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  1. 1. Kavita Karmarkar, JosephTursi, James Chun Blight to Light Adaptive Design City Scale
  2. 2. Solutions in Context 28% Properties abandoned or vacant in Germantown Up to 54 steps and 12 agencies to acquire vacant land Poor Economic Drivers every action has a reaction $70 million lost in delinquent taxes so far $20 million lost annually to maintain vacant properties Lack of green space/zoning Negative perception of neighborhood personal and public
  3. 3. Online Survey Results (Issued November 2011) Q : In which zip code do you live? Q : How would you rate the perceived availability/quality of the following within the Central Germantown Commercial District?
  4. 4. Q : How would you rate the perceived availability/quality of the following within the Central Germantown Commercial District?
  5. 5. Mapping out the Solution Vacant Lots and Properties Economic Clean and Green Urban Agriculture
  6. 6. Economic Empowerment Solution 1 Revitalizing the neighborhood through economic development.
  7. 7. Economic The Mall The Corner Park Rezonin g for CMX Proposed solution 1 - Empowerment Zones Space for food trucks (food from the local organic farms to be used and waste to be sent back to local farms) Courtyard revitalization (corner of Wister and Germantown avenue to be redesigned) Funding tie-up with Equal Dollars for maintenance Storm water collection for the entire parking Solar panel installation above parking (future opportunities)
  8. 8. The mall
  9. 9. Courtyard revitalization
  10. 10. Economic The Mall The Corner Park Rezonin g for CMX Proposed solution 1 - Empowerment Zones Basketball Court Funding : from sports brands) Day and Night Market Earth-ship shed (to be used as a green house / storage space)
  11. 11. Corner park
  12. 12. Economic The Mall The Corner Park Rezoning for CMX Decision tree showing the reuse of vacant buildings CMX (commercial-mixed zone) for land which is further down the streets from Germantown Business below & Residence above Active Parks (rezoning) in the neighborhood) Tax Incentives for business who want to move into vacant land
  13. 13. Current zoning CMX 2.5 : Commercial Mixed Use RSA 5 : Residential single family attached RM 2 : Residential Multi family SP-PO-A : Active Parks and Open space
  14. 14. Possible changes in zoning CMX 2.5 : Commercial Mixed Use RSA 5 : Residential single family attached RM 2 : Residential Multi family SP-PO-A : Active Parks and Open space
  15. 15. Reuse of vacant buildings Is the Structure Stable? Yes Keep structural members intact. Change the building skin, internal and external walls. Layout same Design Charrett e Begin agreed upon design. Possible solutions - Co-working space, library, Artists studio No Structure razed and construction waste reused and recycled. More varied usage possible. Design Charrette Begin agreed upon design. Overbuild to accommodate for future expansion. All new construction to be LEED rated Possible solutions Restaurant, food market, Mechanic shop
  16. 16. Is the Structure Strong and in good condition? Yes More floors can be added to make more saleable area Commercial space below ( office / retail) and residence above No Go as per initial plan
  17. 17. Charrette Design Suggestions onWho to Include Neighborhood Representatives UtilizeCommunityAnchors Churches, Community Development Corporations, NGOs, etc. Architect LandscapeArchitect Structural Engineer Philadelphia Department of Labor and Industry Representative MEP Engineer Construction Manager SustainabilityConsultant ZoningOfficial Interior Designer Industrial Designer School Official Fundraising Director BusinessConsultant Building owner Charrette Facilitator
  18. 18. Solve the problem of high cost of home repair and foreclosures Entire mall to be self-sufficient in terms of electricity, water, waste disposal, food etc. LongTerm (10+Years) No vacant properties and no loss of taxes due to vacant properties. Put PV panels on the mall roof and parking area (shading for parking) - electricity generated used locally All old construction to be retrofitted to be LEED rated MediumTerm (10Years) All vacant land being actively reused.All vacant buildings in the process of retrofitting or new construction Encourage diverse business to enter the mall. Ensure all materials to and from the food trucks is local Active Day and Night Markets which will generate revenue Encourage local matches / academy to use it. All new construction to be LEED rated ShortTerm (5Years) Forming land bank and solve the issue of allocation of vacant properties Complete revitalization of mall and courtyard and encourage people to set up food trucks. All storm water goes to the ground or reused Generate interest in the day / night markets encourage people to come and show their skills Construct the basket ball court and the earth ships Change the zoning in the area more flexibility for usage of vacant properties. Develop a tax structure to give incentives to people to invest in vacant properties. Immediate (2Years)
  19. 19. SWOT analysis empowerment zones Strength Tries to keep all the resource's within the community (self-reliant and resilient) Tries to get the community involved in its development (charette and equal dollars) Tries to generate job opportunities for the local people. Weakness Reuse of vacant buildings into non- residential usage can possibly bring unwanted elements into the neighborhood. The lane between Germantown and corner park may have traffic problems (may disturb the residents) Opportunities Research and development in field of PV panels could bring down the prices which could enable on-site electricity generation. Revitalization may result in diverse businesses and investments entering the area which will develop it further. Threats Some anti-social elements benefit from keeping the neighborhood poor. Hence they might oppose development. External changes like taxes, inflation may affect the development of the area.
