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Stay Alive ! Eat Healthy !. Which way will you take?. Junk Food vs Healthy Food. Junk\Fast Food. Hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs are all fast foods. They are called that way because it takes a short time to cook them. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Which way will you take?

Stay Alive! Eat Healthy!

Which way will you take?

Junk Food vs Healthy FoodJunk\Fast FoodHamburgers, french fries, hot dogs are all fast foods. They are called that way because it takes a short time to cook them.The faster you want to cook the food, the more oil you add to the meal. This oil is very fatty.By eating too much fat, you raise up your cholesterol level and you can even get addicted to fast food (and become very fat).Too high cholesterol leads to heart attack!

Heart attackThe heart attack is caused when plague builts-up inside the arteries and prevents the blood to flow normally.If the blood flow is stopped and the heart doesnt get any blood, it is called a heart attack.From heart attack, we can die.

Healthy FoodVegetables, fruits, well cooked meat are healthy. They have either a lot of vitamins, or potassium, calcium and magnesium.On food courts, there are special stations with so called slow food. They are trying to do there healthy food, which we can eat without worrying about our health.

Here are some examplesHealthy PlateTo stay healthy, you should eat according to either healthy food plate.

.or food pyramid.

OUR HABITS According to the survey we have carried out, all of us have a healthy diet, with some defects; e.g. too small breakfast or travelling by car instead of walking. We are training sports, we eat all kinds of food (even if we dont like some of them).Overall, we all have a good, healthy lifestyle.

OLIVE OIL MILL BONAMINI We have visited the Olive Oil Mill Bonamini and Mrs. Bonamini has shown us the importance about using olive oil instead of butter while cooking food. Its better using extra vergin olive oil because its organic and it doesnt need to be refined so its natural. It goes through many phases and controls. The olives are made up of pulp, skin and pit, but there are also some liquids like water and oil.

To recognize the different types of oil we have to give a look at the degree of acidity and oxidation. The colour isnt important because it depends only on the variety of the olives used in the production. The benefits of oil are that it doesnt contain cholesterol but vitamin E and it absorbs the edible fat.

OLIVE OIL PROFESSIONAL TASTINGWIND TURBINE PLANTIf we eat healthy its better cooking using renewable energy, because we dont pollute the air introducing CO. In relation to this, we have visited the wind turbine plant on Sheep Mount near Badia Calavena, its the only one in all the Veneto region and its 65 meters high. It was built in 2008 and it cost 3 million euros. It produces 2.400 MWh annually but only 2.000 kWh go to Badia Calavena municipality.

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GROUP NUMBER 3:-Nolwenn Bouteau;-Francesca Tuzza;-Pola Nachyla;-Giada Girlanda. Verona November 2012Chart131

How many times a month we eat fast food

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