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  2. 2. Comfort Food Basics If youve been having a rough week then look no further than this Dmitry Leus Cuisine special. In this slideshow we will be investigating just what gives comfort food that little extra touch everyone needs when feelings down and under the weather. As usual, there will be small bits of advice here and there to get you started on your own emotional healing path and, of course, make you into the formidable chef youve always dreamed of being. Enjoy!
  3. 3. Poutine Starting off with something that is easy to reproduce in your very own kitchen we have poutine, Canadas answer to the regular French fry. This particular dish might not look like much but Canadians swear it has the magical ability to heal everything from the common cold to a broken heart. The basic ingredients are French fries, cheese curds, gravy and all the love your local fast food joint can spare.
  4. 4. Chilaquiles Dmitry Leus favourite type of dish is one that can be made in one pan and uses up all of your leftovers. Lucky for us, this dish checks all the tick boxes. Sliced tortillas are the base of the dish but once youve got that done everything else is up to you. Drenching them in salsa is traditional, as well as using up things like eggs and beans. Theres no reason to stick to the unhealthier options but it wouldnt be comfort food with spinach and carrots, would it?
  5. 5. Beer Cheese Soup This traditional US dish combines the queen of comfort foods, soup, with the alcohol in a combination that is a heaven sent when battling the winter blues. The greatest danger when making it is not managing to get the consistency right. Were thinking silky smooth here, no lumps allowed. If you find that cheddar is too hard to manage at your skill level you could switch to cream cheese until you perfect the technique.
  6. 6. Khichdi If youre looking for something light and comforting that doesnt have the post-convalescence guilt associated with the previous options then this south Asian dish is just the thing you need. Its consistency is soft and somewhat similar to an Italian risotto. The base is a mix of lentils and rice so, once again, its great for using up left overs. It is commonly served up with chaas but you could substitute other kinds of soup for it.
  7. 7. Marbled Tea Egg This popular Chinese snack (thought not exclusive to the country) consists of boiled eggs lightly cracked before being seeped into a mixture of tea and spices. The name comes from the light brown pattern that the eggs get after being soaked into the tea mix for long enough. Ideas on the spices needed vary but it does help if you think of classic Far East flavours (star anise, orange peel and the like)
  8. 8. Contact As always, feel free to get in touch over at my main website where youll find recipes and extensive blog posts on everyones favourite topic, food.