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  • 1.Contributor personality Presenting By: Aakash Sharma (11) Ketan Rank (10) Parth Patel (09) Pranav Patel (12) Varun Shah (13)1

2. PresentationGoal: To recognizeContributor qualities inaction and understand whycontributors are valued somuch in work place?2 3. What is ContributorPersonality?3 4. Now, first of all why we need to knowabout the contributor personality..??We will learn about it in thispresentation that what iscontributor personality qualities andits influence in life...4 5. Their Quality ofpersonality is based on -Performing work activities wellAchieving the goalBeing ethicalDemonstrating human concern 5 6. How To recognizecontributor qualities..??Observe.. What he/she says How he/she relates toothers How he/she relates tohis/her work6 7. ContributorPRINCIPALSTUDENTOk..yes sure..beta.. Sir, I need your guidance Dont worry I willand granted permission inguide you..this project..7 8. Sir, I need yourguidance and grantedpermission in thisproject.. You idiots. Will never improve..Cant see Im busy right now.. Uff..Go..Get lost.. Dont Non-contributordisturb me.. 8 9. Now What, If we observe??? a contributor identity..!!!?In what way does itbecome helpful and how arethey valued to work place?9 10. Qualities of a contributor personalityThe Contributor proactively takes up workThe Contributor focuses on the goal beingachieved, not just routine workThe Contributor is committed to theresponsibilities of his role. He is not a clockwatcher.The Contributors Special: Last Mile ExecutionThe Contributor acts appropriately in each 10situation 11. The Contributor focuses on we not INon-contributorWow..dearI have a chance, I will play friends we willthe lead role and will get allperform very wellcredits for myself togather.. will enjoy a lot.. What about us yar??Hurrey.. We also worked hardfor annual function11 Contributor 12. Non-Contributors in work place Contributors in work placeSad,Happy,unproductive, productive,12non-responsible Responsible 13. The Contributor is committed to the responsibilities ofhis role. He is not a clock watcher. Dont worry sir.. Times up.. Work will be Sorry sirbye.. completed before I leave..13 14. Now, let see an intro tosome living legends orthe wel known contributorpersonalities with their inspirativethoughts and contributiveworks..14 15. Swami Vivekananda..Strength is life, Weakness is death.Arise! Awake! And stop not till the goal is reached. 15 16. The Fragrance of Flowers are spread in only the direction of Wind,But Goodness of person spreads in all direction.. 16 17. 17 18. If you win, you need not have to explain...If you lose, you should not be there to explain!18 19. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam : The Wings Of Fire One of d most contributive personality inactionthe former president of india, from the pick ofpile of successes though an innocent, polite, kind,curious, and with a heart full of humanity and the 19Contributor ship towards the nation and society 20. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Missile man 20 21. Dhirubhai_AmbaniFounder of Relience.. GURU BHAI ofindian economical market.. 21 22. Mr.Narayana-murthy Leading innovative leadership in the contributionOf Infosys.. I.T. giants.. Well known author, social workerAnd an impressive contributor personality withhigh thinking and simple living . . .22 23. CONTRIBUTOR LEADER NARAYANA MURTHY 23 24. Mr. Karsanbhai patelMr. Ratan Tata 24 25. Mr. APPLE Steve jobs..25 26. 26 27. 27 28. 28 29. Qualities of a contributor personality inaction making them valuable in work placeIn their work, contributors demonstrateconcern for the human beings they serve.Contributors go all out to try and find ananswer. They take responsibility for makingthings happen in any situation.Contributors have a wider view of their workand thus take pride in doing their work well.The Contributors focus is on achieving thelarger goals of the team, rather than focusingonly on his/her own personal success.29 30. CHAKDE! INDIA T he Stor y30 31. Kabir Khan- Once the hero of Indian Hockey,the best centre forward in the world, the man a nation found a hero in. Now he has decided tomake a last comeback to the game he once loved, to reclaim his lost honor and prove his point tothe nation he still loves. 31 32. TAKING THE CHALLENGE AS ANOPPORTUNITY In the movie Kabir Khan was selected as acoach of Indian womens hockey team whichhas to play in word cup. Because it was already declared asimpossible. This he takes an opportunity to answer Indianviewers against the blames which were madeon him and with that he tried to prove thatunder his guidance things could be possible. 32 33. Kabir Khan aims to achieve the impossible by making a rag-tag bunch of girls into a team.And he is eyeing nothing less than World Championship. The only problem is it is easier said than done.33 34. Its very important to possess rightattitude. A positive body language can make ahuge difference. 34 35. MAKING IMPOSSIBLE THE POSSIBLE Take a look on one statement "Jo honahi sakta wohi to krna hai". As winning world cup for Indianwomens hockey is like impossible. Kabir Khan takes it as a challenge andconveys his vision to the teammembers though he is opposed bymany but he is sure what he is doing. 35 36. Winners Dont quit,Quitters dont Win36 37. Its a stor y about honesty,deter mination, per sever ance, sincerity,inte g rity, and human spirit to fight andwin.And his contribution for hisnations success. 37 38. Kabir Khan Very high levels of commitment, sacrifice& determination. A Leader who leads by examples. Always pumps in Enthusiasm & PositiveEnergy in his Team. Seeks Commitment-Ensures Execution aswell!38 39. 39