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  • 7 Golden Rules for Being the Most Productive Person on Your Campus

    Brian Wm. NilesFounder, TargetX

  • 7 Expectations Ideas Tools Motivation Support

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  • For Higher Education to Succeed Eliminate inefficiencies. Do more with less. (aka scale) Do what you do best (outsource the rest). Attract and nurture talent. Increase accountability. Connect cost to outcome (aka value)

  • My Rules (aka a life in process) Scale my time. Identify priorities. Access to information. Review results & adjust. Protect my time. Pick the right people.

  • Your meetings.

  • 33%time executivesspend in meetings.

  • 73%admit to doing unrelated tasks.

  • 39%admit to havingdozed off.

  • No agenda Unnecessary attendees Disconnected notes Undocumented assignments Lack of accountability Forgotten decisions made Items for next meeting

  • Agenda Reminders Notes Decisions Action Steps Open Issues Private Notes Summaries Mobile!

  • Preparation sucks No agenda sucks Overinvitation sucks Scheduling sucks Tangents suck Meeting rooms suck Conference calls suck Powerpoint sucks No engagement sucks Not sticking to time sucks Followup sucks

  • Your inbox.

  • 121average emails recieved per day by executives.

  • 380average unread emails in each TargetX inbox.

  • Your inbox.

  • Your inbox.

  • Use the filters Keep personal separate Act on incoming messages Schedule email reading time Avoid late night/weekend emails Resist responding to all messages Use the phone or take a walk

  • Your tasks.

  • Consider ThisWhen it entered the English language in the 1400s

    there was no plural version.

  • Your tasks.

  • Google Keep Remember the Milk Any.Do Wunderlist Todoist TickTick Good old paper

  • Your team.

  • 3 Suggestions Know individual strengths

    Have consistent terminology.

    Get out of their way.

  • Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arranger Belief Command Communication Competition

    Connectedness Consistency Context Deliberative Developer Discipline Empathy Focus Futuristic

    Harmony Ideation Includer Individualization Input Intellection Learner Maximizer Positivity Relator

    Responsibility Restorative Self-Assurance Significance Strategic Woo

  • StrategicFuturistResponsibilityRelatorMaximizer

  • You cant go it alone.

  • Your time.

  • Whats your time worth? Visualize the ideal day. Then go do that. Schedule time to think. Take control of your calendar. Have access to information. Automate whenever possible.

  • Eat the frog.

  • Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will

    happen to you the rest of the day.~ Mark Twain

  • Need to Do NEXT

    Dont Need to Do


    Dont Want to Do

    Want to Do

  • Your day.

  • 6 Suggestions from Mike Drink a glass of water. Define your top three. Use the 50/10 Rule. Move and sweat daily. Express gratitude. Reflect daily.

    Mike Del Ponte is the founder of Soma,who aims to revolutionize the water industry

  • Your life.

  • Not balance.But harmony.

  • Your meetings.Your inbox.Your tasks.Your time.Your team.Your day.Your life.

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  • 7 Golden Rules for Being the Most Productive Person on Your Campus

    Brian Wm. NilesFounder, TargetX