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Download Eloenet European Learning Object Network The Search Portal for Learning Objects Sergey Chernov L3S and University of Hannover, Germany www.l3s.de/~chernov

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  • EloenetEuropean Learning Object Network

    The Search Portal for Learning Objects Sergey Chernov L3S and University of Hannover, Germany www.l3s.de/~chernov/

    Special thanks for the slides to Cristina Mussinelli (cristina.mussinelli@aie.it)Giulia Marangoni (giulia.marangoni@medra.org)

    Sergey Chernov

  • Learning Object Dissemination Problem Market lock-in. The information about LO is scattered among national repositories with different metadata profiles

    No central search.

    No standard identifier for LO.

    Sergey Chernov

  • Eleonet solution

    Sergey Chernov

  • ELEONET and DOI Registration Agencies+UK primary and secondary schools higher educationDOI European AgenciesELEONET is EU-funded Project 01/12/2006 30/06/2007Cineca (Italy), AIE - Italian Publishers Association (Italy), NBD - Nielsen Bookdata (UK), L3S (Germany), Indire (Italy), Editrain (Spain)+

    Eleonet aims at creating a technological system, based on appropriate DOI application profile, to facilitate the exchange of educational content within the eLearning value chain at European level

    Sergey Chernov

  • What is DOI?DOI (Digital Object Identifier, www.doi.org): the international standard identifier for any Intellectual Property in a digital environment (we apply it to LOs)Example DOI: 10.1388/IndiScie49_1

    Sergey Chernov

  • What Eleonet provides?A common interface to allow LOs producers/aggregators to register the DOIs and to upload metadata

    A search engine for final users (schools, students, teachers, universities)

    A unique access point to different LO repositories

    Sergey Chernov

  • What about teachers?Scenario: I want to give a lesson about the Universe evolution in a school, intended language is Italian.

    Sergey Chernov

  • Interoperability Problem ExampleProblem: different educational contexts and curricula in EU

    Approach: compare and merge Celebrate and Curriculum Online vocabularies

    Result: single general, broad representation of educational context

    Sergey Chernov

  • Eleonet metadata schemaDesk analysis of existing LOM APs and SCORM conformance requirementsComparison between different representations of educational resources at local repositories level Use of a LOM metadata schema over national educational approachesMarket needsEleonet AP = LOM minimum data set + optional elements for rights information

    Sergey Chernov

  • How it looks, LOM & DOI together?

    Header with info on registrant

    A DOI registration message (DOI string + Primary URL)

    LOM metadata record describing single LO

    DOI string brings the user to the LOs/other publishers page LOM metadata record tells What is in LO, Who should use it, Who keeps copyright, Where to find it.IndiremEDRA L'universoit Learning object che spiega la formazione dell'universo e la sua composizione,... 10.1388/IndiScie49_1 http://forum.indire.it//start.htm

    Sergey Chernov

  • Interface for registration of DOIs and metadata uploadEach RA involved in Eleonet develops its own interface for DOIs registration for LOs

    The Eleonet web site in 4 languages presents to the users the links to 3 RAs

    Eleonet provides the following registration facilities:XML file upload a web form for registering DOI and associated LOM metadata

    The multilingual search interface will include simple and advanced search facilitiesDOI European Registration Agencieswww.eleonet.org

    Sergey Chernov

  • Want to become an early adopter?www.eleonet.org

    More information:

    General:Cristina Mussinelli cristina.mussinelli@aie.it

    Technical:Gabriella Scipione g.scipione@cineca.it

    Metadata schema: Giulia Marangoni giulia.marangoni@medra.org

    Sergey Chernov


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