How do you make jewelry diy hair accessories in versatile usage

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  • How do you make jewelry-diy hair accessories in versatile usage

    Figure out how do you make jewelry can be

    a truly satisfying hobby. For my own, I love

    when something can be utilized in so many

    occasions and circumstances, not just for

    fashion, but as an awesome dcor as well.

    Keep reading to see how I diy hair

    accessories and worn it. You will love it, I


    Things needed in diy hair accessories:

    Circular Rhinestone Acrylic bead

    Elastic thread

    Navy Grosgrain Satin Ribbon

    Sewing thread



    How do you make jewelry then?

    Step1: make the central bead adornment

    Todays diy hair accessories were inspired by a piece of versatile jewelry ornament. Once finished one, you

    can use it as hair ornament, necklace, bracelet or even a belt. How do you make jewelry this time?

    1. Cut 4 segments from the elastic

    thread, each about 3cm long;

    2. Thread one short elastic thread through two of

    beads as picture show;

    3. Complete the thread by sewing with thread and


    4. Add on rest 4 beads in same way.

  • Step2: DIY hair accessories

    1. Prepare a strip of grosgrain stain ribbon and

    ensure it is with sufficient length;

    2. Weave your ribbon through the first bead

    from front to back, and then the last bead from

    inverse direction;

    3. Tie two ribbon ends together and pull two

    strands equal length.

    In the rest time, all things need to handle are decide where youll put it on. You may also choose

    to cut two pieces of ribbon strips and simply tie up to the beginning and last beads, or even

    slip-knot them. Actually, there are lots of options. Whether be worn as fashion jewelry such as the

    diy hair accessories or match with any outfit as adornment, I really love my way making the piece.

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