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Get Sales Jazzed About Inbound MarketingJenifer KernVP Marketing, Celerity#SMarketingJazz@jenifer_kern


Today talk about how to work w/Sales to get them really excited JAZZED about Inbound/Outbound. Start with (1) big ideas/trends, (2) share my story building MKTG @ Celerity, (3) focus on 5 way to get them Jazzed.

- Using Jazz metaphors b/c it works well Jazz is about fluidity of leadership/players its AGILE -- its as much about listening as playing your instrument what is the music at this moment is missing that I can provide? React in real time (Think of Mktg + Sales as a Jazz Band.


If you dont like sales,get out of marketing.#SorryNotSorry


Candidate Story goes here.

Heres the deal.20 years ago, Mktg = brochures, flyers, mugs/swag, comms plans, branding & advertising. Today Mktg is so much more -- revenue generator & growth driver for the business.Dramatic transformation in our industry due to technology, its almost unrecognizable. To distinguish yourself and your team (catapult career) you need to respect, love, appreciate, and truly understand Sales. 2

Marketers can be change agents,if you can sell your vision.


If you can learn to love and embrace SALES youll be poised to soar Mktrs need to SELL programs, tools, investments to Sales & LeadersBright future in MarketingJunior candidates that get the power of Smarketing are most likely to be our next Marketing Leaders, CMOs, etc3

Why do sales & marketing need each other?#SMarketingSandwich


We own the Customer/Prospecting data + CONTENT need to get that to sales efficiently/quickly (establishes credibility for Sales before contacting lead)Sales gets real-time feedback from customers on Content/Leads; helping to shape the right messageFor both marketing and sales to be successful in Dig Economy : need each other the perfect complement (PJ alone is ok/.together great)

Marketing is now about Sales; and Sales is about Mktg

Who wants a jelly sandwich?!4

Its all about the content1234567891011121314Tech buyers consume an average of 14 pieces of content before making a buying decision


We own Content - 75% of buying process done online; engage with Mktg content before talking to Sales - Typical buyer is at 8-10 pieces- The BUYER is in control of the Sales Process Engaging with Marketing Content- Sales process is dependent on ENGAGING CONTENT & BRANDS5

90% of consumers go to Google search first-

All That Jazz!Photo credit:


This is WHY INBOUND MATTERSIncoming calls are rare today.Getting found via Google is All that Jazz (cost effective, fast, more-targeted)6

The Celerity story#SMarketingJazz



In the beginning (Pre-2011)there was an opportunistic sales team, savvy entrepreneurs and 30% CAGR.




But soon there was disharmonyBrand fragmentation, client diversity & scaling issues, sales turnover



Brand fragmentation, client diversity + scaling challenges, sales turnover

No leads from MarketingDifficulty scaling Sales teams with relationship selling Territorial reps9

So Marketing was added to the repertoire#SMarketingJazz

Branding, content marketing, lead generation, sales alignment


In 4 years went from zero lead gen to driving 50% of pipeline from inbound/outbound marketing

Branding, content marketing, lead generation, sales alignment10

And the tune changed for good#SMarketingJazz0 to 50% pipeline contribution in 3 years25% increase in margins & revenuesExplosion of net-new customer accountsReduced sales turnover by 40%Increase in CRM adoption: 5 to 75%Bigger deal sizes


Sales success no longer relies on 100% relationship selling, working their network. Less sales turnover Sales people have so many more tools to be successful


Where does an Inbound Marketer start?


There are so many ways that Marketers can engage with SalesSo many TOOLS available to us12

Top Five TunesGet Top Dogs JazzedExpand Sales UniverseTalk it UpFind the Right HarmonyMake it Easy (and Fun)




Tap into their competitive spiritFocus on low-cost opportunitiesAssemble your band leadersTeach Execs how to sing Inbound tunesGet Top Dogs Jazzed#SMarketingJazz


1. Once your CEO is on board.CEO is most aggressive Sales person in the company Find your Rob Smith -- VPs of Sales get them bought in to Inbound concepts.



Keywords on Page 1 of Google


In less than one year weve increased our SEO from 3 to 52 words on Page 1 of Google15


Focus on Marketings mission: Sales-ready leadsAdd Inbound to OutboundMore tools, warmer leads = More $$$

Its Not a Solo PerformanceExpand Sales Universe


Sales has changed too (new song sheet) >> Used to be all about cold calling, telemarketing, direct mail Marketing is here to make their job easier >> Bring Sales warmer leads, So they can make more money

Educate Sales on increasing number of tools available when work with marketing16

Inbound leadsContent offersForm submitsBuyer journeyLead scoringWarm & Hot Leads

ProspectingCold callingOutbound emailsClient meetingsCustomer care



Sales has a new song sheet17


Communicate then over-communicateFind your early adopter & championBe transparent and imperfectNow isnt the time to be shy or humbleTalk It Up


-- Communication strategies: Weekly sales meetings/ 1-on1s; Email campaign; Lead Gen launches; happy hours; SOCIAL MEDIA-- Realize its never perfect ask for Feedback and Fall on your sword -- SLOGANS: One team, one dream ; cold call Friday; good talk Russ

Highlight shared success and lead history


Dont be afraid to embrace corny slogans!






Walk 1,000 miles in their shoesListen to sales calls & talk to customersBe creative and improvise (office move)Get in tune with SalesFind the Right Harmony


To Know is to LoveKeep it Fresh, Fun and Roll in Real Time


Anatomy of a Sales PersonKnow what makes them tick

Driven to SucceedResilient & PositiveCompetitiveProblem SolverEasily DistractedStrong Family Bonds

On the Move*Read: The Art of the Sale, Philip Delves BroughtonHighly Caffeinated


Mktrs are about PERSONAS sketch one out for SalesTo Know is To Love and appreciateSALES IS HARD: Great selling is an art that demands creativity, mindfulness, selflessness, and resilience; but anyone who says you can become a great salesperson in 15 minutes is either a charlatan or a fool.

-Even though sales is the engine of commerce and industryit remains shrouded in myth.-More Americans work in sales than in manufacturing, marketing



Make it mobile friendlyReports/dashboardsSidekick

Its Gotta be Really. Super. Easy.Make It Ridiculously Easy


Some ways we make it really easy:Work with our Sales Ops ManagerDocuments repository in CRM Hot leads dashboardCustomized reportsEmails with links to leads, landing pages, reportsSidekick


If you love sales,marketing wont get the Blues.#SMarketingJazz



Go forth and create your boogie-woogie.#SMarketingJazz #BoogieWoogie #CoolCats


You have tons of musicians ready to join your band!25

Q & AWhat do you do to get Sales jazzed?What are your biggest challenges/obstacles?#SMarketingJazz



Thank You

Jenifer KernVP Marketing, Celerity

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