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How to win a schollaeship or anything else at


  • Exclusive tricks and principles for writing successful applications

  • HEYif you want to end yourtradition of REJECTION

    Carefully read through the

    for writing any

    application and start applying them immediately.

    Step by step, you will become a rejection-proof master of application writing of any kind, be it internship, conference, scholarship or something else!

    and dramatically

    INCREASE your applications chances of success,

    you are in the right place!

  • Okay, imagine you have to read 800 applications and 700 of them arethe same, featuring:

    - Young leaders who want to change the world- Applicants who want to meet new people and expand their knowledge and horizons (a.k.a. travel)- Applicants from poorer countries who need a chance to succeed

    Yes, you guessed it; all of these applications end up in the recycling bin, Yes, you guessed it; all of these applications end up in the recycling bin, alongside the generic ones that were sent previously in the same form tothousands of other opportunities. Even though the arguments above arevalid reasons for selection, they are not personal.

    Your application should be unique as each one of us is unique. Every oneof your answers should be based on your original ideas and thoughts,NOT based on what they want to hear, or even worse what isacceptable to write (as, undoubtedly, you will wind up writing oneacceptable to write (as, undoubtedly, you will wind up writing onemore young leaders application).

    Think of creative and unique ways to answer the requirements set bythe organizers. This brings us to the next golden rule;

    1Be creative and unique, not boring!

  • 2Read ADDs carefully and see how you can best respond to the requirements!Here we are! Sit down and carefully read through what internships,conferences, scholarship and other opportunity organizers expect fromtheir applicants. This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised bythe number of people who do not fully read the postings for theopportunities they apply for. One student once asked us why we didnthave an APPLY NOW button in place of an application process (

    Heres why: organizers want candidates who have devoted time andenergy to their applications, thus proving their dedication, attention and willingness to work. It also shows that you care about your workand can meet expectations.

    Beyond simply responding to the requirements with your experienceand knowledge, think of what additional benefit you can add to theorganization sponsoring the opportunity or to the world as a whole:organization sponsoring the opportunity or to the world as a whole:maybe you have amazing contacts, or you can contribute with cool apresentation/session?

    If you do not have much relevant experience, do not give up! Use whatyou have and, believe me, your honesty and passion will be recognized.

  • First of all, bear in mind that no one is willing to select you or spendmoney on you simply because you are a young leader willing to meetnew people and learn new things (because, in a sense, this means thatyou are purely a tourist).

    Organizers must be getting a return on investment by selecting you!

    The best way to learn what return they expect is to concentrate on thegolden rule number two. I would also suggest that you read even moregolden rule number two. I would also suggest that you read even moreabout the organizers (university, company, country, etc), investigatehow you can contribute, and include this in your proposal/application.


  • 4NEVERGIVE UP!I guess this should be number one?

    When you start sending put your applications, dont expect thateveryone will be super happy to see it, forget about air planes parked infront of your doors and hot Lufthansa air-attendants welcoming you onboard

    The truth is: you will receive many rejections. Yes, many! The goodnews is that you will learn A LOT. If you do not give up and take everynews is that you will learn A LOT. If you do not give up and take everyrejection as an invaluable lesson, your rejection rate will dropsignificantly very rapidly. The best part is that you will come tounderstand the most amazing truth ever (well, one of top three):REJECTION is NOT REJECTION; it is REDIRECTION to something evenbetter, more exciting and certainly to something where your inborntalents fit much better.

    So, embrace rejection and get used to receiving as many of themSo, embrace rejection and get used to receiving as many of thempossible. Better to do that when you are a student than when you arelooking for a job and do not have much time (or money!) to fully enjoythe greatness of rejections.

  • 5Be charming! Write something original and beautifulfor the application recipient!Everyone likes compliments, but be careful here! If you writesomething too general (for example I appreciate kindness of your people) you may be tagged as a manipulator.

    Read more about the applications recipient, find something they are especially proud of and use that in your proposal,


  • 6Be honest, NOT fake!First of all, do not exaggerate with compliments!

    Secondly, never ever cheat with regards to your previous experience andknowledge. Not only can you be easily caught out, you can damage yourreputation forever.

    It is much better to concentrate on your current experience and pmfulfilling on all the requirements set by the organizers (together withproviding concrete benefits for them).providing concrete benefits for them).

  • 7Be positive and optimisticNo one wants negative people on board, simple as that!

    Avoid complaining about your current situation, environment, country,university, etc. If there is something you do not like, use that as anopportunity to express your proactivity and passion for changing it,turning it into an advantage.

  • 8Be concrete and innovative with your ideasPeople do not care that you claim to have an innovative mind or thatyou like challenges and meeting new people! Anyone can say it!

    Prove it with concrete experiences and real life results! When you showyour ideas and their benefits to organizers, be concrete! If you can,include concrete actions or milestones youve achieved and theirimpacts (but make sure that application space allows for those details).

  • tips

    9This is the clincher! Those who have already succeeded in everythingyou have yet to do are the best source of powerful advice for you.

    Try to use social media, your personal contacts, the opportunityswebsite there will be a way to locate those people.

    Then do not hesitate to contact them. Be concrete, kind and specific.(Some emails Ive received read: Hi, I want that scholarshiphelp. It isvery difficult to want to respond to these.)very difficult to want to respond to these.)

    Think about concrete questions you can ask and, at the end, try to offersome kind of benefit for the person you are expecting to answer you. Atthe very least, show your gratitude by offering them a drink or theequivalent as a thank you.

    There is one additional killer ideaready?

    Always ask for special tips from the last successful applicants andalumni! Find them, there is always a way!

  • 10Find additional ways to succeed with your application!Yes, there is always a step further that you can take in order toincrease your applications chances of success.

    For example, do you have a professor, previous internship coordinator, mentor or contact who is in any way related to the organization or country you are applying to? If yes, ask him to prepare a recommendation for you.

    Opportunities are endless. Just use your creativity and, again, do not tryto cheat!to cheat!