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  • Student Name : Patel Digant Department : Civil Div : B Roll NO : 130170106036 Subject : C.P.D.P. Contact no : 9974335562 Email id : [email protected] Supervisor Name : Dipak Bhatt
  • Description Contributor focus on his goal and do his Work perfectly, they take responsibility for doing Work In any Situation, Contributor Have Wider View Of their work and they take pride for doing their work.
  • Observe.. What he/she says How he/she relates to others How he/she relates to his/her work
  • Performing work activities well Achieving the goal Being ethical Demonstrating human concern
  • Regularity Time Management Good nature Humble Self confidence Attitude Body language Responsibility Behaviour Proper planning Self discipline committed Multi culture communication
  • C - Co operate O - Out standing N - Noble T - Trustful R - Reliable I - Intelligent B - Brave U - Useful T - Thankless O - Optimist R - Respectful
  • In my till life, I met so much contributor people much of them I remember , some of them I forgot. Among them, hear I am introduce some people.
  • My primer teacher, USHABEN PATEL have strong felling for god and meditation. She love children so much. Some time she give school fees to poor student. Every Saturday she arrange the Balshabha . Where small children come to the stage and do some activity like dancing , singing , speak poem, give speech etc . she believe that all her student has not stage fear. This shows that how she careful for student future.
  • I met Mehul Patel Who work in Mangalam Group as a team leader. I asked some question to him and he replied truly. Before 1 weeks ago , Mr. Mehul was work on his project . He was the team leader and he must complete that project in a two days with the help 0f 7 member Coincidently 3 team member injured during this project . so much pressure created on the tem for complete their work. that time other team members told to team leader that was not their fault . These condition created because of other team members injured . so they can't do overt time . But that time Chirag was except this challenge . he did overtime . Then he was complete 13 part of task by himself. team completed their work on time because of Chirag.
  • He Replied me that the person Who work in my team should always work for the team not for personal purpose. Team member take responsibility to do team work in any situation. Team member must be honest. He is open minded person .He had wide vision for thinking within the limits. He/she is always ready to learn new thing. HE must not be selfish
  • Mr. Hardik told me about Mrs. Kirti who work as microbiologist. Once due to heavy work load manager said that one person have stay for extra one hour to finish the work. Mrs. Kirti completed the work in extra two hours and finished whole task. She had give important to work instead of go to home. So ,she is good contributor person in my vision. Contributor Qualities Give importance to work Hard working person No clock watcher
  • Mr. Shailesh Patel told me about Mr. Jahangir . He is work as account manager in account department . In the month of march due to march ending too much work was pending. So ,Mr. Jahangir help to his team member to finish all the task in that time. There fore they completed all the task in that time like one team so, he is good contributor in my vision . Contributor Qualities Helpful Person Time saver Supporting other people
  • Mr. Jagdishbhai is the conductor of one of the many buses that depart from Ghatlodiya bus station. He is rude to the people travelling by the bus. On many occasions when a passenger pays 30 rupees for a 21 rupees ticket, he only returns 5 rupees and keeps 4 rupees by saying that he does not have any change left.
  • At last I introduce My family doctor Mr. Chetan Patel . He is very kind and helpful person. he treated all patient free of charge on Tuesday . More time he treated poor patient without any charge. Every Sunday he go to Anath Ashram and meet children and ask them about Ashram facility like food , cleaning etc . And also check up all children without any charge.
  • Every year he give fees of 10 orphan children . he every year select five or six student ,who really need a scholarship and Find donor for them. He say that God give me such things because I can help needed person. This last statement shows that he is a true contributor people for our country .
  • The moral of this project is that we should always try to be helpful in solving the problems of other troubled persons, this should be our moral duty. By performing this duty we will get the mental piece and self- satisfaction.