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This was a presentation I gave at the MediaPost Social Media Insiders Summit (#MBSMIS) in Miami. It’s a playful look at how we can perfect social media from both a user’s POV and a brand’s POV. For users, the central theme is aesthetics/design. For brands it’s data – that is, data that learns and analytics that plug into business objectives.


  • 1.
    • How to Perfect Social Media
  • (Free Version)
  • February 2, 2010
  • Joe Chernov
  • Director of Content Marketing
  • Eloqua

2. 3. Would Perfect Man Give Clues for Perfect Social Network? 4. Google Answer: Brad Pitt 5. Turns Out 6. Would Perfect Woman Give Clues for Perfect Social Network? 7. Google Answer: Angelina Jolie 8. Turns Out 9. No Perfect People; No Perfect Formula 10. Social Media Has A Packaging Problem 11. Everything Has Been Aestheticized This ... 12. Everything Has Been Aestheticized ... has becomethis 13. Everything Has Been Aestheticized This ... 14. Everything Has Been Aestheticized ... has becomethis 15. 16. Social Media Aesthetics #Fail 17. What We Need Amplification Apple fication 18. Perfect by Repackaging

  • Simplify: Layer a lightweight skin on top of all networks to simplify/universalize experience
  • Empower: Let members determine feeds, taxonomy, terminology, groups/networks to pull content from
  • Expedite: Create 80/20 privacy controls:
    • 80%: Offer privacy bundles for different member personas (Open Kimono, Secret Boomer, etc.)
    • 20%: Let members fine-tune

19. What About Brands? 20. Two Needs Learning data Objective-based Packages 21. Learning: iPhoto Faces, But For Data 22. Translation: Were Trying to Boil the Ocean CMOs have trouble tying social to conversionand sales metrics, determining the right metricsand how to track them, getting CEO buy-in on metrics,finding the resources to focus on measurement,and implementing such measurements globally. Bazaarvoice 2011 CMO Survey 23. Objective-based Social Analytics

  • Awareness Package
    • Objectives: Launching a product/category/market
    • Metrics: Views, fans, clicks, tweets, etc.
  • Affinity Package
    • Objectives: Overcoming a crisis, models for which retention more valuable than acquisition
    • Metrics: NPS, sentiment, Likes, referrals
  • Product Development Package
    • Objective: Collect feedback for future product/service
    • Metrics: Reviews, suggestions, QA value, etc.
  • Revenue Package
    • Objectives: Satisfy CEO
    • Metrics: Attribution, influence, margin, etc.

24. Stay in Touch Joe Chernov Eloqua @jchernov


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