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A little bit about what we do and how we roll.


  • 1. Getting found means your best prospects nd you. Why Focus To Grow? Our service delivery model is what our core customers value most Our customers get more than they ask for. Our team utilizes cutting edge internet sales and marketing technology that delivers value to our customers through increased leads and sales, while reducing marketing and sales costs by as much as 60%, and 93% of companies see an increase in leads and sales within 6 months when using our method for lead generation.
  • 2. Problems We Solve 2STALLED SALES GROWTH:Insucient sales revenue for a companyto reach its sales objectives that is notrelated to operations or nance problems. 3 CAUSES OF STALLED SALES GROWTH: 1.Lack of planning, execution, alignment and measurement of marketing investments. 2.Those charged with selling are not properly trained and equipped to sell eectively with the modern buyer. 3.Business model that is not aligned with the needs of the customer.
  • 3. How is Focus To Grow Dierent? 3It takes a balanced and uni ed eort of sales, marketing and knowing your product to be successful at selling anything. Focus To Growtakes a three step approach by using Market Research 2.0, Inbound Marketing, and Sales Enablement to help your company reach itsFOCUSED SALES GROWTH. Growth is a nurturing idea. Focus To Grow is there with immediate solutions for today, and expansion solutions for tomorrow.
  • 4. How is Focus To GrowDierent?We bring all the services and consulting youneed to grow your business under one roof to: Marketing InnovationSolve sales problems holistically SalesStreamline communication, alignmentand focusDecrease your costs and mistakes that Inn ovare inherent when working with ati on Comultiple companies . Sale s Co. Marketing Co. 4
  • 5. Prospect Attraction Plan 5Why you NEED IT.Businesses need to make a shift from push to pull, from outbound to inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a set of marketingstrategies focused on pulling relevant prospects and customers towards a business and its products by oering useful information, toolsand resources online for prospects to nd for themselves. As partners with Hubspot, we base our solution on the methods outlined in theHubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology. We are con dent that this methodology does help companies achieve their goals. The Entire Prospect Attraction Plan includes: Search Engine Optimization (meta & Alt tags, internal linking) Video Player Integration, Creation and Storyboarding Conversion Tools such as Intake Forms Analyze Content for Keywords & Phrases Blogging Social Media Support Logo/Branding Landing page, Asset, and Content Creation
  • 6. Focus to grow also 6Enables Sales ProfessionalsWhy Enablement Matters.They get your business more sales, obviously. So, if they are well equipped with knowledge and assets, their job gets easier and you get more sales.We work with companies that sell business-to-business to translate strategic business objectives and sales goals into measurable results. Sales Enablement Services Coaching Sales Skills Assessments Salesforce Development Consulting Sales Training Coaching for business owners that sell Event Speaking Inbound Marketing Asset Sales Package Handouts and Supporting Sales Aids
  • 7. Lead Generation Websites 7Why you NEED IT.We build sites that align with your identity, generate trac, and bring people back for more.Our websites have proven to provide high ROI with sales leads and conversion. Theyre designed with the most up-to-date techniqueswith added inbound marketing knowledge and included features.By utilizing Hubspot, a state-of-the-art internet marketing feature, we are able to redesign websites for better search engine results andinternet presence. We also have web products that allow for you to easily update your website content yourself, providing you with the ability to add additional blogs and articles and increase your website value for no additional cost to you. Focus To Grow uses the super easy to use, Hubspot content management system allowing you to alter content with ease - No Web design skills or custom programming necessary.
  • 8. Focus to grow also provides Business Model Innovation 8Why you NEED IT.Focus To Grow can help you understand your buyer. We use Innovation Games as one of our strategies for reaching your customer andlearning how they buy. This strategy helps you acquire more customers with less eort, because youre focused on how they think.Identify social media applications that best suit your goals and values.Focus groups, diagnosing marketing/audience problems, marketing plans.We do custom research to target your market Business Model Innovation Services: LIVE INNOVATION GAMES Large & Small Group Facilitation


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