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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Arcadia High School

House of Representatives Meeting

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Representatives are to use this agenda as a medium for relaying information to their fourth period class.

House of Representatives Rules and Regulations

1. All delegates are to refrain from speaking while a speaker is addressing the audience.

2. Any concerns must be held until the floor is opened to Questions and Comments.

3. No delegate is allowed to speak unless recognized by the chairperson or the speaker.


1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Introductions

3. Announcements (Please cover with your class)

4. Question and Concern Discussion

5. Adjournment

Major Announcements

1. Presidents Message (ASB President) Carrie Zhang

a. Diversity Week

b. 2014 Prom

2. SCAC Fall Money Drive/Filipino Club Results (ASB Student Rep to the Board) Katrina Villacisneros

a. SCAC Drive Total

b. Filipino Club and Red Cross Total

3. Quiz Bowl Results (ASB Academics Commisioner) Brandon Luo

a. Quiz Bowl

4. Upcoming Shows (ASB Performing Arts Commissioner) Deedee Chuang

a. Spaghetti Dinner Jan. 18th

b. Orchestra Benefit Dinner Feb. 22nd

c. Pow Wow Competition Feb. 15th

d. Band Vertical Concert Feb. 27th

5. 2013-2014 Pep Squad Info. (Pep Commissioners)- Justine Hung and Sabrina Phung

a. Informationational meeting Feb. 11th

6. The next House of Reps meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5th!

A. Presidents Message (ASB President) Carrie Zhang

As finals are rolling by, ASB is currently making plans for Diversity Week, the first main event for second semester. We are also working on ideas for more student activities such as a possible additional school dance. ASB is also beginning to look at future prom venues. Sophomore council is working on plans for Prom 2014. ASB is looking forward to lots of new plans, surprises and activities to ring in the new year.

A. Election (ASB Vice President) Benjamin Kim

We are currently planning the new elections in the Spring for the 2014-2015 Executive and Student Council. Final elections are planned to be during the month of May.

A. ICC President Report (ASB ICC President)- Rayna Tian

Fall Preview Day will be held at Dana Middle School on Friday, January 24. The 8th graders from Dana and First Avenue will be able to learn about different clubs and activities offered at the high school in a Clubs Day fashion. It is an outreach to 8th graders to participate in clubs when they arrive at the high school, encouraging them to make high school a better experience by taking advantage of the various clubs offered on campus. Another clubs roster will be compiled and posted on the clubs page during the first few weeks of second semester, with the updated rooms of clubs that have moved due to construction being finished in some halls.

A. Student Representative Report (ASB Student Rep to the Board) Katrina Villacisneros

During the first week of November, SCAC hosted the annual Fall Money Drive for the White Mountain Apaches and raised over $4260.69. Classes that donated $75 received a cookie party while classes that raised over $100 got an ice cream party. The winning class that raised over $200 had both the ice cream and cookie party. Prizes were delivered last November 15.

The following week, November 18-22, Filipino Club and Red Cross Club collaborated with other organizations such as APN, ASB and SCAC to host a money drive for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The drive raised $4,191.45.

SCAC compiled introductory letters in hopes to start an electronic Pen Pal program with the White Mountain Apaches. The packet was delivered on December 13th along with the Toy and Jacket drive donations

. Athletics Commissioner Report (ASB Athletics Commissioner)- Harrison MaThe fall sports season has ended and and the winter sports season is under way. With Girls and boys basketball, girls and boys soccer, and girls water polo all in season, we are hopeful to finish on top of the Pacific League in all these sports. Game schedules are on the school website online so come out and support your apaches during their games.

Intramural Basketball is coming to an end. Next week will be playoffs and the winner of the tournament will receive a prize.A. Academics Commissioner Report (ASB Academics Commissioner) Brandon Luo

Quiz Bowl held their annual tournament at Arcadia High attracting teams from all over Southern California to compete. Math Team placed second at the Pepperdine Math Competition and went to the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Contest against the best schools in the area. Academic Decathlon scrimmaged at Monrovia High in preparation for their regional competition. Also, Constitution Team placed first in regionals and are heading to Sacramento for State Finals.

