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  • 1. Sergey ChernovChairman of the Kharkiv Region Council,President of the Ukrainian Association of Local and Regional Councils
  • 2. The growing need for higher education The surveys conducted in 1998 showed that 85% of the young people 91 in Ukraine considered higher education to be a priority, in 2010 as many as 91% of the youth 85 recognized its importance 1998 2010MULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING 2
  • 3. The relation of income to education level inUkrainetherisk ofpovertyis2,3 timeslower for peoplewithhigher education chancestohave averageincomes are 1,6 higherfor peoplewithhigher education MULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 4. Reforms in the Education Management System Thepresentdaysocialandeconomicsituationin thecountryrequiresurgenttransformationsinthe currentsystemofeducation, thatinadditionto preservingitsbesttraditionsandpracticesneedsa comprehensiveapproachtoactiveadjustmenttonew socialandeconomicconditionsMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 5. Reforms in the Education Management System Intensive development, creation of a flexible, and high quality of goal-oriented, education , effective system of multiplicity and Target state and civil orientation on control meeting the needs of an individual, society and the stateMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 6. The Education System has to combine both conservative and innovative features + _ the system stops the Education responding to the new System serves as a needs of the society balance against and requires destructive structural, functional centrifugal processes and managerial in the society transformationsMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 7. Educational Researchaswellas Institutions Researchand Methodology Education Institutions System StateandLocal ResearchandBodiesofEducation Production Management Enterprises MULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 8. preschool education, comprehensive secondary education, out-of-school Structure of education, vocational and technical Education education, higher education, postgraduate education, and self-education system forms of Full-time, part-time, distant, mixed trainingMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 9. Education Management Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine sets main guidelines and standards that the education system has to achieve Regional Departments for Education and Science implement state policies in the field of education Local bodies of Education Management responsible for financial, staff and methodological provision of educational institutions, provide for the upgrade of the facilities and equipment, as well as economic needsMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 10. Modernization of Education System state bodies of education management develop general strategic guidelines, and decentrali local bodies are responsible for zation resolution of specific financial, staff, economic and other organizational issues Reforms to combine the efforts of the state and transition the society to overcome challenges in from state to formulating education policies, issues in civil control the field of training and upbringing, teaching methods, financial and economic activityMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 11. Priority Areas in the development of Higher Education System in Ukraine Autonomyof Academic HigherEducational Freedom InstitutionsMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 12. Rapid changes in the world generate the need for continuous education through life- long self-education of an individual an individual has to be ready not only for continuous learning and improvement of skills but for retraining as wellMULTILEVEL GOVERNANCE IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  • 13. Thank you for your attention!