positively surprise you, whatever your goals are.

For a flexible attractive budgetMy flexible solutions allow me to offer you the benefits of customized language courses without their costs. Payments via PayPal invoice. (Right click to open) What is PayPal ? Personalized 1-on-1 teaching is no more a premium solution, but my standard offer, available for you at a very attractive budget.

My methodPersonalized 1-on-1 teaching sessions Build confidence Matching teacher and personal program according to students needs Personal support and feedback to build confidence and skills Employees can progress at their own pace, speaking right from first lesson

Live on-demand language lessons Dont waste time Accessible from anywhere (no travel time to classes) Availability of the teacher to meet your busy agenda Flexible scheduling and rescheduling Anytime, anywhere at the office, home, hotel room, airport lounge

Students needs are key Keep them motivated Learn only what you or your employee needs and will use Focus on rapidly building communication skills Set very specific and personalized goals with your teacher , with regular feedback

Live Online Brazilian Portuguese Classes via lessonsVirtual Classroom Teacher Joo Queiroz

Corporate solutionBusiness coursesBased on relevant business situations, the courses teach a variety of business vocabulary and provides skills and strategies for different business scenarios, including training on specific skills as presentation, meetings, negotiation.

General coursesDevelop listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary skills for learners of all levels. Main focus of most courses is on fast development of communication skills. My programs align with the Common European Framework of Reference.

Specialized coursesFunctional and industry specific programs, such as: Portuguese for commerce, customer service, logistics; Telecom and IT, Aviation, Automobile industry etc., Additionally, we can also develop tailor-made courses incorporating your industry's vocabulary into the lessons.

ograms are blended online, combining live online lessons with self-study material.

Business CoursesGener alCommunicati on skills*

Gener al Cours es

Specialized Courses

Portuguese English French / Spanish Swedish

Function al

Industr y


* Communication skills: Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Telephoning, e-mailing, Socializing.

Training cycleDetermine company needs Pre-assessment Language learning solution Results

Satisfied learner. After an interview about A placement test and Structured courses in all real-life assessment willcore language skill At the end of the needs and goals with give me the right program, the employee me , we will together areas and 1-on-1 information to build a sessions that can be will take a new build a program with individualized study taken in the most assessment test. clear deliverables that plan. meet your objectives. flexible way. All material is provided by me.

Price 25 Euros per hour

Book a Free Demo class and

Contact informatio

For further information please contact:

Joao Queiroz queiroz_fr @yahoo.fr Tel: 46 076 232 5214 Skype: joao_queiroz1 Sweden