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  • 1. Getting People To Read Your Book:

2. What isSocialMedia?Why UseSocialMedia? 3. So-cial me-di-aOnline gathering of interaction, ideas,comments and commentary.Essentially, consumer conversation incyberspace. 4. Social media ispeople havingconversationsonline. 5. nTools: 6. EVERYONE IS USING IT!!! 7. 750M 8. 1.One in eveqy nine people on Eaqth is on Facebook2.Each Facebook useq spends on aveqage 15 houqs and 33 minutes (oq oveq half a day total) a month on the site3.30 billion pieces of content is shaqed on Facebook each month 9. Youve heard the story a thousandtimes. An evil witch. A girl locked ina tower. And a dragon ordered towatch over.But is the dragon keeping the girlinor keeping danger out? Is hejust a captor, or is he truly guardingthe tower, making sure that the girlis safe, no matter the cost? Whydoes he stand so vigilant?The Tower Guard shows the truthbehind the tale, taking you throughthe Dark Woods and into heart andsoul of the beastand the manwithin. 10. Profiles Statuses The Tower Guard is hitting the shelves soonwill yoube one of the first to get it? Pictures Cover pages Interior art Links The first chapter can be read ...what do you think? Friends MessagesStart A Conversation About Your Book 11. PagesOne Central Share With FriendsLocation ForInformationGive UpdatesConnect To Site 12. EventsBrings PeopleGets PeopleOut OfGive UpdatesCyberspace 13. Tease PeopleAbout YourBook 140 Characters or less 14. Give ThemJustEnough ToWant MoreOf YourBook 15. The Tower GuardJoshua Steinhouse All Roads Lead To This! 16. THE IMPORTANCE OF WORDSWhat you say is just asimportant as how you say it. 17. PASSIONPERSUADESWhat triggerstheir brains andtheir hearts? 18. What isSocialMedia?People havingconveqsationsonlineWhy Use SocialMedia?Eveqyone Is 19. Start A Conversation AboutYour BookTease People About Your BookGive Them Just Enough ToWant More Of Your Book 20. QUESTIONS?COMMENTS? 21.