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<p>How to Stay Fit &amp; Healthy in 9 Easy Ways</p> <p>What do you blame for your lack of fitness and ill health? A super hectic daily schedule or your inability to take the time out to keep fit...?</p> <p>Staying fit and healthy is important for survival. Not only can you slide into the most fashionable outfits with a fit and fabulous figure, but you can also say goodbye to feeling sick and tired frequently. </p> <p>Isnt it incredible how some people lose weight to stay fit and maintain it!</p> <p>You can do so too if you stop looking at it as an insurmountable conquest. If you have the will, the right tools and the ability to make a few adjustments to your daily schedule, you too can become fit, healthy and fabulous for life. </p> <p>1. Make a Commitment</p> <p>How badly do you want this? Your desire to stay fit and healthy determines the amount of work you will put into working towards it. Be real with yourself and make a commitment before you embark upon a health and fitness regime. If you do not seriously commit to the task, you will find your focus drifting within no time.</p> <p>2. Kick your Bad Habits</p> <p>Do you smoke? Do you drink excessively? No matter how many hours you jog for or how many greens go into your system daily, if you smoke and drink heavily, you are flushing your hard work down the drain. Remember that you cannot stay fit and healthy by polluting your system with toxins from tobacco and alcohol.</p> <p>3. Draw Up a Fitness Schedule</p> <p>What time do I wake up? What time do I leave for work? What time do I get back from work? How much time do I need to cook / clean? How much time can I spare to stay fit and healthy?</p> <p>Take a close look at your weekly schedule and look for opportunities where you can include the time for exercise or preparing a healthy home cooked meal. Once you set aside the time, making progress becomes easier.</p> <p>4. Set Goals</p> <p>I want to lose 10 kilos in 5 months, I want to increase my stamina, I want to stay active; whatever your goal might be, write it down and read it out loud every morning when you wake up. Set realistic expectations and take small steps towards the finish line every day. </p> <p>5. Never Skip Breakfast</p> <p>Eating a healthy breakfast not only gives you something to look forward to when you wake up every morning, but it also keeps you fuelled with energy all through the day. Healthy breakfast foods like eggs, cereal, fruit, muesli and cornflakes help maintain your blood sugar levels and prevent you from overindulging later in the day. </p> <p>6. Embrace Healthy Eating</p> <p>You need not follow rigorous diet fads; but you can embrace healthy eating by incorporating whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, poultry, fish, lentils, tofu and lean meats in your daily diet. It is alright to eat burgers, pizzas, cakes and other such processed foods but only once in a while. Also, eating smaller and more frequent meals is recommended because larger quantities strain your digestive system. </p> <p>7. Exercise</p> <p>Brisk walking, jogging, gymming, yoga, swimming, playing a sport or working out at home; whatever it might take to get you into the exercise groove, will keep you fit and healthy. Even if you exercise a few times a week, it helps strengthen your muscles, improve blood circulation and combat depression. </p> <p>8. Drink Plenty of Water</p> <p>Various biological processes occurring within the human body produce toxins. And in order to flush out these toxins, it is extremely important to keep hydrating your body with water. Youve heard it before and were saying it again drink plenty of water every day. </p> <p>9. Get Enough Sleep</p> <p>Not getting enough sleep every night is counterproductive to your physical and mental health. Lack of sleep can affect you in ways you can never imagine. No matter how hectic your schedule might be, make sure you sleep for at least 6 8 hours every night to improve your mood, metabolism and memory.</p> <p>If you have any questions regarding health and fitness, do write to us and our health and fitness experts will be happy to provide you with the best possible solutions. </p>