  20. 20. Green Clean Art Machine Solution 2 Neighborhood Beautification and attracting the arts.
  21. 21. The CleanGreen Arts Machine Timeline 0-5 Construct proposed structures, zoning and tax discussions Streetscape Improvements Build Strong relationships with community Education component curriculum changes 5-10 Expand venue guests and collaboration with other areas Home improvements, rent controlled apts. Increase walkability Block Captains 10+ Renewable energy systems Tourism focus PerformanceGoals net zero energy, carbon neutrality by 2030 Annual events, large scale ongoing festivals and activities
  22. 22. The Clean Green Arts Machine SWOT Analysis Strengths - Double effect of greening area and managing storm water - Aesthetically attractive - Accessible to bikers - Family friendly atmosphere - Music and event venue able draw in large crowds from outside area to fuel economy Weaknesses - Maintenance concerns - Gentrification perception propose tax structure policy - Cost of initial implementation - Must determine what neighborhood wants and respect their desires - Parking limited Opportunities - Possibility expanding technologies i.e. solar panels on telephone poles - Alter perceptions over time - Building Level improvements - Building credibility regionally, nationally, internationally Threats - Unexpected weather patterns - Vandalism - Neighborhood apathy in caretaking - Political Corruption - Loss of grant funding
  23. 23. Maintenance and Metrics Maintenance Equal Dollars presence Connection with local schools and community anchors. In the future identify block captains to slowly take charge and own their street Focus on organic growth, one that community members value Metrics Measure success with periodic surveys on satisfaction of changes Offer continual conversations of improvements and tweaks during community meetings Passive observations on school performance and attendance Study economic impacts of venue events Gauge amount of weekend traffic and collect data on stormwater
  24. 24. The CleanGreen Arts Machine The Corner Park
  25. 25. The Clean Green Arts Machine The Streets (BEFORE)
  26. 26. The Clean Green Arts Machine The Streets (After) GreenWalls Green Facades Lamp post designs Trees from TreePhillly Murals Large planters Pervious Pavement w/ bike path Pocket Parks Rain Barrels
  27. 27. Gorilla Gardening Solution 3 Urban Farming and Education
  28. 28. Key Goals of Gorilla Gardening Large central farm A large space where all forms of gardening, composting and selling of produce originate from. Beautification Use living walls to produce cleaner air and provide natural habitat. Education Work with local schools to teach self reliance and stewardship. Gorilla Gardening Large scale neighborhood Farm Beautification of Neighborhood Education
  29. 29. Proposed Area Yellow Proposed site of main urban farm. The central location. Orange Property of local church. Possible partnership in use of land. Space could almost double in size. Brown Composting site/recycling center. Blue Pocket parks/gardens. Possible location for living walls around the neighborhood. Possible locations for growth.
  30. 30. What you will see in the Neighborhood Composting Center Pocket Gardens A healthy and happy community Earthship Greenhouse LivingWalls
  31. 31. Future Goals 0-5 The central farm will begin to grow crops steadily year round. The neighbors will start coming by on the weekends. Few people permanently working on farm. Living walls will begin to grow and blossom. The local schools will start taking field trips to the urban farm. 5-10 The Central farm has grown to almost full capacity and the addition of the Earthship green