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    2016 Moon Marketing

    Most Companies Face

  • Many companies have serious gaps in the

    infrastructure required to effectively

    support and manage sales activities. There

    are 8 common challenges sales teams face.

  • Difficulty setting up and

    maintaining a CRM that is

    consistently aligned with

    the sales process.

  • Bad, duplicate, or missing contact and

    customer data that makes reporting &

    sales activities more onerous.

  • Ineffectual sales & marketing content

    thats misaligned with what buyers want

    and salespeople need.

  • Salespeople dont see the

    value of CRM and think its

    a waste of time and extra

    work. No consistent

    processes across the team.

  • Non-existent or inaccurate forecasting

    and inability to effectively measure key

    performance indicators.

  • Who to call? Unclear

    vision of the ideal

    buyer profile and

    which key contacts

    to target.

  • Minimal incoming leads

    and a weak sales pipeline.

  • Lack of alignment and integration

    between sales and marketing causing

    decreased revenue & ROI potential.

  • 1. CRM ConundrumCRM implementation and administration

    2 .Data DisasterContact data cleansing & management

    3. Content ConfusionContent creation for marketing and direct sales communication

    4. Process PrejudiceSales & marketing process development and training

    5. Report RestrictionSales & marketing report implementation, analysis, and administration

    6. List LimitationIdeal buyer profile & persona development and prospect list building

    7. Prospect PovertySales lead generation through marketing, direct sales, social selling & lead nurturing campaigns.

    8. Strategy SuperficialityBridge the gap between sales and marketing with integrated strategies, streamlined processes, and accountability.

    2016 Moon Marketing

  • Krista is an avid learner with 20 years inbound sales and marketing experience.

    She is dedicated to helping companies develop a professional and user friendly online presence that profitably generates new leads and sales.

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    2016 Moon Marketing

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