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  • 1. can be defined as the level of functionalor metabolic efficiency of a living being. For example a persons mind and bodyusually free from illness, injury and pain. Meanwhile, the definition of fresh is acondition when somebody feeling morenew

2. This river is owned by Pusat Pelancongan TinukadanKg Mongkusilad. People that come to this river canswim and bath this way people are staying healthy. 3. This field is located inKg Mongkusilad behind the hall. The teenagers, kids and adults always come to this field every evening to playfootball or Futsal. This activities can make the people stay healthy. 4. The greenenvironment in KgMongkusiladproduce low temperature andcold weather. Thevillager will always feel fresh and comfortable withthe environment. 5. BESIDE PRODUCINGLOW TEMPERATUREENVIRONMENT, THEGREENERYENVIRONMENTALSO GIVEHEALTHY FOODSSUCH ASSERAI, DAUNSEMUT, PUCUKUBI, ETC. 6. In Kg Mongkusilad visitor and localpeople can dojungle trekking. This activity can make people sweating and become healthier. This alsoone of type ofexercise in term of stay healthy. 7. In short, Mongkusilad is thebest destination to visit as thereare many natural and freshproduct such as the plant, freshwater and good environment aswell as the landscape.