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I used this presentation to introduce a discussion to my group of Portuguese speakers, about the differences between formal and informal Portuguese. If you live in the NY Capital Region and want to join us, visit our Meetup page: Resource for this presentation: Sergio Nogueira Blog Please forgive me for any English mistakes here and/or in the presentation.


  • 1. Formas reduzidas
  • 2. Formas reduzidasSome words in informal, spoken Portuguesebecome a word abbreviationbecome a word abbreviationthat you probably never learnedin your language classes.Can you recall a word abbreviationin spoken Portuguese?
  • 3. Formas reduzidasI am hungry.We are happy.Theyre tired.Eu estou com fome.Eu t com fome.A gente est feliz.A gente t feliz.Eles esto cansados.Eles to cansados.
  • 4. Formas reduzidasEstar stays the same (never tar)Eu estou Eu tEle(a) / Voc / A gente est Ele(a) / Voc / A gente tEles / Elas esto Eles / Elas toEu / Voc / Ele(a) estava Eu/ Voc / Ele(a) tavaEu estive stays the same (never tive)Ele(a) / Voc / A gente esteve stays the same (never teve)VERBO ESTAR (to be)VERBO ESTAR (to be)
  • 5. Formas reduzidasVERBO ESTAR (to be) - Always avoid:VERBO ESTAR (to be) - Always avoid:tar estarInfinitive to beEle deve estar em casa.tar(*He might be home)tive estiveteve esteveverb to haveEu j estive na Bahia.(*I have been to Bahia)Eu j tive muito dinheiro.(*I used to have a lot of money)
  • 6. Formas reduzidasc vocAmigo, c t louco? (*Are you nuts?)Amigo, c qu gua? (*Want water?)Amigos, cs to cansados?(*Are you guys tired?)
  • 7. Formas reduzidasId like to recommend this Youtube channel,ran by Luciana with many helpfulPortuguese lessons and tips.Here is one of her videos:Street Smart BrazilStreet Smart Brazil