A. Performing Arts Commissioner Report (ASB Performing Arts Commissioner) Deedee Chuang

Band, Colorguard, and Percussion are hosting their annual Spaghetti Dinner on Jan. 18 in the North Gym. Tickets are 12 dollars. Show times are 5PM, 7PM, and 9PM. Orchestra is holding their annual Orchestra Benefit Dinner at the community center on Feb. 22 from 6-10PM. Choral is hosting their annual Pow Wow competition in the PAC on Feb. 15. in the PAC all day. Tickets are 10 dollars. Band is having their vertical concert in the PAC on Feb. 27 from 7-10PM.

A. Historian Report (ASB Historian) Edward Chai

On December 19th, Student Council Historical Commission (SCHC) hosted a new yearbook event in room A211. SCHC gathered all the AHS yearbooks (1952-2013) from the library and placed them in A211 for display. We invited staff members by putting a written document of the event on the staff bulletin. Pow-wow members and Yearbook club members were invited and we personally invited the administrators with personal greeting cards. The event went smoothly and many students and staff members showed up as the school day progressed. SCHC ended the yearbook event after school and we were able to quickly sort the books and put them away. In the near future, hopefully second semester, SCHC will be hosting a yearbook event for all the past middle school yearbooks (Dana Middle School, First Avenue Middle School, Foothills Middle School, etc.). Many of the students that went to the yearbook event requested for a middle school yearbook event.

A. Pep Commissioners Report (ASB Pep Commissioners) Sabrina Phung and Justine Hung

After tryouts before break, we now have a song team that will perform in the winter pep assembly! If you are interested in joining pep squad for the 2014-2015 school year, the pep informational meeting will be at the lecture hall from 7pm-9pm on February 11th. This meeting is mandatory to learn about clinics, tryout dates, and to pick up an application so make sure to come out and bring your parents! Pep squad will also be hosting a SHARP fundraiser on March 1st so come out and support!

A. Senior Class Council Report Senior President, Sharon An and Nicole Wei

Senior Council is currently getting ready for their Taco Friday bonding event on January 10th to celebrate the end of 1st semester and the end of college applications. We will be providing music and delicious food for the seniors to enjoy. Currently, Senior Council is also selling Krispy Kreme Donuts for $10 a dozen and are thinking of new events for the second semester.

A. Junior Class Council Report- Junior President, Kelly Hui and Esther Jung

Junior Council is hosting a Pull-up Challenge Contest on January 17th at lunch on the rally court. Students will play against each other to win a special prize from Junior Council. The Marines will come to set up a pull-up bar and they will be giving out free merchandise to the winners. We are also planning for our Ice Cream Social bonding event where Juniors will receive free ice cream and play fun games to win prizes (the date is TBA).

A. Sophomore Class Council Report- Sophomore President, Thomas Hui and Michelle Wan

Sophomore Council had a Holiday Hiesta bonding event a few weeks before Winter Break. At the event, we served hot chocolate and cookies with ice cream. The bonding event was held after school on December 13, gathering a total number of 170 sophomores. In addition, Sophomore Council has set up a Prom Committee to plan this years Prom. Prom Committee is in the midst of planning theme. Recently, Prom Committee has uploaded two spreadsheets: Suggestions for Theme and Suggestions for Music of Prom 2014 which any Junior or Senior of Arcadia High School can access. In addition, Prom Committee is planning an APN series for promoting Prom which will begin to air later in the Second Semester. Creative, new ideas for posters and tangible Prom advertisements are also in the midst of being planned.

A. Freshmen Class Council Report- Freshman President and Senator, Jonathan Wong and Ethan Zhu

Freshman Council is off to a great start with our popular Dunk Contest spirit activity. The event attracted a large crowd. There is a possibility of hosting another dunk contest in the second semester due to popular demand. We are also planning a bonding event to take place in the second semester to be announced.

A. Link Crew Report- Link Crew Commissioner, Michelle Loekman

Link Crew is hosting a pie throwing event on March 14. Students can throw a pie at a teacher for a small fee. The organization is also hosting a info meeting for future link leaders at J23 during lunch on April 1st. This meeting is mandatory for anyone interested i