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  • 1. Why Physical Fitness? What can people do to make Physical Fitness easier?

2. Physical Fitness Reduces The Risk of Chronic Diseases30 Minutes A Day KeepsThe Doctor Away 3. Physical Fitness2/3rds of Americans are Prevents Weight Overweight Gain 4. Physical Fitness Makes You Happier 5. Physical Fitness Promotes Better Sleep 6. Physical Fitness StrengthensHeart Lungs 7. Helps Build and Maintain Healthy BonesMusclesJoints 8. Reduces The Risk Of DEATH 9. Prevents Back Pain 10. Postpones Disability 11. Making Physical Fitness Easier is Easy 12. Always Go on a Daily Jog 13. Get Some Fitness Videos and Do Them 3 Times a Week 14. Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow 15. Play With Your Children or Friends 16. Swim 17. Join A Recreation League 18. Join The Gym 19. Yoga 20. Stay Fit PresentationBy: Luke Samples