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  • Com fort Food Sam ple M enu

    Com fort Food w ill adapt m enus to suit your exact requirem ents. Com fort Food, 23 W ell Close, Leigh, Kent,TN 11 8RQ 01732 838191

    Buffet 3

    Price G uide: 12:00 per head H ot Trays, to include: Selection of Q uiche Squares: Spinach; Salm on; Cheese & O nion

    Pizza Squares

    Selection of Vol-au-Vents: Praw n; Chicken; M ushroom

    M ushroom Turnovers

    Selection of Sandw iches: Beef & Horseradish

    Egg & Cress

    Ham & M ustard

    Salm on & Cucum ber

    Selection of Croustades: Taram asalata

    Garlic & Herb Cheese

    Subdried Tom ato Paste

    Sm oked Salm on Squares

    Haw aian Chicken w ith Pineapple & Peppers m arinaded in Honey & Lim e

    Hum ous

    Guacam ole

    Garlic Cheese D ip & Crudites

    D esserts: Alm ond Tartlets

    Chocolate Fingers & Cream

    Individual Fruit Tarts

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